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									Pottery Barn Living Rooms (Pottery Barn Design
                 Library) review

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    Product Description-Pottery Barn Living Rooms (Pottery Barn
                          Design Library)
Whether decorating, refining or updating the most lived-in room in the house, Pottery Barn Living Rooms is the essential guide.
    Drawing on the expertise of the country's leading home funinshings retailer, Pottery Barn Living Rooms offers tips and
techniques on style, space, color, lighting and more. Over xxx phtos and detailed diagrams translate personal style to effortless

    The traditional living room has increasingly given way to the idea of a "great room"--a space adaptable enough to entertain
     guests, encourage playful children, provide a comfortable place to view videos, and, yes, even accommodate the solitary
    reader. Pottery Barn Living Rooms leads such a reader through the basic issues and specific choices available to anyone
   wanting to re-do an existing space or design a new living room. Each of its ten chapters is devoted a specific subject (color,
   texture, lighting); all chapters begin with an overview of the topic, followed by virtual tours of rooms--both large and smaller,
formal and casual—complete with gorgeous photos. The accompanying text goes on to explain how the real-life owners of these
 rooms created a sense of intimacy, a dramatic effect with lighting, or a convivial place in which people are likely to congregate.
   Whether you have high ceilings or low, a large budget or a limited one, this book is valuable for anyone looking for sensible
                                ideas in creating a room perfect for all kinds of living. --David Bombeck

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Customer Reviews:
79 of 81 people found the following review helpful

Old Stuff mixed with new stuff..., November 10, 2003 By A Customer
This review is from: Pottery Barn Living Rooms (Pottery Barn Design Library) (Hardcover) I think if you read other reviews of this
book, you will find that people either love or hate the pottery barn style. Didn't Friends make fun of this style in one of their
episodes? Well, I happen to be one of those people who really likes the pottery barn style. To me, it mixes a lot of old and
unique with new, fresh pieces. It also reminds me a lot of IKEA and other ideas found in their catalogues. I did read some of the
other comments in the previous reviews and was surprised that some people commented that you could not learn anything from
this and just buy the PB catalogues. Hmmm... was I missing something here or did we just not pick up the same book? I felt the
PB book was extremely helpful by explaining color palettes (completementary color schemes), lighting schemes, achieving
winter, summer, and spring looks all within the same room, and bringing old stuff that you have in your attic or garage into your
living areas.The minute I opened the book, I dogeared at least...

17 of 18 people found the following review helpful Great decorating ideas!, January 15, 2004 By jay dow (Beverly, MA)
This review is from: Pottery Barn Living Rooms (Pottery Barn Design Library) (Hardcover) I received a copy of the Living Rooms
book for Christmas and found it not just great to look at, but full of really useful ideas. I love to change around the furniture in my
home, and give the rooms a new look, and this book is full of terrific decorating tips. Unlike lots of other interior design books,
which can be a lot of fluff, the text is worth reading and the photos really show you how to make beautiful rooms (without
assuming you've got endless time and money.)I hadn't really considered myself a Pottery Barn fan before, but I certainly am
now. I ended up buying the Bathrooms book, too, and it's just as good. I definitely recommend this book!

24 of 27 people found the following review helpful

Middle of the road, August 26, 2004 By Carvet "carvet" (Houston, TX United States)
This review is from: Pottery Barn Living Rooms (Pottery Barn Design Library) (Hardcover) I have read/used three of the Pottery
Barn books listed in order of my opinion of them: Baths, Living Rooms, and Bedrooms. Baths was very good, with beautiful
photographs, interesting and innovative ideas, and some useful design advice. Most of the book provided a several page
showcase for an individual bath with discussion of what made it special.Living rooms was OK. It's content was more canned, but
it still had some inspiration and enough ideas that were useful that although I would not put it amongst the best such books, it
was worth an hour or two to browse.Bedrooms hit the bottom of the list for me. The content seemed especially canned. The
ideas were not fully developed and most of them appeared to me more appropriate to someone's first apartment than an
established home (so it just needs the right audience?). Lot's of the pictures involved just using eclectic pieces and did not
involve actually developing a decorative theme.

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