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kid cooperation_ how to stop yelling nagging and pleading get kids


									Kid Cooperation: How to Stop Yelling, Nagging, and
    Pleading and Get Kids to Cooperate review

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       Product Description-Kid Cooperation: How to Stop Yelling,
           Nagging, and Pleading and Get Kids to Cooperate
  Would you like to know how to get your children to willingly cooperate? Would you like to eliminate many of your daily battles
  and end the yelling, nagging, and pleading? Would you like to handle discipline issues with knowledge and authority? During
 this process, would you like to learn how to boost your children’s self-esteem, feel better about yourself as a person, and even
  improve your marriage?This book is filled with real ideas for real families—practical, purposeful things you can do to improve
      family life. With the tools and skills presented in Kid Cooperation you can achieve the goal of raising happy, confident,
                                             self-disciplined children, and enjoy the process!

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Customer Reviews:
118 of 120 people found the following review helpful

Life changing! A "must have" book for all parents!, June 15, 2001 By Gaye Ward (Brisbane, Queensland Australia)
This review is from: Kid Cooperation: How to Stop Yelling, Nagging, and Pleading and Get Kids to Cooperate (Paperback)
Parenting would have to be the most difficult (yet rewarding!) job in the world. Of all parenting challenges, discipline is probably
at the top of most parents' list. Every parent wants to raise kids who are responsible and caring people. But HOW on earth are
we supposed to achieve this? Often the only blueprint we have for discipline comes from our own parents, and involves
methods such as spanking and shouting, which are neither effective nor respectful to children.Thank goodness for Elizabeth
Pantley and her wonderful book Kid Cooperation: How to stop yelling, nagging and pleading and get kids to cooperate! I must
admit to being somewhat sceptical when I come across claims such as those in this book title. "If it sounds too good to be true
then it probably is", rings in my ears. However, I am DELIGHTED to be able to say that this book not only lives up these claims
but MORE.In Kid Cooperation, Elizabeth Pantley shares parenting skills that are LIFE CHANGING! I do not say that...

89 of 91 people found the following review helpful

A Must-Read for ALL Parents!, January 17, 2005 By Busy Mom (Ohio)
    This review is from: Kid Cooperation: How to Stop Yelling, Nagging, and Pleading and Get Kids to Cooperate (Paperback) I
wish someone had given me this book when I was pregnant with my two sons. This is a book I plan to buy for my moms' group
~~ I cannot remember the last time I was so enthused about buying a book for other people ~~ this book is definitely a
must-read for all parents. I suppose I could share my copy with my friends, but no way. This book is my copy ~~ it's going to
help me in the future as well when my two sons travel even further down the path to growing up to be adults.If you are planning
to have kids, this book is a good read for you too. If you are a parent and tired of yelling and nagging your kids to do what you
want them to do or not to do ~~ this book is for you.Most parenting books tend to be on the dry side ~~ more factual than
helpful. This book is honest, written with humor and the author shares her insights and personal stories about her three children
and how she deals with certain situations that comes up in the midst of raising children. Mrs...

45 of 45 people found the following review helpful

The only parenting book you'll need!, March 25, 1999 By A Customer
This review is from: Kid Cooperation: How to Stop Yelling, Nagging, and Pleading and Get Kids to Cooperate (Paperback) The
minute I saw this book on the shelf I had to have it. I wanted to stop yelling, nagging, pleading and get my kids to cooperate.
Who wouldn't? I have three children and have been using the many ideas in this book since I purchased it a year and a half ago.
Each time I read it - either cover to cover or just glancing over the great reminder pages - I gain more useful ideas to help me be
a successful parent. As my children enter new stages in their life and new parenting challenges are faced, I have the confidence
to tackle them head-on by using the techniques that I have learned in this book. I have recommended Kid Cooperation to all my
friends and I highly recommend it to you as well. I can't imagine what my family life would be like if it wasn't for this first rate
parenting book. It is a must have for every parent.

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