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									Electrician's Exam Study Guide (McGraw-Hill's
   Electrician's Exam Study Guide) review

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             Product Description-Electrician's Exam Study Guide
               (McGraw-Hill's Electrician's Exam Study Guide)
  Get 1,500 Exam-Style Questions and Answers to Help You Pass the Journeyman and Master Electrician Exams on the First
 Try! Turn to the Electrician's Exam Study Guide for the knowledge, practice, and confidence needed to pass the Journeyman
and Master Electrician exams with flying colors. This practical resource contains 1,500 questions_presented in the same format
 used on the actual exam_plus accurate answers to all questions. The book also includes references to the National Electrical
 Code®, with extensive illustrations to help you gain full insight into the Code®. Filled with extensive tables and examples, this
         on-target guide presents a wealth of information on general definitions and requirements for installations…wiring
 methods…equipment... product safety standards… administration and enforcement…and much more. The Electrician's Exam
    Study Guide features: 1,500 exam-style multiple choice and true/false questions and answers NEC® tables and detailed
    illustrations that help clarify complicated Code® and show how to use local codebooks to solve exam questions National
Electrician Code® references Inside This Career-Building Study Tool for Electricians • General Definitions and Requirements for
Installations • Wiring and Protection • Wiring Methods • Equipment for General Use • Special Occupancies • Special Equipment
   • Special Conditions • Communications Systems • Tables Explained • Appendices: Product Safety Standards, Ampacities,
  Conduit and Tubing Tables for Conductors and Fixtures, Examples, Types of Construction, Cross-References from Previous
                                               Codes®, Administration and Enforcement

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Customer Reviews:
10 of 11 people found the following review helpful Test Q & A for the Journeyman, November 28, 2007 By Signman Dave
"Signman Dave" (Steel Mill, USA)
This review is from: Electrician's Exam Study Guide (McGraw-Hill's Electrician's Exam Study Guide) (Paperback) A good start
for the journeyman electrician test prep. This book is an excellent text book and is used by a local technical college in an
electrical training course. The practice exam questions are on target with the Experion, Block, ICC, and Tompson-Prometric
tests I have taken. By using this text and a loose leaf copy of the NEC an apprentice should be able to pass their exams with
flying colors.

7 of 8 people found the following review helpful

Sloppy editing!, February 24, 2009 By Kirby White (Silver Spring MD USA)
  This review is from: Electrician's Exam Study Guide (McGraw-Hill's Electrician's Exam Study Guide) (Paperback) I bought this
book to help me study for an upcoming master's exam based on the 2005 NEC, so I started with the Maser Level Quiz section.
Immediately I found errors in editing. In the answers to the Master Level Quiz, on page 303 I found the following: "First you need
to convert the 0.0837 inches to mils, which is 83.7. Because you are dealing with circular mils, you have to multiply that times 2,
which gives you 7000.57 circular mils. Next, multiply that by the number of strands in the conductor 16 x 7005.7 = 112091.2..."
Last time I multiplied 83.7 by 2, I got 167.4. If I SQUARE 83.7, I get 7005.69, but even that figure is noted wrongly as 7000.57.
There are also wrong code references, like answer 8 on page 303 guiding us to Table 430.150 (which doesn't exist), when they
mean 430.250. Answer 9 refers to Section 250.32(B)(1), which gives almost the opposite answer of the correct reference, which
is 250.32(B)(2) In my opinion, these small errors erode the value of this book as...

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful

Awsome study guide. Great testing tips and mock exams!, May 13, 2011 By Robert Rice
This review is from: Electrician's Exam Study Guide (McGraw-Hill's Electrician's Exam Study Guide) (Paperback) My brother
recommended this book to me because he used it to pass his Master Electrician's exam on the first try. I used it and passed my
Journeyman's test the first time too. The test tips are great. The code standards and requirements are explained really well in
plain English. The mock exams were so close in style and subject matter to what was on my licensing test that I felt like I
already knew the answers. My hardhat is off to K.J.Keller for putting out a book that really delivers what it promises. The only
thing that would make this book any better would be if they revised it to the current code before it's time for me to take my
Masters test. I'll be waiting.

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