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									Designing Furniture (New Best of Fine Woodworking)

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       Product Description-Designing Furniture (New Best of Fine
 "Designing Furniture covers every step in the design process from inspiration to construction strategy, including learning from
established styles, creating plans for unique furniture, and choosing among construction options. the practical, process-oriented
                     approach makes the subject accessible to woodworkers with no formal design training.

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Customer Reviews:
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Steps to Fine Wood Work, November 11, 2004 By Marc Ruby™ "The Noh Hare™" (Warren, MI USA)
      This review is from: Designing Furniture (New Best of Fine Woodworking) (Paperback) As I've mentioned before the good
thing about the 'Best of Fine Woodworking' series is that the articles are almost consistently good. The authors are drawn from
the best of today's practitioners and teachers of woodworking, the writing carefully crafted for depth and clarity, and the quality
of illustration is outstanding. In fact the only complaint I have ever had is that articles are often presented in a disorganized
fashion, which can be frustrating for the reader with some specific information need in mind.This time I can't even complain
about that. Instead the articles are divided up into sections on 'Finding Design Inspiration', 'Developing Designs and Organizing
Projects', 'Construction by Design', 'Designing Furniture', and 'Designing for Form and Function.' Admittedly, these are not
perfectly clear distinctions, but as you look through the volume you can get a feel for why the distinctions have been made.The
design application articles are really the...

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This is a must have book for all woodworkers., January 6, 2005 By Scott Pointon "Former Marine, Librarian, Wood... (Crest Hill,
IL United States)
     This review is from: Designing Furniture (New Best of Fine Woodworking) (Paperback) Though its no secret that I am a big
fan of the Taunton Press, I feel that this book stands out as one of their best. Having been a serious home woodworker for a
decade now, I benefitted greatly from the information contained in this book. As always, the illustrations and color photography
are well done and often stunning. The editors did a great job of deciding what subjects to cover and then finding just the right
articles to cover those subjects.The five major areas covered in this book are: design inspiration, design development,
"construction by design", designing furniture, and designing for style and function. In just these five areas, there is a wealth of
information that will help woodworkers of any level, from understanding elements of style to designing your own sideboard. I
especially liked the tips given in the article "Models Help Projects Succeed".No matter if you are a novice or a self proclaimed
expert, there is something of interest here...
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Designing Furniture (New Best of Fine Woodworking), March 31, 2007 By Randy Fratzke "FritzFratz" (Iowa)
  This review is from: Designing Furniture (New Best of Fine Woodworking) (Paperback) The book is Fine but I bought it as a
package deal with it's companion book (Practical Design Solutions and Strategies) and many of the areas are identcal - right
down to the photographs a furniture pieces used. The information is good and is useful - clear and concise.

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