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					Great Kitchens: Design Ideas from America's Top Chefs

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Product Description-Great Kitchens: Design Ideas from America's
                           Top Chefs
 Professional chefs design their home kitchens for efficiency, comfort, and style. What makes a pro's kitchen work so well? A
knowledge of cooking and a signature style. This book features hundreds of design ideas offering readers a glimpse inside the
home kitchens of some of America's most renowned chefs. It's a visual feast and a wellspring of design inspiration.-- Features
26 dream kitchens and advice on creating your own.-- Includes more than 300 photographs, floor plans, lists of equipment, and
                              recipes.-- More than 50,000 copies sold in cloth since publication.

 If envy is an issue with which you struggle daily, you may want to avoid Great Kitchens, a lavishly illustrated walk-through of 26
    fabulous kitchens in the homes of some of America's best chefs. This is a Taunton Press publication--the same people who
  bring us Fine Woodworking, Fine Homebuilding, and Wooden Boat, among others--so rest assured the production values are
   high enough to raise the stakes for everyone else in the business. The one thing all of these kitchens have in common is that
 they didn't start out this way. There are kitchens put into Victorian houses, 1920s farm houses, swim schools (no kidding: Mary
   Sue Milliken of Border Grill in Los Angeles, and her architect husband, Josh Schweitzer, bought a small swim school and put
 home and kitchen where locker rooms and showers could once be found), old bars, upscale apartments, ancient stone houses.
     These are kitchens, then, that have been thought about by people who work with food, and know what they want at home.
 Built-in wood-burning ovens and hearths seem to be a big deal. So, too, are custom wok stoves. Seattle chef Tom Douglas put
  his enormous prep island on industrial casters. He also put his herbs and spices into cans that attach to bar magnets on what
would be wasted wall space. He chose the domestic version of an industrial stove because it is better insulated and doesn't heat
   up the kitchen. And like several chefs in the book, he swears by his commercial Hobart dishwasher with its 90-second cycle.
   Great Kitchens is a multifunction book. You can leave it open on a coffee table as a piece of publishing art. You can use it to
launch your daydreams. But most of all, you can use it to learn from the mistakes and successes of others, and gain insight from
  a lot of very practical information. Most over-the-top built-in appliance? Terrance Brennan's bread-warming drawer. But in this
                                            book, it makes perfect sense. --Schuyler Ingle

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Customer Reviews:
66 of 66 people found the following review helpful Absolutely the best book ever for planning a kitchen., September 22, 1999 By
A Customer
This review is from: Great Kitchens: At Home with America's Top Chefs (Hardcover) I bought this book thinking that it would be
just a sort of celebrity tour of the home kitchens of some well-known chefs, a great idea in itself, but more style than substance.
Boy was I wrong. There's more meat to this book than in Julia Child's beef bourguignon. My wife and I have been planning to
completely overhaul our kitchen for years now, and we've gone through dozens of kitchen books without finding much really
useful design information. Well here it is. On our first sitting with Great Kitchens, we identified at least five great kitchen design
ideas we will definitely incorporate into our new kitchen. I'm sure there are more, but I just can't seem to get the book out of my
wife's hands.

53 of 53 people found the following review helpful Full of brilliant ideas that are actually useful!, October 13, 1999 By Jeffrey
Malloy (San Francisco, CA)
This review is from: Great Kitchens: At Home with America's Top Chefs (Hardcover) Finally a book with some "meat and
potatoes" content that is enhanced with beautiful photography and actual floorplans! Not just a book of pretty pictures that have
little to do with actual cooking. These kitchens combine the best of design, performance and above all, personality. The written
background is also fascinating and really gets into these chef's heads about their approaches to their own, personal kitchens.
When's Book TWO?!!!

35 of 36 people found the following review helpful

The best kitchen design book..., February 4, 2000 By Karen L. Vandusen "cloudpeak" (Woodinville, Washington United States)
  This review is from: Great Kitchens: At Home with America's Top Chefs (Hardcover) Because we're planning to remodel the
kitchen, I've looked at many kitchen design books. This is the best one! It has great ideas. It has floor plans. The featured chefs
even talk about the mistakes they think they made when they designed their kitchens. These are grand kitchens. Even if you
want to do something more modest, you'll appreciate the ideas in this book. We've all cooked in kitchens that are just plain badly
designed. These kitchens were planned by people who really cook. If you don't have a kitchen remodel in your future, put this
book on your coffee table. Everyone will enjoy looking at it.

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