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ultimate marine aquariums_ saltwater dream systems and how they are created


									Ultimate Marine Aquariums: Saltwater Dream Systems
          and How They Are Created review

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Product Description-Ultimate Marine Aquariums: Saltwater Dream
              Systems and How They Are Created
  Organized by family for easy reference, each profile includes all essential care, feeding and husbandry advice. The species
 profiled include all available reef aquarium choices, with scores of seldom seen, rare and recently discovered species. Written
   by the worlds most-read, most respected expert on marine fishes for the home aquarium, The PocketExpert Guide to Reef
                                      Aquarium Fishes is a must-read for any fish enthusiasts.

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Customer Reviews:
51 of 54 people found the following review helpful

Fascinating and Informative, December 20, 2004 By Mark Asch "notehead" (South Orange, NJ USA)
  This review is from: Ultimate Marine Aquariums: Saltwater Dream Systems and How They Are Created (Hardcover) Almost all
aquarists, from novices to experts, would love to have a bigger tank. But the past 20 years have brought so many new
techniques and types of equipment to the hobby of "reefkeeping" that it can be very challenging to determine what is truly the
BEST way to keep a reef tank. How do the experts keep the inhabitants of their tanks as healthy and happy as
possible?"Ultimate Marine Aquariums" shows what a number of excellent aquarists have done to achieve their success.
However, as Mr. Paletta points out, there is no single best approach, and you may find some of your assumptions overturned.
Every tank shown in this compendium has excellent water quality, lighting, and circulation. But is it absolutely necessary to have
undetectable phosphates or nitrates? Apparently not. Is it essential to have a system circulate all of it's water many times each
hour, or to have 10+ watts of light per gallon overhead? Again, apparently not. Is it imperative to add special food for...

10 of 10 people found the following review helpful Excellent Resource!, August 24, 2005 By J. Booth
  This review is from: Ultimate Marine Aquariums: Saltwater Dream Systems and How They Are Created (Hardcover) This book
is direct and clear. It has detailed descriptions, great pictures of fantastic marine aquariums, the equipment used, dimensions,
water chemistry, etc.If you need a resource to help you plan or gather ideas on a reef tank, this should be the first stop. A
hobbyist could spend thousands of dollars experimenting in search for the right equipment, or use this book.The book is
elaborate enough for a novice to understand the concepts and technical requirements for a marine tank.The only warning I
would have is to the hobbyist who is looking for instructions on how to build a reef tank or details about equipment. This book
does not elaborate on construction. But regardless, if you are already in the hobby its superb, if you've just started it will prove
valuable. I consider this the back bone aiding in a comparative analysis of my own aquarium.On top of that, the price of this
book is really inexpensive for what you get.

17 of 21 people found the following review helpful

Great idea but rotten photography, September 2, 2003 By A Customer
This review is from: Ultimate Marine Aquariums: Saltwater Dream Systems and How They Are Created (Hardcover) It's
wonderful to read about other successful systems. I enjoyed reading about the set-ups, what additives were used, the salt that
was used. I also liked reading about what people liked and disliked about their own tanks. But the photography is awful. I mean,
this is a picture book! Some of the photos are downright out of focus. I could take better photos with a throw away camera. My
driver's license has better photography. I'm shocked that a book that is a "picture" book has such terrible photos. A lot of time
must have been spent compiling all the information about everyone's tank, but no one took the time to send a professional
photographer to take pictures. I often read this book to see what someone's set up is, but I never bother to look at it for the
photos, which is a real shame, because saltwater tanks are a visual feast.

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