The MusicLink Foundation is a non-profit organization which links qualified
            teachers with promising music students who are unable to afford music
            instruction. By collaborating with private music instructors, professional music
            organizations, schools, and businesses, the Foundation is able to provide quality
            instruction, assistance with music & instruments, and music camp scholarships
            for MusicLink students. The MusicLink program has reached students in over 40
            states, providing over 250,000 hours of instruction equivalent to over $6 million in
            scholarship donation by teachers and sponsors.
               All donations are tax deductible and will benefit Minnesota children. Please
            make checks out to: MusicLink Foundation

     Name                                 Address                                               per piece    Total Pledge
Ex. John Bach                     111 Treble Clef Dr. Eagan, MN 23232                             $6.00        $12.00

1. ___________________________________________________________________$_________$_______

2. ____________________________________________________________________$_________$_______

3. ____________________________________________________________________$_________$________

4. ____________________________________________________________________$_________$_______

5. ____________________________________________________________________$_________$_______

6. ____________________________________________________________________$_________$_______

7. ____________________________________________________________________$_________$_______

8. ____________________________________________________________________$_________$_______

9. ____________________________________________________________________$_________$_______

10. ___________________________________________________________________$_________$_______
All participants will receive a MusicLink pin.
All participants who collect $25.00 or more will receive a MusicLink tote bag or string backback.
All participants who collect $100.00 or more will receive recognition & their photograph in the MusicLink E-Newsletter.
All participants who collect $250.00 or more will receive an IPOD Shuffle or a $50 gift certificate to Schmitt Music.

                   The MusicLink Foundation believes that anyone who shows musical potential
                  should be given the opportunity to nurture this musical promise to its full extent.

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