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									The Cats of Kittyville: New Lives for Rescued Felines

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Product Description-The Cats of Kittyville: New Lives for Rescued
Kittyville is the neighborhood at Best Friends Animal Society, the largest no-kill animal haven in the United States, that is solely
   dedicated to the cats who are rescued by Best Friends and their Rapid Response teams. The Cats of Kittyville reveals the
  inspiring story of how a devoted crew of vets, specialists, caregivers, and volunteers perform miracles every day, giving the
    abused and abandoned cats in their care a happy new life. A primary goal of Best Friends is to place all animals in loving
   homes. Illustrated with over 85 photos, this captivating book shows how and why new lives happen for these special cats.

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Customer Reviews:
11 of 11 people found the following review helpful The Cats of Kittyville, November 8, 2008 By Mary A. Liebschwager "Kitty
lover" (Yorba Linda, Ca. USA)
  This review is from: The Cats of Kittyville: New Lives for Rescued Felines (Hardcover) I had heard and read about the Best
Friends Animal Society and the good work they do. I was surprised when I got the book that it was about their animal rescue
place in Southern Utah. The book was great and worth the price I paid. It's wonderful to see how they rescue and save
kitties.Also how they take care of them after bringing them back to good health.

10 of 10 people found the following review helpful Neat Story, November 30, 2008 By William M. Oates (Kouts, IN USA)
  This review is from: The Cats of Kittyville: New Lives for Rescued Felines (Hardcover) I purchased this book for some cat
lovers I know and they really enjoyed it, I also gave it a once over before I gave it to them and enjoyed as well. It is a nice
inexpensive book with a neat story and nice pictures, great for coffee table reading. Another recommendation for dog lovers is
the Dogville book with a similar rescue story.

43 of 56 people found the following review helpful

A Beautiful Book about Beautiful Cats, but..........., August 31, 2008 By Matthew DeLuca (Tulsa, OK)
   This review is from: The Cats of Kittyville: New Lives for Rescued Felines (Hardcover) Best Friends used to be just
friends to cats and dogs. Not anymore. They stabbed shelter pets in the backs recently.From No Kill Expert Nathan Winograd:In
the age of the internet, you can't be against one thing and for it at the same time. John Kerry learned that the hard way with his
rambling, disingenuous explanations that were self-contradictory and smacked of sophistry: "I was against it, before I was for it."
"I am against it, but I would do the same thing all over again." You can't be against using the "hoarding card" and then use it
yourself. You can't be in favor of rescue access and then oppose it somewhere else. And you can't laud a new law and then
attack another which does the same thing. But that is exactly what Best Friends is doing.The ink is not even dry on the newly
reintroduced Oreo's Law and Best Friends has already posted their intent not to support it again this year. Why? Rescuers are
hoarders in disguise. They...


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