How to Upgrade a Laptop

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					                      How to Upgrade a Laptop
People generally buy products that only come in one configuration, such as an iPod, a smartphone or some
other device. We can also say that laptops fit into this segment.

Laptops really don't have room for customization, because everything is already laid out for maximum use of
space. Desktops, on the other hand, have the luxury of wires dangling wherever they want as long as there's
enough space. Some wires aren't even used!

If you want to upgrade your laptop and improve the performance, here are some steps to

   1. Get the necessary laptop replacement parts

   The first thing you should take into account is the parts you can actually
   replace in your laptop. Normally, there are only a couple of things you
   can replace without any trouble - the RAM and hard drive.

   These two are the most commonly upgraded things for laptop owners.
   You can try changing the motherboard, but that is usually left for
   experimenting or practice - not actual repair. If you want something
   changed such as the motherboard, get in touch with an experienced

   2. Get the necessary tools

   Your laptop isn't going to magically disassemble itself and slap in the
   upgrades you want. You have to do all of those things if you want anything
   to happen at all.

   Before diving headfirst into battle, soldiers always check their weapons.
   The same applies to you - check if you have the necessary tools first.

   Typically, the only tools you need are some basic screwdrivers in different
   sizes to handle different parts of the laptop. You'll definitely need a small
   one, either a Philips or a flathead screwdriver. You might also need a hex screwdriver.

   Try to purchase screwdrivers with the tips magnetized so you don't lose the screws if you are clumsy.

   3. Upgrading

   Now, it's time to actually upgrade your laptop. The first thing you want to
   do is place your laptop in a place with soft cushion, such as your bed.
   There, it won't get scratched and you won't lose the screws.

   Another thing to watch out for is the electricity. Before you pry open your
    laptop, take out the battery and touch something metal to remove any static electricity. This is so you get
    shocked when you touch your laptop.

    Now that we have that out of the way, it's time to open the laptop. Unscrew the covers slowly and make
    sure you have a little cup for your screws. That's come in handy.

    Since there's really nothing hard about changing parts, you won't have to break a sweat. Just remove the
    part you need to change, such as the RAM and then put in the new one. Make sure that anything you put in
    the laptop is secure, so that when you put everything back, you can close it without problems.


Upgrading a laptop isn't really that hard. At the most, it'll take you just an hour to finish the upgrades you need.
After that, you'll be riding high with your new upgrades!

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Description: Laptops really don't have room for customization, because everything is already laid out for maximum use of space.