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					The Complete Perennials Book review

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                                      + Provides understandable in-depth information on us

                                       + selecting and growing perennials with inspiring ph

                                        + and detailed instructions. Includes colorful gard

                                     + and 16 complete projects. More than 500 photos and

                                                    + illustrations. 256 pages.

              Product Description-The Complete Perennials Book
    This book combines in-depth information on using, selecting, and growing perennials with inspiring photographs in one
       easy-to-navigate package. From start to finish, this is the handbook on creating beautiful perennial beds:Design
   inspirationColorful garden plansIn-depth care instructionsAt-a-glance charts simplify buying decisions:Plants by size and
      shapeFlower color and bloom seasonMaterials for mulchingAn all-new edition written for gardeners from novice to
  expert:Comprehensive plant-selection guideTechniques for growing successPlanning a garden for year after year of beauty

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Customer Reviews:
7 of 7 people found the following review helpful

         This review is from: The Complete Perennials Book (Paperback) My wife and are love flowers and are quite "into" their
cultivation, growing and general overall care along with bed design. For us, perennials are the way to go. We found long ago the
yearly preparation of flower beds, and annuals do require yearly preparation and lots of it, was extremely time consuming and at
times unpredictable. Add the fact that weed control is often times an issue in larger annual beds along with the fact that seed
cost has skyrocketed over the years and the answer to most of our needs were perennials.With these lovely flowers, and there
is a tremendous variety out there now which is growing each year, there is indeed bed preparation but it is about one half of
what is put into the annuals. We also enjoy the lush foliage that many of these plants produce, even when they are not in bloom.
Owning many books on the subject, we were reluctant to purchase this one so we check it out of the library. After one quick
scan read, we went ahead and bought...

5 of 5 people found the following review helpful Ortho Complete Perennials Book, November 4, 2008 By A. Scadova "early
garden-er" (New England)
   This review is from: The Complete Perennials Book (Paperback) I own a lot of books, especially gardening books, and this is
by far the best of them! If you have any interest in perennials, whether you're a beginner or an expert, this is the book for you. It
covers it all. How to design a perennial flower bed, specifics (hardiness zones, height, water needs, when they bloom, bloom
duration, sun/shade needs, soil requirements, recommended species, growth rates, fertilizer needs, when they should be
divided, disease and insect problems, how the plant develops new plants ie: offsets, runners, etc.). Includes lists of plants and
designs for different types of gardens; butterfly, hummingbird, water-thrifty, damp-soil, shade, small-space, rock, and foliage.
Plus different charts that compare plant size, season of bloom and colors. Also gives specifics on approximately 187 perennials.
I dare call it the 'Bible of perennials' book. Enjoy perennials?- get this book!

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the complete perennial book, August 2, 2006 By Elena Infante "Garden nut" (Hayden Lake ID)
  This review is from: The Complete Perennials Book (Paperback) it's a beautiful book full of informations and I'll use it for years
to come

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