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					Policy workgroup – Dec 10, 2008

Robert Shimek, Greg Chester, Linda Kingery

How do we bring in the decision makers?

Write a letter of introduction about the Headwaters Food Sovereignty Council . Provide the purpose and mission,
request opportunity to visit. Characterize the need in terms of public health and children’s health. Give credit to
existing programs. Robert/Linda to draft the letter by 12/18/08.

Send to whom?

School Districts: Superintendents, school boards members, dining services.

Higher Education: Bemidji State University, Oak Hills, Northwest Technical College, Leach Lake Tribal College, White
Earth Tribal and Community College, Red Lake Nation College.

Tribal Government: Tribal council including Chair, Diabetes program, Day care centers, Boys and Girls Club, casinos, IHS
hospitals / facilities, perhaps through the Bemidji Area HIS. (Robert will make some personal contacts to strategize the
best way to make these contacts)

County government: county commissioners, public health, Extension (ag) educators, Extension nutrition education
program, hospitals, nursing homes, Planning and Zoning staff.

State legislators: Senators: Rod Skoe (chair of state ag committee) and Mary Olson, LeRoy Stumpf; representatives:
Britta Sailor, Ken Eken, John Persell. Robert suggested a face to face meeting with Britta, Ken, and John, maybe others.
Linda to check with Stumpf and Draeger on farm to school legislation. Is there legislative work for this year?

National: Collin Peterson - Home Grown Economy to be held in 4 locations, connected via ITV on April 17.

Meetings with Tribal Council contacts probably have to be scheduled. Maybe move the meetings around the region,
may need to be flexible with dates.

Options for moving ahead – provide model policies

Local Food Procurement Policy - Willmar, Pine Point, Woodbury County Iowa, Massachusetts worksheet

Farm to School website – MISA resources - ‘

Organic conversion policy – Woodbury County Ia.

Local Foods Planning – Story County Ia -,21,6,1,Documents

NaCo publication: Counties and Local Food Systems

Request for GIS work – Mark Lawrence

Describing and visualizing the Headwaters Foodshed

-       County boundaries                                -    Reservations
-       School districts, school buildings               -   Minnesota legislative districts
-       Federal legislative districts                    -   Hospitals, nursing homes
-       College and university campuses.                 -   Cities, towns, villages.

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