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									Knit and Crochet Combined review

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                  Product Description-Knit and Crochet Combined
Knit & Crochet Combined features 15 great patterns that truly unite knitting and crochet, capitalizing on the advantages of each
   stitch to enhance the designs. Detailed step-by-step instructions and full-color photography accompany each project. For
  beginners in either craft, a thorough Basics section provides a guide to materials and illustrates every stitch and technique
                                                needed to complete the projects.

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Customer Reviews:
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A unique and core addition, May 9, 2007 By Midwest Book Review (Oregon, WI USA)
This review is from: Knit and Crochet Combined (Paperback) Knitting and crocheting are usually seen as two distinctly different
and separate needlecraft skills. Now needlecraft expert and project designer Monnette Lassiter Satterfield draws upon her many
years of experience and expertise to provide a compendium of fifteen 'do-it-yourself' patterns that combine both knitting and
crocheting to create wonderfully colorful, useful, and sturdy garments and accessories that are veritable works of fabric art. The
projects range from stoles and wraps, to shrugs and vests, to hats and socks. Superbly illustrated in full color, each project
features easy knit and crochet patterns stitches that can be accomplished by even the most novice of needlecraft beginners. A
unique and core addition to any personal, professional, or community library Neelecraft reference collection, "Knit & Crochet
Combined: Best Of Both Worlds" is enhanced with a 'Basics" section that provides a guide to materials and illustrates every
stitch and technique required by the...

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Maybe not such a great idea?, July 7, 2007 By AuntieDepression "Auntie Depression" (NYC)
This review is from: Knit and Crochet Combined (Paperback) The title is promising: Knit and Crochet Combined -- Best of Both
Worlds.Except that, from the evidence in this book, it isn't the best of either.Knitters have always used crochet to finish and
accent their work;crocheters, I suspect, have had less use for knitting. Bringing the two fiber crafts together into a hybrid seems
to make sense -- both are, after all, variations on the theme of looping yarn together to make fabric. Using the two in the same
garment should expand the creative horizons of both knitters and crocheters. The idea is interesting; the execution falls flat.In
most of this book's 15 projects, the open, curving look of crochet fights with the more formal rows of knitting. A hat with a soft
floppy brim (the kind that falls annoyingly into your eyes) is topped with crocheted circles: it's neither fish nor fowl nor attractive.
The glittery yarn chosen for the thing does not help its cause. Who would wear such an item, and where? An...

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Good concept, poor projects, November 22, 2007 By Jean Leinhauser "Rapid Reader" (San Diego, CA USA)
    This review is from: Knit and Crochet Combined (Paperback) I often combine knitting and crocheting in the same project.
Crochet edgings are great to accent many knitted projects, and no crochet ribbing can equal knitted ribbing. So I was delighted
to see this book, until I looked inside. I think the projects are mostly unappealing and look dated.

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