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                                                                                                November 2004

  STOPVAW             National VAW             International               National                  New
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Expert’s Corner:                               John Smith              Turkey: EU Reports        Priorities Across
Two New Tactics in           Montenegrin       Fellowship Program      Pave way for              Borders: A Global
Human Rights          National VAW Monitor                             Qualified Approval of     Front Against Genital
Notebooks             Submission: Gender                               Entry Talks               Cutting
                      Data Book

New Russian                                    Council of Europe       Czech Parliament to       Priorities Across
Translation of               Montenegrin       Parliamentary           Make Crucial              Borders: For Many
Domestic Violence     National VAW Monitor     Assembly Issues         Changes to Criminal       Women Violence
Training Module for   Submission:              Recommendations         Code                      Shuts out Hope
Law Enforcement       Watchdog Initiative      on Combating
                                               Domestic Violence
Updated section on                             Bush Refuses to         Our Bodies-Their          Coalitions at Work:
Trafficking in                Montenegrin      Reaffirm Support for    Battle Ground:            Building on Cultural
Women: Council of     National VAW Monitor     UN Women’s Rights       Gender Violence in        Strengths
Europe                Submission: Press        Agenda                  Conflict Zones
                      Clippings of
                      Montenegrin Daily
New section on                                 WIDE Annual             NGOs Encouraged to        New Tactics in
Bosnia and                    Azerbaijan       Conference on           Submit Shadow             Human Rights
Herzegovina:          National VAW Monitor     Globalizing Women’s     Reports to Croatia        Project Notebooks
Women’s NGOs          Submission: Press        Rights                  and Turkey’s State        Now Available
                      Conference News                                  Reports to CEDAW

New section on                                 Tell Your Legislators   EU Commission             Accountability in
Croatia: NGOs                  Azerbaijan      to Protect Battered     Approves Beginning        Women’s Human
                      National VAW Monitor     Immigrant Women         of Membership             Rights
                      Submission:Azerbaijan    and Support the         Negotiations With
                      Ratifies 1949 Protocol   Bipartisan Senate       Turkey
                      on Trafficking           9/11 Bill
New section on                                 NGOs Call for           Take Action to            Public Information
Czech Republic:                                Strengthening of the    Protect the Rights of     Still Hard to Get, Five
Women’s NGOs                                   Draft European          Women and Girls           Country Survey
                                               Convention Against      Trafficked in Kosovo      Finds

New section on:                                16 Days of Activism     Prostitution Bill Will    New Report:
Hungary: Women’s                               Against Gender          Require Czech             Columbian Violence
NGOs                                           Violence Campaign       Republic to Reveal        Against Women-
                                                                       Commitment to 1958        Scarred Bodies,
                                                                       Treaty                    Hidden Crimes
New section on                               No Country has          No Justice for          Amnesty
Lithuania: Women’s                           Reached Full            Rwandan Rape            International
NGOs                                         Equality Under          Survivors               Releases New
                                             CEDAW                                           Report on Mass
                                                                                             Rape in DRC

New section for                              Defense Department      Slovenia Ratifies the   New Website on
STOPVAW News                                 Drafts Anti-            Optional Protocol to    Gender Equality
Archives                                     Prostitution Rule for   CEDAW
                                             U.S. Forces

                                             SSRC Eurasia            Croatia’s Second        Online Discussion
                                             Program: 2005           Report Under the        Regarding Beijing
                                             Predoctoral and         CRC Examined            Platform for Action

                                             Groups Alerts OSCE      Krygyzstan’s Second     A Call for
                                             Government of           Report Under the        Contributions
                                             Continuing Violations   CRC Examined
                                             Ahead of Rights

                                             Hearing of                                      Call for Papers by
                                             Commissioner                                    the Essex Human
                                             Designate R.                                    Rights Review

                                             Despite Promises
                                             Violence Against
                                             Women Continues

     The full text of the NVAW Monitor will be available at
STOPVAW Website News
Expert’s Corner: New Tactics in Human Rights Notebooks
New Tactics in Human Rights, a project of the Center for Victims of Torture, has published new notebooks on innovative
tactics used to address urgent human rights issues. STOPVAW would like to highlight two notebooks in particular as
useful tools for strategies in combating violence against women:
     A Mock Tribunal to Advance Change: The National Tribunal on Violence Against Women in Nigeria, Mufuliat Fijabi,
      BAOBAB for Women’s Human Rights, Nigeria
     Familiar Tools, Emerging Issues: Adapting Traditional Human Rights Monitoring to Emerging Issues, Jennifer
      Prestholdt, Minnesota Advocates for Human Rights, USA

Expert’s Corner: New Russian Translation of Domestic Violence Training Module for Law Enforcement
STOPVAW has a new Russian translation of a domestic violence training module available:
   Improving Law Enforcement Investigation Techniques (PDF)

Updated section on Trafficking in Women: Council of Europe
STOPVAW has an updated section on the Council of Europe. This webpage describes the Council of Europe’s legal
instruments relating to trafficking in persons, including the new Draft European Convention Against Trafficking in Human
Beings. (More information)
New section on Bosnia and Herzegovina: Women’s NGOs
STOPVAW has a new section on Women’s NGOs in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This directory contains contact information
for organizations working on gender and violence against women’s issues. To add your NGO, please send an email to with the organization and contact information. (More information)

New section on Croatia: Women’s NGOs
STOPVAW has a new section on Women’s NGOs in Croatia. This directory contains contact information for organizations
working on gender and violence against women’s issues. To add your NGO, please send an email to with the organization and contact information. (More information)

New section on Czech Republic: Women’s NGOs
STOPVAW has a new section on Women’s NGOs in Czech Republic. This directory contains contact information for
organizations working on gender and violence against women’s issues. To add your NGO, please send an email to with the organization and contact information. (More information)

New section on Hungary: Women’s NGOs
STOPVAW has a new section on Women’s NGOs in Hungary. This directory contains contact information for
organizations working on gender and violence against women’s issues. To add your NGO, please send an email to with the organization and contact information. (More information)

New section on Lithuania: Women’s NGOs
STOPVAW has a new section on Women’s NGOs in Lithuania. This directory contains contact information for
organizations working on gender and violence against women’s issues. To add your NGO, please send an email to with the organization and contact information. (More information)

New Section for STOPVAW News Archives
STOPVAW’s news archives are now available grouped by date and by topic, making it easier to search for past news
items. (More information)

National VAW Monitor Program
Montenegrin National VAW Monitor Submission: Gender Data Book
The NGO “Woman Action” has gathered data on the participation of women in all areas and in all levels of life and work.
The results of the organization's work have been published in a book entitled Gender Data for Montenegro. (More

Montenegrin National VAW Monitor Submission: Watchdog Initiative
In April 2004, the SOS Hotline for Women and Children Victims of Violence (Podgorica), along with partner organizations
SOS hotlines from Bar and Berane, and with the support from USAID/MAP/ORT, started the Watchdog Initiative,
“Monitoring of Enforcement of the Article 220 of the Criminal Law of the Republic of Montenegro,” a law that defines
domestic violence as a criminal act. (More information)

Montenegrin National VAW Monitor Submission: Press Clippings of Montenegrin Daily
The Informative-Educative Center for Women ZINEC-Anima from Kotor, within its INDOK program, is to gather data on
ways in which women are presented, analyzing the status of women in Montenegro, as well as their (in)visibility within
articles and in photos. (More information)

Azerbaijan National VAW Monitor Submission: Press Conference News
Mehriban Zeynalova, chairwoman of the NGO "Clean World", held a press conference on 1 October 2004 during which
she presented the results of her organization's monitoring of the Azeri press in covering violence against women issues
and women's and children's rights abuses. The monitoring was conducted within the framework of the project "Violence
against Women in Mass Media", with financial support from Mama Cash and the United States Embassy in Azerbaijan.
(More information)

Azerbaijan National VAW Monitor Submission: Azerbaijan Ratifies 1949 Protocol on Trafficking
On 12 October 2004, the Parliament of the Republic of Azerbaijan ratified the Final Protocol of the Convention for the
Suppression of Trafficking in Persons and of the Exploitation of Prostitution of Others (1949). (More information)

International and Regional News
John Smith Fellowship Program
The John Smith Fellowship Scheme is an intensive, six-week program on good governance, democracy and social justice
open to citizens of Russia, the Ukraine, Armenia, Moldova, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan and Azerbaijan. It will take place in June
and July of 2005. (More information)

Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly Issues Recommendation on Combating Domestic Violence
The Council of Europe’s Parliamentary Assembly is creating a plan to stop Domestic Violence with the goals of
prevention, victim assistance and increased public information. (More information)

Bush Refuses to Reaffirm Support for UN Women's Rights Agenda
The United States has declined joining the Cairo Plan, a Women’s Rights initiative with wide international support. The
Bush administration cites reasons for non-involvement, including a fear of abortion support and the plan’s mention of the
undefined term “sexual rights.” (More information)

WIDE Annual Conference - Globalizing Women's Rights: Confronting Unequal Development Between the UN
Rights Framework and the WTO Trade Agreements
One hundred fifty-seven participants from thirty-three countries gathered to discuss the growing lack of coherence
between the human rights framework adopted by the U.N. and elaborated in various conventions and the commercial and
corporate rights codified in multilateral, regional, or bilateral free trade agreements. Although women’s economic, social
and political rights have been spelled out in CEDAW, the BpfA and other U.N. documents, they are under attack and
implementation has become increasing difficult in the context of neoliberal globalization, unequal development within
countries and the WTO regime. (More information)

Tell Your Legislators to Protect Battered Immigrant Women and Support the Bipartisan Senate 9/11 Bill
Selected Representatives and Senators will be meeting next week to resolve differences between Senate and House bills
meant to respond to the 9/11 Commission's Report. The Senate bill (S. 2845) is a bipartisan measure that the 9/11
Commission has endorsed and does not include the harmful and divisive anti-immigrant provisions in House-passed bill,
H.R. 10. For those who live in the following states: MI, CA, IL, WI, MO, ME, KS, MI, MS, OH, MN, NH, CT, VA, FL, NJ, it
is especially important that you call or email your Senators and Representatives. (More information)

NGOs Call for Strengthening of the Draft European Convention Against Trafficking
One hundred twenty NGOs are calling on the 45 member states of the Council of Europe to strengthen the protection of
the human rights of trafficked persons. The Ad Hoc Committee on Action against Trafficking in Human Beings
("CAHTEH") has taken steps toward drafting a European Convention against Trafficking in Human Beings, but the NGOs
want to ensure the future Convention recognizes trafficking as a human rights violation and meets several
recommendations concerning victim protection and assistance. (More information)

16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence Campaign
The 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence is an international campaign originating from the first Women's Global
Leadership Institute sponsored by the Center for Women's Global Leadership in 1991. Participants chose dates in order to
symbolically link violence against women and human rights and to emphasize that such violence is a violation of human
rights. The 16 Days Campaign has been used as an organizing strategy to call for the elimination of all forms of violence
against women. (More information)

No Country has Reached Full Equality Under CEDAW
In a statement marking the 25th anniversary of the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against
Women, the U.N. Committee overseeing CEDAW noted that no country in the world has achieved full equality for women.
The Committee voiced concern about persistent national laws that discriminate against women, increasing levels of
violence against and trafficking in women, and the under-representation of women in civic life. (More information)

Defense Department Drafts Anti-Prostitution Rule for U.S. Forces
In response to the growing number of women and girls forced into prostitution by military services members, government
contractors, and international peacekeepers in places such as Eastern Europe and South Korea, defense officials have
drafted an amendment to the manual on courts-martial that would make the use of services of prostitutes an offense for
service members. The amendment is a part of a larger initiative to ensure that American service members do not continue
to contribute to the problem of human trafficking. (More information)

SSRC Eurasia Program: 2005 Predoctoral and Postdoctoral Fellowship
The Eurasia Program of the Social Science Research Council (SSRC) is currently offering a number of fellowships at both
the predoctoral and postdoctoral levels for the 2005-2006 academic year for research, writing, training and curriculum
development on or related to any of the New States of Eurasia, the Soviet Union, and/or the Russian Empire. These
fellowships are funded by the U.S. Department of State under the Program for Research and Training on Eastern Europe
and the Independent States of the Former Soviet Union (Title VIII). (More information)

Group Alerts OSCE Government of Continuing Violations Ahead of Rights Meeting
The International Helsinki Federation for Human Rights (IHF) today published a set of interventions on human rights
violations in the participating States of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE). The IHF is
concerned, for example, about: democratic elections; minority rights; freedom of expression and media freedoms; human
rights defenders; freedom of religion; discrimination of Muslims in the EU; independence of the judiciary and fair trial;
death penalty; torture, ill-treatment and police misconduct; international humanitarian law; and freedom of assembly and
association. (More information)

Hearing of Commissioner Designate R. Buttiglione
While the debate over statements made by Commissioner Designate Buttiglione for Justice, Liberty and Security
continues, the European Women’s Lobby would like to correct the somewhat distorted view of family life that has been
given by M. Buttiglione in his statement that "the family exists to allow women to have children and be protected by their
husbands.” (More information)

Despite Promises Violence Against Women Continues Unabated
Amnesty International welcomes today's open debate in the U.N. Security Council to assess implementation of Resolution
1325 on women, peace and security. Resolution 1325 calls for increased protection of women during armed conflict, for
an end to impunity for gender-based abuses during and after conflict, and the participation of women at all levels of
decision-making related to prevention, management and resolution of conflict. Yet, notwithstanding modest progress in
mainstreaming gender considerations in peace-keeping initiatives, violence against women and girls in conflict affected
situations continues unabated and most acts of violence are never investigated nor are the perpetrators brought to justice.
(More information)
National News
Turkey: EU Reports Pave Way For Qualified Approval Of Entry Talks
Turkey will almost definitely begin entry talks to join the European Union. However, the country still needs to pass
Copenhagen entry criteria regarding democracy, law and human rights. The country’s recent reforms will need to show
continued improvement regarding the entry criteria if EU acceptance is to be assured. (More information)

Czech Parliament to Make Crucial Changes to the Criminal Code
Czech Parliament is discussing an amendment to the country's Criminal Code, now more than forty years old. The main
purpose of the amendment is above all to impose more serious sentences on perpetrators of violent crimes like murder or
robbery; the amendment also defines entirely new crimes, such as terrorist attacks and prostitution in school localities.
(More information)

Our Bodies - Their Battle Ground: Gender-based Violence in Conflict Zones
In Tajikistan, civil war has left one in three women victims of domestic violence. Such violence has driven many women to
suicide, as statistics show that cruelty to women may be on the increase. While the legal system has done very little to
combat domestic violence, places like the Gulrukhsor Crisis Centre and other NGOs have taken important steps to help
such women. (More information)

NGOs Encouraged to Submit Shadow Reports to Croatia and Turkey’s State Reports to CEDAW
State reports from Croatia and Turkey will be examined at the CEDAW 32nd Session in January/February 2005 in New
York. NGOs that wish to prepare shadow reports to submit to CEDAW may do so. (More information)

EU Commission Approves the Beginning of Membership Negotiations with Turkey
The Commission of the European Communities has recommended to the European Council and the Parliament that
negotiations begin toward membership in the European Union for Turkey. Recognition of political reforms -- in Turkey’s
human rights record, its economy and its judiciary system -- contributed to the decision that moves Turkey forward on the
path to EU membership (More information)

Take Action to Protect the Rights of Women and Girls Trafficked in Kosovo
Take action to protect Amnesty International USA protect an increasing number of women and girls trafficked into Kosovo
who are experiencing rape, beatings and abduction. Please see Amnesty's website to learn more about the issue and
take steps toward remedying this grave problem in Kosovo. (More information)

Prostitution Bill Will Require Czech Republic to Repeal Commitment to 1958 Treaty
A new bill on prostitution currently under preparation in the Czech Republic will require the country to back out of an
international agreement signed in 1958, aimed at fighting the trafficking of women. The government, which gave the go-
ahead for the bill in April, is set to discuss Czech Republic's repealing its commitment to the international treaty on
Wednesday. (More information)

No Justice for Rwandan Rape Survivors
Human Rights Watch recently released the report “Struggling to Survive: Barriers to Justice for Rape Victims in Rwanda.”
The report documents that tens of thousands of Rwandan women raped during and after the genocide have yet to find
justice and makes a number of recommendations to the Rwandan government. (More information)

Slovenia Ratifies the Optional Protocol to CEDAW
On 23 September 2004, Slovenia ratified the Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of
Discrimination against Women (OP-CEDAW). Slovenia succeeded to CEDAW on 6 July 1992. (More information)

Croatia's Second Report Under the CRC Examined
Croatia’s Second Periodic Report under the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) was examined by the
Committee on the Rights of the Child during its 37th session from 13 September 2004 to 1 October 2004. The list of
issues requested information on data and statistics, new laws, institutions and programs, and other matters, including
non-discrimination, protection of children in foster care, sexual exploitation and trafficking and violence against children.
(More information)

Krygyzstan’s Second Report Under the CRC Examined
Krygyzstan’s Second Periodic Report under the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) was examined by the
Committee on the Rights of the Child during its 37th session from 13 September 2004 to 1 October 2004. The list of
issues requested information on data and statistics, new laws, institutions and programs, and other matters, including
non-discrimination, definition of the child, adoption, child abuse and neglect, child and adolescent health care, and
trafficking of children. (More information)

New Research and Reports
Priorities Across Borders: A Global Front Against Genital Cutting
In the last ten years, a worldwide cultural shift has occurred regarding the practice of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM).
While before, a policy of non-interference was the norm, now the policy is widely condemned and becoming illegal. This
shift is taking place through two methods. In Egypt, where FGM occurs at a rate of 97%, the focus is on education and
legal changes to end the custom. (More information)

Priorities Across Borders: For Many Women Violence Shuts out Hope
Throughout the world, sexual violence against women is being seen as unacceptable and governments as well as local
organizations are making efforts to eliminate the practice. In Brazil, the rapidly growing feminist movement has joined
forces with men’s groups to ensure that women are protected through governmental support and reform. These efforts
have received financial and legal encouragement from the international community. (More information)

Coalitions at Work: Building on Cultural Strengths
Various NGOs, including groups in Brazil, Ghana, Egypt, and Laos, have begun to advance women’s issues through
culturally diverse coalitions and partnerships. In one example, local religious leadership in Ghana has actually become
part of the solution toward reproductive and safe sex programs by helping educational efforts on reproductive health.
These partnerships, while often-unique collaborations, are proving to be effective in tackling reproductive issues while
accommodating cultural differences. (More information)

New Tactics in Human Rights Project Notebooks Now Available
The Center for Victims of torture has made available online twenty-nine new notebooks from the New Tactics in Human
Rights Project. Written and shared by experts who use innovative tactics to respond to urgent human rights situations,
these notebooks are available in PDF and will soon be available in Spanish and Turkish. (More information)

Accountability in Women's Human Rights
New research has emerged regarding accountability in women's human rights. In her article, "The Principles of
Accountability,” Donna J. Sullivan of Women’s Human Rights Net (WHRnet) covers the nature and functions of
accountability for women's human rights and traces the core features and forms of accountability. (More information)

Public Information Still Hard to Get, Five Country Survey Finds
Access to public information is increasing worldwide, but many countries are lagging far behind, said a new study.
Conducted in Armenia, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Peru and South Africa, the survey marks one of the most comprehensive
efforts yet to test the limits of government transparency. (More information)

New Report: Columbian Violence Against Women-Scarred Bodies, Hidden Crimes
The report brings together the testimonies of women who have survived sexual violence at the hands of the various
armed actors and whose voices have rarely been heard. The stigma of sexual violence, and the fear that surrounds it, has
prevented many women from speaking out. (More information)

Amnesty International Releases New Report on Mass Rape in DRC
Amnesty International has produced a report describing the systematic rape and torture of women, children and men in
the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), entitled “Democratic Republic of Congo: Mass Rape-Time for Remedies.”
Civilians in eastern DRC have daily been the victims of human rights violations and war crimes. (More information)

New Website on Gender Equality
A new website, Siyanda, has been launched, which focuses on the goal of mainstreaming gender equality. An online
database providing gender and development materials, Siyanda also has an interactive section allowing gender
practitioners to share resources, ideas, and experiences. (More information)

Online Discussion Regarding Beijing Platform for Action
From 11 October 2004 to January 2005, WomenWatch, the website of the Inter-Agency Network on Women and Gender
Equality (IANWGE), is hosting a series of online discussions on the critical areas of concern on the Platform for Action
and other important issues to provide input into the review and appraisal. (More information)

A Call for Contributions
AWID, the Association for Women’s Rights in Development is attempting to strengthen women’s rights organizations
globally through information sharing. Participation can be in the form of an essay or a case study. (More information)

Call for Papers by the Essex Human Rights Review
The Essex Human Rights Review (EHRR) is now accepting submissions for its December 2004 issue. EHRR welcomes
articles, book reviews and other contributions on contemporary human rights issues, primarily (but not exclusively) in the
areas of law, political science, sociology, and philosophy, covering both the academic and the practical aspects of human
rights. (More information)

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The Stop Violence Against Women website (STOPVAW) is a forum for information, advocacy and change. Minnesota
Advocates for Human Rights developed this website as a tool for the promotion of women's human rights in the countries
of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), Mongolia, and the U.N.
Protectorate of Kosovo. STOPVAW was developed with support from and in consultation with the United Nations
Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM) and the Open Society Institute's Network Women's Program. This site
addresses violence against women as one of the most pervasive human rights abuses worldwide. STOPVAW provides
women's rights advocates with information and advocacy tools focused on ending the most endemic forms of violence
against women in the region, including domestic violence, sexual assault, sexual harassment and trafficking in persons.

Current staff members of Minnesota Advocates for Human Rights involved with the development of STOPVAW include
Mary Hunt, Rosalyn Park, Robin Phillips, Christine Tefft and Cheryl Thomas. Current interns and volunteers include Lilo
Bayati, Elizabeth Braun, Jeremy Goyette, Katharine Horowitz, Julia Kashaeva, Jennifer Mojica, Mary Mullen, and Kasia
Policzkiewicz and Tatyana Wentler.

For more information about STOPVAW, please contact the Website Administrator at


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