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					MAGIC (Dog Mysteries) review

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                      Product Description-MAGIC (Dog Mysteries)
Frankenstein meets Lassie.Two decades of genetic research and experimentation, subsidized by the Iranian Ministry of Health
and Medical Education, produces an amazing animal of the sub species Canis Lupus Familiaris. It appears to be a large golden
retriever; however, it has one salient attribute that separates it from the rest of the canine world, it possesses the intelligence of
 an adult human being. Named Magic by the Marine whose life he saves, he travels from war torn Iraq to America and beyond.

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Customer Reviews:
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Magic is magic, September 17, 2011 By Sky's End (Florida)
This review is from: MAGIC (Dog Mysteries) (Kindle Edition) I fell in love with Magic.I was reminded of my childhood attachment
to Old Yeller when Magic was trying to save Quinn from the Iraqi after the Humvee accident. I felt my heart-strings tug for our
dog-hero, Magic, who will risk his own life to save ours just like I felt for Old Yeller and Lassie.From the first paragraph, I was
intrigued and pulled into the read, though it wasn't obvious this was a dog's point of view. I thought Magic was just a dog until he
reveals, "I read we have 100,000 times better smell than humans". That made me do a mental stop and think, "What? Dogs
can't read".The discovery that Magic is a "super" dog was a fun surprise.Magic's storyline is innovative, fresh, fun, and exciting.
The characters are well identified and personable. The dialogue flows with a natural ease that is unique to each character. I love
reading Magic's point of view because it's so fresh and, well, dog-like. It's great to see our human world through...

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Wonderful read, August 20, 2011 By Edmond Humm "Ed Humm" (Florida)
  This review is from: MAGIC (Dog Mysteries) (Kindle Edition) I have pasted Mr. Westen's review from Smasshwords.Magic is
just that, magic. Mr. Humm's enchanting tale about a genetic engineered dog who saves the life of a Marine in Iraq, is both
entertaining and very well written. The story goes on to uncover a dishonest high government official with ties to Iran and China.
Magic has leaned to communicate using a computer keyboard and tries to alert the FBI.An Iranian double agent discovers the
missing Top Secret dog, Magic, and attempts to take him back to Iran.I have now read three of Mr. Humm's to date and intend
to buy his paperback novel Golden Goose this week. There was a link to it at the end of Magic.Magic is an action/thriller. While
not my favorite genre, it still held my attention until the dreaded END. If all action/thrillers were this entertaining, my home library
would change significantly.Mr. Humm's ability to keep the action flowing with an economy of words, while still...

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I loved this story!, April 18, 2012 By Sara Rivers "book lover" (Midland, TX)
This review is from: MAGIC (Dog Mysteries) (Kindle Edition) This was a great read. If you love dog stories then you'll love this
one. Magic the dog escapes from a laboratory in Iran and is adopted by an American soldier in Iraq. There is a great plot and
the characterization of Magic the dog is really entertaining. Read this one and then read the sequel, Strange Magic.

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