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					Energy-Efficient Building (Best of Fine Homebuilding)

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       Product Description-Energy-Efficient Building (Best of Fine
  Although energy costs are near an all-time low, modern energy efficiency offers more than just savings: It offers comfort. With
 the help of this book, homeowners and builders can build lasting comfort into their homes -- and save money.This new addition
   to the best-selling Best of Fine Homebuilding series brings together 29 of the best articles from Fine Homebuilding magazine
  that cover topics from choosing ductwork and housewrap to building more efficient fireplaces and storm windows. The articles
 detail specific projects home-owners or builders can do to improve the energy efficiency of a traditional home. Over 200 photos
   and 50 color illustrations make concepts and product comparisons easy to understand, even for non-professionals. All of the
articles are intended to solve common home energy problem: such as those associated with doors, skylights, water heaters, and
heating systems.Energy-Efficient Building is an essential reference for homeowners and builders alike and invaluable to anyone
                                                       building a new home.

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Customer Reviews:
36 of 48 people found the following review helpful Practical energy savings, June 19, 2001 By Daniel J Dravis (Eau Claire, WI
United States)
This review is from: Energy-Efficient Building (Best of Fine Homebuilding) (Paperback) I found this book beneficial. I believe that
people doing either new construction or remodelling will find it helpful. It covers new ideas as well some often overlooked but
simple, inexpensive methods that should be used in all construction.In particular, the first chapter is about energy efficiancy in
general and performing an energy audit on your house to see where the energy is wasted or lost.For the price of this book, even
if you only used one idea from the book, you would more than pay for the book in energy savings in one heating/cooling
season.My reason for not giving 5 stars is, "There should even more ideas included in this book!"

5 of 6 people found the following review helpful Excellent overview of cutting edge energy efficient building technique, June 22,
2008 By Michael P. Quinn (Lewisville, TX United States)
  This review is from: Energy-Efficient Building (Best of Fine Homebuilding) (Paperback) This book is really a book. It is a
collection of magazine articles from a well respected building magazine that cover different building techniques. One chapter per
article. There is an article for every currently used, but not quite mainstream building technique to improve energy efficiency of a
home.Since the articles are written independently and were later compiled into a book, there is no comparison and contrast
between techniques. Since the articles are very well written and go into depth on each technique, then comparisons between
similar techniques can be extrapolated out, but some things like cost comparisons may be difficult to gather from the articles
alone.Overall a very good overview of what is out there and working in practice today.

14 of 36 people found the following review helpful

I have two issues with this book, July 19, 2007 By L. Harris "skytag" (Winter Haven, FL USA)
    This review is from: Energy-Efficient Building (Best of Fine Homebuilding) (Paperback) Okay, I'll confess I don't own this
book, but there are two reasons I wouldn't buy it, and each one knocks a star off my rating:1. This book seems a little old for this
particular topic. Energy efficiency is an increasingly important issue in home building, and the various materials and
technologies continue to evolve. There have been some advancements in the eight years since this book was compiled, and
since it's a "best of," that means the articles in it are even older. I want the latest information available as I research this topic.2.
Based on the table of contents, the book seems targeted toward saving energy in colder climates. I live in central Florida where
we air condition most of the year. Our biggest concerns here are keeping the heat out, not in, and controlling the humidity
(which is 91% outside as I write this) inside your home. This dictates doing some things differently here, and chapters on topics
like fixing a cold, drafty house, preventing...


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