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									You Are a Dog: Life Through the Eyes of Man's Best
                   Friend review

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    Product Description-You Are a Dog: Life Through the Eyes of
                         Man's Best Friend
  A hilarious, captivating commentary that gives us--finally--a true dog’s-eye view of the world.• The Sofa: “The sofa is Position
One. The sofa makes you feel as if you are with your people even when your people are gone.” • The Toilet: “The advantage of
drinking from the toilet is that the water is always fresh.” • The Baby: “Often known as She Who Randomly Flings Food from the
    Table, the baby has the most flavorful, ever-changing face of all your people.”“After reading You Are a Dog, you will start
 thinking like a dog.” --Bash Dibra, celebrity pet trainer and author of DogSpeak“You Are a Dog should be the talk of every dog
 run in the U.S. With humor, and more bite than one might expect, Terry Bain helps us to see the world through the eyes of our
dogs, and to look at their lives in fresh and insightful ways.” --Jon Katz, author of A Dog Year, The New Work of Dogs, and The
   Dogs of Bedlam Farm “Terry Bain has cracked the canine code to demystify those charming, endearing, and occasionally
bizarre habits our beloved dogs exhibit. You Are a Dog is equal parts witty and warm, sweet and sympathetic--read this and be
destined to meet your dog at a richer, deeper level.”--Dr. Marty Becker, veterinary contributor for Good Morning America, author
                                                     of The Healing Power of Pets

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Customer Reviews:
40 of 40 people found the following review helpful

This witty, tender book is filled with goodness and grace., November 9, 2004 By Pia Z. Ehrhardt (New Orleans)
This review is from: You Are a Dog: Life Through the Eyes of Man's Best Friend (Hardcover) I am afraid of dogs and this fear is
something intrinsic in me that I wish I could change. If I'd read Terry Bain's book "You Are A Dog" sooner - or better yet, if I'd
had the book read to me when I was young after being traumatized by that great Dane who knocked me on my butt - I might be
able to offer my face to a dog to lick. I know, now, what licking means to a dog. How else can they know you? From a distance?
There is no distance with a dog. That's cats."They (your people) taste better than you do. Why do they taste so good? And
furthermore, since they taste so good, why do they not lick themselves. It must not nag them as it nags at you. It seems to make
no sense that they would not lick themselves, so when given the opportunity, when their skin is bare and you are nearby, you
lick them. Some of them will tolerate this, but some of them will not. She Who Will Not Tolerate Licking will push you away and
yell "Gross. Knock it off you stupid mutt." Whatever that means...

14 of 14 people found the following review helpful A Review by She Who Laughed at the Book, November 26, 2004 By Laura
Drewry "" (British Columbia, Canada)
This review is from: You Are a Dog: Life Through the Eyes of Man's Best Friend (Hardcover) This book had me laughing out
loud and looking at my own dogs - funny enough in their own right - in a whole new light. Mr. Bain has taken the dog psyche to a
whole new level and if you thought you knew what your dog was thinking, well think again. This book will make you laugh, get
the warm tinglies, and will have you refilling that water bowl with FRESH water (thank you very much) on a regular basis.

15 of 16 people found the following review helpful

Funny, yet moving and oddly beautiful, November 17, 2004 By proreader "proreader" (New York City)
This review is from: You Are a Dog: Life Through the Eyes of Man's Best Friend (Hardcover) If you've ever known and loved a
dog, you'll find a kindred spirit in this book, which captures the true essence of dogginess in a way that is both lighthearted yet
oddly philosophical, and yes, beautiful. Those of us who do love dogs know the truth of their souls, and this book captures that,
along with the true humor that is also dog. A book for you, and for every dog lover you know. I can't recommend it highly

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