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                         CHURCH OF ENGLAND PRIMARY SCHOOL
                                        GROUP 2
                                 Leadership Range 5 to 9

Applications are invited from well-qualified and experienced teachers for the post of Deputy
Headteacher of this Group Two Primary School. The successful candidate will be expected to take
up the position in September 2012.


Lying seven miles due east of Manchester, in the North West region of England. Tameside is a
neat, compact Borough in an area of scenic beauty, industrial heritage and an easy commute with
the rest of the country. Tameside is roughly eight miles across – with just under a quarter of a
million people settled in its 40 square miles.

Tameside is framed to the north by the River Medlock, to the south by the River Etherow and the
scenic beauty of Werneth Low, to the east by the Pennines, and to the west by the City of

The Borough was created in 1974 and takes its name from the River Tame which links the nine
towns constituting the Borough: Ashton-under-Lyne, Audenshaw, Denton, Droylsden, Dukinfield,
Hyde, Longdendale (comprising the villages of Broadbottom, Hollingworth and Mottram), Mossley
and Stalybridge.

It combines a mix of urban and rural landscapes and the area includes historic market towns, a
canal network and industrial heritage areas, as well as direct motorway links and a 20-minute
journey to Manchester International Airport via the M60.

Tameside has a strong manufacturing tradition, particularly in the areas of textiles and engineering,
food industries and manufacturing of high technology chemical, electronic and computer products.
The borough’s service sector has also experienced continued growth throughout the 1980’s and
1990’s and service industries now make up the largest employment sector in Tameside, though
employment in the service sector stands below the national average.

There is a rich mixture of different cultures, religions and ethnic groups in Tameside. Around three
per cent of the population is made up of people from ethnic backgrounds other than European,
including Afro-Caribbean, Bangladeshi, Chinese, East African, Asian, Indian and Pakistani families.
Many more Tamesiders are of Irish, Italian, Polish and Ukrainian backgrounds.

Further information about the borough can be found on the Tameside Council website at


The Local Authority is committed to developing a genuine partnership between the elected
members, governors, headteachers and parents of Tameside.


Tameside’s mission is to promote and achieve better outcomes for all. Our vision is of a just
and harmonious society, of which children and young people are valued and respected members;
supported and encouraged as they grow up by their parents, friends, and family but also by other
adults in the community. Encouraged to aim high but also to learn from mistakes as they grow into
   and through adolescence, they will be increasingly able to participate in decisions that affect their
   lives and those of others.

   We use the symbol of the ‘Tameside Rainforest’ to show the way in which services and outcomes
   for children and young people are naturally connected and interdependent, and contribute to the
   life of the community in the borough.

                                                                        Emergents – the growth in the
                                                                        rainforest is incredibly strong and
                                                                        the giant emergents push even

Canopy – the canopy buzzes, howls
and chirps with life. It resonates with

                                                                        The Under-storey – might be
                                                                        more hidden but teems with life
                                                                        and energy as well.

The Forest Floor – is rich in life and
nutrients, feeding the whole system.

   (Source: The Science Museum of Minnesota – www.sci.mus.mn.uk/sln/tf/s/strata/strata.html)

   The rainforest is a perfect eco-system. The forest floor provides the nutrients to enable sustained
   growth. The under-storey and canopy aim ever upwards. And the emergents are dramatic
   evidence of success, in turn feeding the floor and sustaining the whole system. Just as rainforests
   are vulnerable to outside pressures of ignorance and exploitation we know, with our partners, that
   high quality services need to be nurtured and protected.

   Tameside’s Services for Children and Young People are also organic. Our vision leads to practical
   strategies to ensure the best for all children and young people in a continuing cycle into adulthood,
   thus sustaining and improving the community.

   Our Community Strategy in Tameside was produced through extensive consultation with all
   sections of the community, including children and young people. A revised 10 year strategy is
   now in place for 2003-2013, but the six main themes within the strategy continue to fit perfectly
   with the 5 Every Child Matters outcomes for children and young people.
A rainforest does not appear from nowhere, nor can it flourish without the right conditions. We are
fortunate that the strengths of Tameside as an excellent Council have created a foundation of
partnership, collaboration and genuine consultation.

Young people were consulted with about the community strategy and consultations with young
people continue to play a vital part in the development of services. The Children and Young
People’s Strategic Partnership reports directly to Tameside’s Strategic Partnership, and we
continue to consult with, inform and take part in joint activities with all partners within and beyond
the borough to continue with our aim of ‘achieving better outcomes for all’.

       Our vision is supported by a set of commitments that will underpin and sustain the work we
            Integrated Services – building integration across all partners and agencies, around
              the needs of children.
            Access to Services – ensuring quick and easy access to local, well co-ordinated
            Support and Information – providing better information about what is available for
              children, young people, and families, and the better sharing of information between
              professionals to ensure needs are met more effectively.
            Inclusion and Equality – tackling disadvantage and discrimination, and promoting
              diversity in service planning and delivery.
            Narrowing the Gap – raising aspirations at all levels to ensure that the vulnerable
              and disadvantaged have better chances and are able to benefit from a better start in
            Early Intervention – providing high quality Children’s Centres and Extended School
              Services and providing the right level of support as early as possible.
            Local Provision – developing area co-ordination to ensure good local access to
              support services and improved partnership working.
            Higher Achievement – ensuring every child in Tameside has a high quality and
              enjoyable education, to achieve the best of which they are capable.
            Involving Young People as Positive Members of the Community – developing
              young people’s capacity to participate and become engaged in contributing
              positively to the communities.


For details regarding the school, please access: www.micklehurstallsaints@tameside.sch.uk


Application Forms should be returned to the Human Resources Recruitment Team, Tameside
MBC, Council Offices, Wellington Road, Ashton-under-Lyne, OL6 6DL to arrive no later than
Friday 11th May 2012.
Please indicate in your application how you meet the essential criteria on the Person
Specification. Letters of application should be word processed.


The Governors will meet on 16th May to select a shortlist of candidates for interview. The size of
the shortlist will vary dependent upon the number and quality of applications.

Interviews will take place on 28th & 29th May 2012.

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