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					Home by Design: Transforming Your House Into Home

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 Product Description-Home by Design: Transforming Your House
                          Into Home
Sarah Susanka's first three books have launched a revolution in residential architecture with the message that it's not the size of
 the house that matters, but the quality of its design and details. Her books strike a chord in homeowners, who are finding that
  bigger doesn't necessarily mean better. Now, in "Home by Design, Susanka presents 30 design concepts that can transform
   any house into a welcoming home filled with character, beauty, and comfort. Opening readers' eyes to what's possible, she
 makes spatial design accessible to the layperson. Each of the design concepts here, from entryways to public/private space to
 window positioning, is illustrated with examples from houses by leading architects. Homeowners will learn how to assess their
       environment to discover what works or doesn't, and find the necessary tools to create the homes they really want.

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Customer Reviews:
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beautiful photos, fewer details, March 4, 2004 By a small house owner (outside Boston, MA United States)
This review is from: Home by Design: Transforming Your House Into Home (Hardcover) This book is divided into three parts
(space, light, order) and 27 chapters. Each chapter has a two-page spread introducing the topic (e.g. Changes in Level), with
one full-page and several smaller photos, followed by a two-page spread giving examples of the concepts (e.g. Stairs as
Sculpture, Lowered Room, Raised Room, Platforms, Over Under), with one or two illustrating photos or sketches and a couple
of paragraphs for each. Following is about 4 pages profiling how the concept is used in one house. Some chapters include a
half-page feature on the concept as used in public architecture, or using doctored photos to show how a space looks with and
without the concept (e.g. show a space with a lowered soffit and without).I found Susanka's first book, The Not So Big House, a
helpful reference when buying my current quite-small house 4 years ago. It's far from architecturally designed, but allows light
on two sides of major rooms, and I arranged furniture and art to use diagonal...

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An Excellent and very useful book - don't believe the negative reviews, July 10, 2005 By Jack (Washington, DC USA)
This review is from: Home by Design: Transforming Your House Into Home (Hardcover) After reading the negative reviews, I got
the book from the library instead of buying it. The negative reviews are really unfounded. It is worth buying.I was able to easily
see all of the pictures, even the smallest ones, so the reviewer who complained about the small pictures needs glasses. I get
more information from five small pictures on a page than one picture filling the entire page, so I appreciate the denser
content.While many of the houses are luxury houses, the design principles can definitely be adapted to more modest houses.
One of the houses used granite bathroom tile on the counter - clearly they had budgetary constraints. Many of the unique
design features could be added to a modest house with considerable impact.The design principles are simplified into 27 types
and illustrated better than any architecture book I have ever seen. In many cases, a second photo is modifed to remove the one
isolated design feature being illustrated and...

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Definitely NOT Not-So-Big, and not really a "keeper.", June 23, 2004 By A Customer
This review is from: Home by Design: Transforming Your House Into Home (Hardcover) In essence, this book is a checklist of
new vocabulary terms that Susanka invented for the purpose of articulating design concepts. Each term is well-illustrated by a
residential example,with plenty of pictures. The print quality is beautiful as usual, and the editing and book design are well done,
although a little overslicked and glossy. I was very happy to see the comparative photomanipulations to illustrate how a design
concept changes the feel of a room. I enjoyed and appreciated the "Public Space" feature, in which Sarah's newly-named
concepts are shown in photos of familiar large public buildings such as libraries or museums.The not-so-big books dealt with the
primary design -- the floor plan. The bulk of this book is concerned with "secondary" details that could be applied to any floor
plan, such as window placement, staircase railings, ceiling shape, window type, or even the way the wall covering reflected light.
Sometimes this felt more like...

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