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									        Creating Sustainability
          Grant Programme
                 Criteria and Guidance
                Your Questions Answered
This document gives an overview of the Creating Sustainability Grants
Programme. Merton Priory Homes is committed to ensuring our grant
programmes are easily accessible to all local projects, organisations and
groups of residents who want to make a difference to their local community.
Support is available by telephone and email or we can arrange a time to meet
with you or visit you and discuss your ideas for a grant application or go
through the application form with you.

Please contact us:
The Community Development Team
Merton Priory Homes
The Grange
1 Central Road
0300 500 3000

For additional independent advice and guidance on fundraising, development
and volunteering, contact:
   Merton Voluntary Service Council
     The Vestry Hall
     London Road
     Mitcham CR4
     020 8685 1771
   Merton Unity Network
     020 8648 9551
   Volunteer Centre Merton
     020 8640 7355

What is the Creating Sustainability Grant
The Creating Sustainability Grant Programme is
part of Merton Priory Homes (MPH) Community
Fund. MPH has committed £1 million to be spent from 2010 to 2015.

When can we apply?
Creating Sustainability is an annual grants programme to 2015 and there is 1
application round each year, in November, for funding to commence in the
April of the following year. Deadline dates are published at least 3 months in

How much is available?
Applications can be made for grants from £3,000 to £10,000 for each financial
year (April to March) and you can apply for a grant for either 1 or 2 years. The
total annual budget available for Creating Sustainability is £100,000. You can
only receive one Creating Sustainability grant for each financial year and
annual funds must be spent by the end of that financial year.

Who can apply?
  Any group of at least 3 people can apply. This can include local
    organisations and projects, residents associations, social clubs, social
    enterprises and so on.
  You do not have to be a registered charity – we also welcome
    applications from any established groups ie resident groups. If you are
    not legally constituted, we may need you to work with a legally
    constituted partner to receive a grant. We can help you arrange this.
    Please talk to us about this before submitting your application.
  All groups must have a strong connection with Merton, either be based
    here, or have recent experience working here or have an established
    partner based in Merton.

What can you do with a Creating Sustainability Grant?
All applications will need to show how they will meet the needs and
aspirations of MPH residents and the communities in which they live.
Applications will also need to demonstrate how they will meet one or more of
our priorities, as follows:

MPH priorities for funding:
  Children and Young People
   To ensure children and young people have access to a range of
   recreational and learning activities and they can develop their life skills
   and achieve their full potential
  Economic Well-Being
   To support residents to prosper through improving skills, providing
   routes to employment and improving financial inclusion
  Local Environment
   To improve the local environment so residents feel proud of the area in
   which they live, where open spaces are utilised for the benefit of the
   local community and consideration is given to reducing our impact on the

   Bringing People Together
    To build trust and understanding by
    creating opportunities for older people and
    people of different ages, abilities and from
    different communities to come together, increasing feelings of safety and
    reducing the fear of crime.
   Health and Well-Being
    To ensure residents have access to a range of health and well-being
    activities by improving access to existing provision or by the
    development of new projects which fill gaps created by unmet need.
   Neighbourhood Action Plan Activities
    To take forward Neighbourhood Action Plan priorities. The following
    areas have local Neighbourhood Action Plans offering a tailored
    approach to that area:
          o Merton Central
          o East Mitcham
          o Mitcham Central
          o Morden
      Please contact us for a copy of a Neighbourhood Action Plan or go to
      our website for more information.

Are there any additional priorities (The Small Print)?
If there is particularly high demand for funding, we may need to prioritise
some applications, this can include:
    Groups based in Merton
    Groups who have never received funding from MPH
    Groups who have received less funding from MPH

What will not be funded?
  Individuals
  Trips outside the UK
  Commercial or profit making activities or groups
  Statutory Organisations or work that has a statutory duty
  Spending that has already taken place
  Repairs to individual personal properties
  Building work
  Promoting or advancing religion
  Promoting political parties or campaigning

How do I apply for a Creating Sustainability Grant?
You will need to complete and submit an application form by the advertised
deadline date. Please contact us with any questions. If you do want to
arrange a meeting with us for support to complete a grant application form,
please do this well in advance of the deadline date.

How do I complete a Creating Sustainability Grant Application Form?
  Read this document carefully, read the questions and notes on the
    application form carefully and if you don’t understand anything, please
    contact us.
  Try to be as clear as possible and stick to the word limit

   The application form can be submitted by
    email but a signed copy of the declaration
    page must be submitted within 5 days of
    the closing date.
   Grant application forms use terminology, here is some further
    explanation of some of the terminology we use:
         o Outputs: these are the “what, how many and for whom” of your
             proposal – the activities, products and services you deliver as
             part of your work to help you achieve your outcomes. It is
             essential that your outputs are realistic and easily
             measurable as they will be used to monitor the success of
             what you are proposing to do. You will need to give a
             maximum of 5 clear outputs – it is better to give fewer outputs
             that are relevant than try to fill the space with outputs that are
             not directly related to your proposal.
         o Outcomes: these are the changes, benefits, improvements or
             learning - the difference your work makes. It is essential that
             your outcomes are realistic and easily measurable and
             linked to the priority you intend to contribute towards. Your
             outcomes will also be used to monitor the success of what
             you are proposing to do. You will need to give a maximum of
             3 clear outcomes – it is better to give fewer outcomes that are
             relevant than try to fill the space with outcomes that are not
             directly related to your proposal. Change generally involves a
             “journey” so it is important that you have a method to measure
             the start as well as the end of that journey.
         o The people who will benefit: these are the people you are
             working with, the people your proposal wants to help and
             support. You will need to describe them ie; ages, ethnicity,
             employment status, health, disabilities and anything that is
             relevant to your proposal. We encourage applications that seek
             to meet the needs of all our communities, so we do not expect
             you to only work with Merton Priory Homes residents. However
             we do expect you to have considered how you will ensure your
             project is easily accessed by our residents. We also need to
             see how you will endeavour to market your services and
             undertake outreach to ensure our residents have the best
             opportunities to be involved.
         o Full Cost Recovery: Merton Priory Homes does support Full
             Cost Recovery and as such would encourage you to use one of
             your expenditure headings to show an appropriate contribution
             to your organisation’s overheads and administrative costs to
             support your proposal. You are able to include these for a
             partner organisation if you are a small group of residents using a
             partner to support you administratively.

Why do we have to submit the Supporting Documents?
All the supporting documents must be submitted either, if you have not
submitted them to us in a previous grants round or if these are now out-of-
date. The supporting documents do what they say – they support your
application. We need to show that your organisation (or your partner’s) is

financially viable and is governed appropriately
and that we are not putting Merton Priory Homes
at risk. We also want to make sure that you
have the appropriate policies and procedures in
place to ensure that the residents you will work with are treated fairly and in a
safe way.

What happens next?
The MPH Board make the final decision on Creating Sustainability Grants.
A funding panel made up of members from the Community Development
Steering Group (CDSG) score all the applications individually. They then hold
a meeting to bring these scores together and make final recommendations.
These final recommendations are then taken to the next CDSG meeting for
approval and then to the next Board meeting to be agreed. We will write to
you following the CDSG meeting to let you know if your application is being
recommended to the board for funding. We will then write to you informing you
of the board decision. The final decision is generally made by the MPH
Board’s January meeting.

What happens if we are successful?
Successful applicants are asked to sign and return our funding agreement
which may include agreeing to additional conditions set by the panel. Creating
Sustainability Grants are paid 70% in advance in the 1st week of April of the
financial year/s which you have been awarded a grant for. The remaining
30% of the grant is paid in the 1st week of October, of that year, following the
return of a completed and satisfactory mid-monitoring form. You will also be
expected to work with us to arrange an appropriate time for a monitoring visit
and complete and return end-of-year and end-of-project monitoring forms.

All applicants are expected to work with our Community Development Team
to support our marketing and publicity to our residents and the wider

What happens if we are unsuccessful?
We will explain to you why you were not successful in the decision letter. We
would encourage you to contact us for feedback as this will help you improve
your fundraising potential in the future. We would also encourage you to
apply in a future grant round and contact us for support and guidance prior to
submitting an application. We can put you in touch with other organisations
who maybe able to help you.

Appendix A
MPH Resident Profile

Ward                   Tenants          Leasehold/       Total
*Cricket Green           860                447          1307
*Figges Marsh            814                471          1285
*Ravensbury              857                272          1129
*St Helier               868                148          1016
*Abbey                   510                293           803
*Raynes Park             363                321           684
*Colliers Wood           357                194           551
*Lavender Fields         364                147           511
Trinity                  210                172           382
Lower Morden             114                260           374
Wimbledon Park           195                129           324
Longthornton             115                122           237
Canons Hill              168                 25           193
West Barnes               93                 63           156
Village                   85                 62           147
Merton Park               79                 49           128
Dundonald                 66                 45           111
Hillside                  52                 56           108
Pollards Hill             35                 44           79
Graveney                  52                 10           62

* The 8 wards with the highest number of MPH residents


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