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   Eyewitness Mis-Identification Assignment
  1. Find and print an article about an individual who was set free
     from jail because of new evidence after originally being identified
     by a witness to be the criminal.

  2. Type a summary of the article to include:
       a. The nature of the crime
       b. Why the person was set free from jail.
       c. Explain how the new evidence plays a part in the case.
       d. Reflect on how you feel about a person who was wrongfully
          accused by an eyewitness and was placed in jail for a
          number of years.
       e. Thinking back to the videos we watched in class and our
          discussions. Do you believe that eyewitness testimony
          should be used as evidence in courts?


  1. Print and hand in the article with the assignment
  2. Summary must be at least 1-pg, doubled spaced, size 12 font,
     times new roman.
  3. Prepare a 1-minute presentation about your article.
  4. If you find an article that no one else brings in your will receive
     extra credit.

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