every day's a party_ louisiana recipes for celebrating with family and by konhollow


									Every Day's a Party: Louisiana Recipes For Celebrating
           With Family And Friends review

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  Product Description-Every Day's a Party: Louisiana Recipes For
              Celebrating With Family And Friends
Emeril takes you through a year's worth of party and festival menus (divided by month) from Super Bowl tailgate to Mardi Gras,
from the New Year's Eve to end the millennium to the New Orleans Jazz Fest. In the fun and colorful style that Emeril brings to
 his Food Network television show Emeril Live and to all his cookbooks, Every Day's a Party is filled with over 125 recipes and
 Emeril's signature "kick-it-up-a-notch" way of making every occasion an over-the-top celebration. You've never had this much
                                                     fun on President's Day.

      Anyone who loves the sound of Chef Emeril's voice as much as he does is going to enjoy Every Day's a Party. Yet it is
  something of a "big hat, no cattle" kind of book. The 125 recipes seem like reheats, like afterthoughts, flavorful and evocative
    though they may be. But the editorial copy is rich and thick, like a wicked cake frosting that begs for a finger swipe or two.
 Lagasse walks the reader through the 12 months of the year, selecting holidays and occasions out of each month on which to
    hang a celebration and several recipes. So you have the Sugar Bowl and Twelfth Night in January, Mother's Day and the
   Crawfish Festival in May, The Sugar Cane Festival and Pirogie Festival in September, and in November, let us not miss the
     Omelette Festival. (Does Dave Barry know about this?) The history and the tradition of Louisiana are about as exotic as
   anything in the U.S. is ever going to get, and the writers exploit this to great advantage. In this sense, Every Day's a Party is
   really more of a travel book that happens to have recipes and Lagasse's high-proof enthusiasm leaking off of every page. A
  sense of place and purpose come through, as well as the opportunity to taste a little bit of what the author is aiming at. You'll
 find Salt-and-Herb-Crusted Red Snapper and Bananas Foster Ice Cream Pie, Crawfish and Sausage Jambalaya and Emeril's
    Martini with Chocolate Grapes, Cold Cucumber Soup and Pecan Florentines. This doesn't sound a bit like a New England
          Boiled Dinner, now, does it? For which we can thank God and Emeril Lagasse for small favors. --Schuyler Ingle

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Customer Reviews:
76 of 80 people found the following review helpful

Let's talk about the Recipes ..., January 26, 2000 By James R Collins
This review is from: Every Day's a Party: Louisiana Recipes For Celebrating With Family And Friends (Hardcover) Emeril
creates polar opinions. Read some of the other customer reviews and you'll see what I mean. His "in your face" style forces
people to make a love or hate decision. This book is a celebration of Emeril. But it is also a cookbook. It was given to me as a
gift and I have thumbed through it several times and tried a few of the recipes. One thing first: Emeril's cookbooks are not for the
first time chef. The show my be fun but his recipes can be pretty demanding and it takes a practiced eye to seperate the easy
from the difficult. Finding ingredients can also be a challenge. One frustration about this book is the lack of food photos. Pictures
of a finished dish can be helpful, especially when you're not sure things are going well in the kitchen. All of that said, the three
recipes I have tried so far have turned out great. Just be prepared, cooking like Emeril takes time and makes a big mess. And,
while you're cooking you have to try a few,...

44 of 49 people found the following review helpful Not one of his better efforts, December 6, 1999 By "retiredchef"
This review is from: Every Day's a Party: Louisiana Recipes For Celebrating With Family And Friends (Hardcover) I believe that
Emeril has slipped just a little bit. This book is grand in concept, but somewhat lacking in substance. He may be so busy trying
to keep his shows going, his personal appearances, all of his restaurants, etc that he has lost a little bit of his true creative edge.
Most of the recipes in here are ambitious, but they tend to miss the mark. He has taken some of the fun of innovating and run
wild with it, to the point that it is counterproductive. I would advise Emeril to take a break for a little while and get back to the
kitchen to do some real cooking. He should get back in touch with the basics that are so vital to true Louisiana cooking. The
'creative' dishes that he has been displaying lately on his show and the recipes in this book are indicative of how he has gone
just a little overboard.

19 of 19 people found the following review helpful

WHERE ARE THE PICTURES OF THE FOOD?, December 5, 1999 By A. Baker "arkiebookdiva"
  This review is from: Every Day's a Party: Louisiana Recipes For Celebrating With Family And Friends (Hardcover) This book
features many pictures of unidentified good times but no pictures of the food being featured. I have tried four receipes and of the
four only one turned out as it was described. I would not recommend this one.

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