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                                   Product Description-Feng-Shui
           The first complete, in-depth course in the traditional Chinese art of harmonious design for interiors, buildings, and
     sites—including instructions for making your own geomantic compass for feng-shui readings. Deeply rooted in Taoist and
shamanic origins, feng-shui is not simply a list of directives for building auspicious structures or arranging interiors for good luck.
 It is the art of reading the patterns of the universe and living in harmony with the environment. With 200 photos and diagrams.

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Customer Reviews:
70 of 73 people found the following review helpful

Excellent Reference on Form School & Flying Star Feng Shui, June 20, 2000 By A Customer
This review is from: Feng-Shui (Paperback) For readers who are primarily interested in feng shui guidelines for arranging
furniture and enhancing good luck sectors of their home, this book will probably prove to be a big disappointment. There is only
minimal attention paid to house interiors in this book. However, for anyone with at least an intermediate knowledge of feng shui
basics and an interest in pursuing an in depth study of the history of feng shui and the practice of Form School and Flying Star
feng shui, this book is a wonderful source of information.In this book the author provides a detailed history of the development of
feng shui and its ties to Taoist philosophy. She also includes a short but informative explanation of the Chinese calendar. She
then moves on to a brief description of aspects of the geomantic compass (i.e., the Lo Pan) that are salient to her particular
practice of feng shui. A considerable portion of the book is devoted to Form School feng shui; that is, evaluating the

43 of 45 people found the following review helpful Unsurpassed, the definitive introduction to the subject, October 15, 1998
By "bhadrakara"
This review is from: Feng-Shui (Paperback) It would be difficult to overestimate the value of this book. Although Feng Shui is a
subject which has attracted more than its share of charlatans, the beginner can approach Ms. Wong's work with the confidence
that she doesn't promise more than she delivers. In a well-written Introduction (which itself is worth the price of the book) she
cautions the reader against assuming that this ancient art can be mastered by reading any book, even this one. More than a
"how-to" manual, the book places Feng Shui in the religious and cultural context in which it developed, and without which it can
neither be practiced nor understood. The reader coming to Feng Shui for the first time has to start somewhere, and I know of no
better place than in these pages. Justin Thacker, Los Angeles

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Finally, a clear understanding and a practical guide., December 2, 2001 By ARR (New York)
This review is from: Feng-Shui (Paperback) I had been searching for a good feng shui book for months when I found this one.
This books is both beautifully written and a very easy read, which is quite rare for an instructional book. The layout of this book
is a mastery in itself, and the cross references between chapters are great. Although I had originally planned to skim - or yes
maybe skip - some of the chapters, I quickly found myself engrossed. The background information gave me a much clearer
understanding of the art of feng shui and a strong foundation for its practice. Often I find teachers of Chinese art forms caught in
a trap between a desire to make the art form easier for the Western world to adopt/understand and a desire to stay true to the
art form as it should be practiced. In my opinion, Ms. Wong did a masterful job of avoiding this trap. It is at once a very practical,
very beautiful guide. Thank you for a wonderful book!!

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