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					Garden Way's Joy of Gardening review

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             Product Description-Garden Way's Joy of Gardening
 The best of Dick Raymond's vegetable gardening wisdom is illustrated with full-color photos and at-a-glance charts that make
                                         his methods accessible to any gardener.

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Customer Reviews:
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I like the way this man handles his rake, June 1, 2000 By GENE GERUE "Author, Find Your Ideal Country Home" (Zanoni, MO
   This review is from: Garden Way's Joy of Gardening (Paperback) Some books are like gold-bearing ore--you have to sift tons
of words to find a few nuggets. This book has nuggets on nearly every page. And unlike some authors, Raymond is
open-minded to the various gardening methods and has tried them. Even better, he has worked in different soils in different
parts of the country. And he is innovative.I am not a fan of tillers and I am biased against chemicals, so Raymond had to
overcome my initial skepticism. He did. While he extols the use of his tiller [he has a long relationship with Troy-Bilt, owned by
Garden Way, publishers of this book], he also shows how to garden without one. And in most cases he offers organic
alternatives to chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Furthermore, he started out on a farm, paid for his first home with a garden
and roadside stand, has appeared in food production documentaries and has given gardening classes throughout the country,
face-to-face and on radio and television.I do not agree with all...

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My Gardening Bible, March 9, 2001 By Jennifer "Jennifer" (Jamaica Plain, MA United States)
This review is from: Garden Way's Joy of Gardening (Paperback) I never gardened until I moved to Vermont a few years back.
As a city slicker I was amazed a little seed in some dirt could amount to anything. I got a few gardening books to help me, but
this one handed to me by my mother-in-law was the very best (I found the others, especially "Gardening for Dummies" a waste
of money). Dick's book is filled with photos of just about any run-of-the-mill vegetable (such as the tomato) as well as the more
exotic (like my favorite, the brussels sprout). With clear and easy to follow directions and photos, Dick guides you through the
process of growing any vegetable successfully. My second season of gardening I had an incredible bounty of tomatoes as my
fellow gardeners' tomatoes were hit by blight - I just followed Dick's suggestions for planting and mulching. With the help of this
book, I became a somewhat comfortable organic vegetable gardener. I just bought it for a friend on the West Coast as a
housewarming gift - he plans to plant...

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Breaks the Mold of Traditional Gardening, February 4, 1999 By A Customer
This review is from: Garden Way's Joy of Gardening (Paperback) My parents gave me this book when it first came out. I'd
already been rasing vegetables for over 20 years and considered myself somewhat of an expert. This book provides a lot of
great ideas which I have never seen elsewhere. These include techniques for weed control, getting the earliest crops, getting
the most out of available space, and expecially for reducing labor. And they work! I've had a 30 by 40 foot garden for years
which has provided my family (of 7) with good eating in season and plenty for canning and freezing. This year, I'm going to use
all my available space (about 50 by 80). I fully expect to raise enough to keep the family in veggies for most of the year.
Whether you're a novice or an 'expert', you can benefit big time. The Joy of Gardening is far and away my number one
reference. Nothing else comes close.

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