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									                               Ministry of Health and
                                   Social Welfare

                         Funding trend over the past six
                             years and Challenges
                  Funding trend over the last 6 years

27th May , 2010                 Presented by Edgar Basheka
                          Ministry of Health and Social Welfare
                  The Challenge
A “Once Was” Successful Program Has Lost

 Declining Funding Support
    • Shifting Donor Funding Mechanisms
    • Shrinking Government Budget

 Diminished Program Visibility
    • Confluence of development policies

 Competing Priorities
    • Diverted Resources – Human, Infrastructure etc.

    Funding trend over the
         last 6 years
Financial Estimated             Amount                 Amount
Year        Need                Allocated              Released
2004/05        7.7 bn              7.7 bn               7.7 bn
2005/06        6.9 bn              6.9 bn               6.9 bn
2006/07        6.9 bn              4.8 bn               8.7 bn
2007/08        6.4 bn              4.3 bn               2.2 bn
2008/09        9.2 bn              3.5 bn               9.7 bn
2009/10        9.6 bn              4.5 bn               2.7 bn
     Tanzanian Shillings:   currently $1 = 1,445 Tsh             3
                     Challenges facing CS

 Decreasing allocations of funds through the MTEF

 Late, partial, irregular release of funds

 Delays in the procurement process

 Nationwide stock-outs for some products (funding /
  procurement issues)

 Localized stock-outs for others (stock management / re-
  ordering issues)
Efforts to reposition FP in Tanzania

   The MOHSW recognized the downtrend of
      Family Planning in Tanzania
     In collaboration with the partners, the MOHSW
      is making a lot of efforts to Reposition Family
     Part of this efforts includes the establishment of
      the National FP Technical Working Group and
      development of a National Family Planning
      Costed Implementation Plan (NFPCIP)

   Purposes of the NFCIP

NFPCIP will be used to:
 Inform policy makers
 Strengthen FP planning and budgeting within the
  National Development Agenda at National,
  Regional and District levels
 Clarify budgetary needs for implementing an
  effective Family Planning program

 Purposes of the NFCIP cont..

 Mobilize and sustain quality resources (financial,
    human, technical, commodities and equipment)
   Develop benchmarks that will be used to
    monitor and support the FP program

                   NEXT STEPS

 Conduct advocacy campaign amongst policy
    makers to allocate national resources for
    contraceptive commodities in the National
    health Budget
   Advocate for introduction of a budget line item
    for family planning in the National Health Budget



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