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					Prince’s Trust Team Programme – Youth Crime

Lesson Plan

Course:   Prince’s Trust Team Programme                             Date:

Session: Youth Crime                         Tutor:                                        Location:

Aim:              Students to identify the different categories belonging to the term ‘youth crime’ and consider the reasons behind
                  as well as the affects of youth crime upon victims and their families.

Objectives:       In small groups students to identify and explore the different categories belonging to the term ’youth crime’

                   In group discussion, students to explore case studies relating to youth crime and questions given, as well as
                  recall feelings experienced themselves, either within the group or on a one-to-one basis.

                  In large group, students to discuss their views on the case studies and discuss questions for both case studies.

                  From this session, students to reflect on how different types of ‘youth crime’ can be avoided, explore ways of
                  coping with violent situations and learn to empathise with victims of crime as well as society in general.

Note: Due to the sensitive nature of the topic of youth crime i.e. rape, violence and assault, descriptions of situations where the
students / or someone they know have been involved in will be discussed in private (one – one sessions) either after the session in
the afternoon or within the next review with the student.
Prince’s Trust Team Programme – Youth Crime

Time     Content                 Teacher Style & Student Activity         Resources      Notes e.g. assessment /
                                                                          Required       differentiation

9.00-    Arrive / register       Tutor to take register                   Register       Check for any messages regarding
9.15                                                                                     late arrivals. Check diary for any
                                                                          Contact List   absences that may have already
                                                                                         been communicated.

9.15 –   Icebreaker

9.20 –   Types of youth crime    Tutor to divide students into two        Youth Crime    Tutor to ensure discussion focuses
9.30                             groups: A & B. Tutor to instruct         Booklet        types of youth crime within each
                                 students to write down as many                          category. Tutor to direct students to
                                 different examples of youth crime as     Flipchart      focus on the variety of situations
                                 possible and categorise them using                      where youth crime has the potential
                                 the headings given.                                     to occur.
                                 Regroup students, and discuss the
                                 types of youth crime that have been
                                 categorised, and any that have not
                                 been categorised.

9.30 –   Risk Factors relating   Tutor to facilitate student discussion   Youth crime    Tutor to use youth crime booklet, as a
9.40     to youth crime          about major risk factors that can        Booklet        prompting resource, for students to
                                 increase the chances of young                           discuss the different risk factors and
                                 people committing crimes.                Flipchart      motivation behind different types of
                                                                                         youth crime.
Prince’s Trust Team Programme – Youth Crime

9.40 –   Case Studies – Group   Tutor to split into groups: A & B. Tutor   Youth crime   Tutor to ensure discussion is open to
10.00    discussion.            to instruct students to read each case     Booklet       various view points and to challenge
                                study, discuss and answer the                            opinions where appropriate.
                                questions which follow in the booklet.     Paper

                                Regroup students and discuss the           Pens
                                case studies and the views and
                                opinions of students relating to each
                                of the questions.

10.00-   Review                 Tutor to give students time to review                    Tutor to ensure the subject is
10.10                           the group discussion and a chance                        reviewed and questions are
                                for them to discuss any topics further                   answered as fully as possible in order
                                as well as ask any questions.                            to give the students a more open-
                                                                                         minded and tolerant outlook.
Prince’s Trust Team Programme – Youth Crime


Tutors recognise the wide range and skills and abilities and the different levels the learners maybe at. Tutors also recognise there
may be a range of special circumstances that may affect their learners. Accordingly, all differences will be recognised and
responded to using varied teaching methods, aid, resources and styles. Additional learning support and assessment methods.

Assessment / Evaluation.
Prince’s Trust Team Programme – Youth Crime

This session is aimed at exploring crimes committed by young people and the implications for the young people as well as the
victims and their families. Due to the nature of the topic, some students will be reminded that if they wish to disclose any
information, this can be on a one-to-one basis with the tutor.

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