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the complete book of marine aquarium review


									The Complete Book of the Marine Aquarium review

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 Product Description-The Complete Book of the Marine Aquarium

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Customer Reviews:
40 of 40 people found the following review helpful

Great book for the marine aquarium hobbyist, December 7, 2003 By Currahee (South Mississippi)
This review is from: The Complete Book of the Marine Aquarium (Hardcover) I have positively oodles of books on fish behavior,
diversity and ecology. When I brought this book home the wife asked "why do you need another fish book?" I will tell you like I
told her.This is the best book I have seen on the fishes commonly found in the aquarium industry. The fishes are arranged
according to systematic (evolutionary) relationships, so it is in a format that is familiar to me, and more useful to people that are
not already familiar with fish groups. Organization, however, is a minor part of a book. But the information in this book is also top
notch. There is important information on hundreds of species referencing, feeding, care, availability and compatibility that is
important when considering an addition to your salt water aquarium. There are also excellent sections on general aquarium
keeping and reef inverts. This makes this a must have for any hobbyist. Lastly this is also a VERY attractive book, it now gets to
be in the living room (near the...

11 of 11 people found the following review helpful

Great Place To Go Fishing, May 10, 2007 By Kevin S. Stailey "ledzep_i" (Atlanta, Ga.)
  This review is from: The Complete Book of the Marine Aquarium (Hardcover) I have been in the aquariast hobby for quite a
few years. Though I haven't had a tank set-up for almost 10 years since retiring from the US Navy and moving from Va. to Ga. I
decided for the sake of the fish in my 150 gal tank it was best left behind in the care of my neighbor and best friend JD. I am
now in the research and planning stages of setting up a 250 gal. reef tank. Since so much has happened in the last 10 years I
felt it was wise to get some reading material for varied opinions and fact gathering. I now have 5 reference volumes to refer to.
This book by Vince is not only a beautiful book with outstanding pictures but is my favorite. Crammed with every possible aspect
of this hobby. From beginner to advanced the info is superb. In fact a Newbie could take this book as a stand alone reference
from your very first Marine Fish only tank to an explosively beautiful Reef with Fish, Inverts, and Corals. It gives info on all the
types of filtration from the Jaubert System,(My...

3 of 3 people found the following review helpful

Great Book!, September 7, 2008 By Gabriel Torres (Reno, NV, USA)
 This review is from: The Complete Book of the Marine Aquarium (Hardcover) This is a terrific book about saltwater aquariums.
Being a beginner hobbist, I found it very useful. But for building my first fish tank I needed to use other books, as this book isn't
intended to be a step by step guide. What is great about this book is that the author gives a score from 1 to 5 to each fish and
invertebrate depending on how hard it is to keep each animal on the fish tank. Being a beginner, this was simply super. Other
great feature from the book are the fact it is hardcover, top-notch paper quality and outstanding pictures -- one for each animal
being discussed.On the down side, it could cover more invertebrates -- event thought the information provided is enough for a
beginner like myself --, the author is from UK so many stuff that he talks about is clearly based on the UK market (like
recommending a Specific Gravity meter manufactured in Germany that can't be found in the US). The author also emphasizes
on cientific names and technical terms, sometimes...

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