; our best friends_ wagging tales to warm the heart review
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our best friends_ wagging tales to warm the heart review


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									Our Best Friends: Wagging Tales to Warm the Heart

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   Product Description-Our Best Friends: Wagging Tales to Warm
                            the Heart
 In this delightful and heartwarming book, America's premier pet columnist, Michael Capuzzo, presents remarkable true stories
 celebrating the powerful and nurturing bond between people and their dogs. Drawn from history and literature as well as from
     dog lovers--both famous and not so famous--from all walks of life all over the world, here are unforgettable tales of hope,
     heroism, and healing that capture the unflagging nobility of our oldest, dearest, and truly best animal friend. Inside you'll
 meet:Angus, the Labrador retriever who died while his master, a stained-glass artist, was working on the National Cathedral in
 Washington, D.C.--so his master memorialized Angus by working his beloved pet's name into the National Cathedral's stained
   glass and into cathedral windows up and down the eastern seaboard.Patches, the collie-malamute of Tacoma, Washington,
       who rescued his owner from the icy waters of Lake Spanaway, jumping in three times and towing him twenty feet to
       safety.Bobby, the young mutt so devoted to his master, he lay on his master's grave for over a decade, until his own
   death.Brownie the stray--adopted by an entire street of merchants, he was nobody's dog and everybody's dog, living happily
 and independently for fifteen years. His headstone in Daytona Beach says it all: "Brownie 1939-1954. A good dog." Woodie,
  the stubby little collie-mix who leaped down an eighty-foot cliff, crushing her hip, and remained at the side of her unconscious
  owner until help arrived.Inspiring, poignant, filled with laughter and tears, and always entertaining, Our Best Friends is a book
whose deeply moving stories will touch your heart and lift your spirits even as they offer you the opportunity to develop a greater
                      appreciation for and understanding of your own best friend. From the Hardcover edition.

  In Our Best Friends: Wagging Tales to Warm the Heart, syndicated pet columnist Michael Capuzzo and writer Teresa Banik
  Capuzzo have collected some of the most endearing tales of humankind's best friend. Drawn from literature, history, and the
 experiences of dog enthusiasts, these tales of loyalty, love, heroism, and hope make this companion volume to the Capuzzos'
                              Cat Caught My Heart an engaging read for dog fans everywhere.



Customer Reviews:
2 of 2 people found the following review helpful The book lives up to it's name. It does warm the heart., April 21, 1998 By A
This review is from: Our Best Friends: Wagging Tales to Warm the Heart (Hardcover) This book is really beautiful. It makes you
laugh, it makes you cry. I could not put it down. If you are feeling down it will pick your spirts up. This is a book that I will read
over and over again.

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful TOO SAD!, December 25, 2003 By A Customer
This review is from: Our Best Friends: Wagging Tales to Warm the Heart (Hardcover) Unless you're a lot less emotional than I,
don't read this! The stories were usually well-written, very personal and interesting. Which usually makes a great book.
However, I was expecting cute little andecdotes of man's best friend. What I got instead was an unending tear-jerker.One
chapter, the one on canine heroism, was heartwarming. The rest, however, had every dog contract a horrible disease, become
enfeebled or be involved in a terrible accident. If they weren't killed by a car, they were put down - with their owners holding their
paws until the end.I have a dog and he's my best friend. I've also had to put down another beloved dog after 15 years. So I
understand the connection you feel even if others shake their heads and say 'its only a dog'. From that standpoint this book just
depressed me. Know what you are getting into before you pick this one up! Make sure you are strong enough!
5 of 7 people found the following review helpful

I am one of the authors of this collection of dog stories., March 10, 1998 By A Customer
This review is from: Our Best Friends: Wagging Tales to Warm the Heart (Hardcover) I wrote "The Life Retrievers." It is the
autobiographical story of how my father's Labrador Retriever took care of me while my mother abused and severely neglected
me when I was a toddler. Duchess also saved me from a charging black bear. I was a co-winner of Mike Capuzzo's "Great
American Dog Contest." My story is referred to in the Kirkus review as "dogs who rescue others from abuse." Celebrity authors
include Rudyard Kipling and James Herriot. This book ranks right up there with "All Creatures Great and Small." They are true
stories of dogs who have greatly enriched ordinary peoples' lives. They are stories by ordinary people like myself whose
relationships with their dogs were so extraordinary that they felt compelled to write them. The stories come straight from the dog
owners' hearts. The premise of Mike Capuzzo's "Great American Dog Stories Contest" was that it move the reader to emotion.
That is what this book will...

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