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									Chelsea: The Story of a Signal Dog review

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          Product Description-Chelsea: The Story of a Signal Dog
Paul Ogden, a deaf college professor, and his wife Anne, who is hard of hearing, discovered their "ears" in Chelsea, a beautiful,
 gentle Belgian sheepdog. Instead of herding sheep, like her ancestors, Chelsea works as a signal dog, helping the Ogdens live
 as normally as possible. She "tells" them if someone is at the door or on the phone, and wakes them when the alarm has gone
off. She even reacts to the sound of strange voices and unusual noises. "A warm and witty book . . . Chelsea's tale is a delightful
 read. . . . That feeling of love and devotion -- the Ogdens for Chelsea and she for them -- comes through on every page of Paul
                                                  Ogden's book." -- The Baltimore Sun

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Customer Reviews:
4 of 5 people found the following review helpful Touching, warm, educational, January 23, 2004 By A Customer
This review is from: Chelsea: The Story of a Signal Dog (Hardcover) If you love dogs and the help they give humans, you will
love this book. It speaks of independence gained living with a trained canine, the dedication of the trainers of these dogs and
humans, and has some humor. It speaks of the importance of recognizing these dogs as working dogs and not pets, and of
allowing them the access they are legally entitled to. I couldn't put it down and wanted more.

2 of 4 people found the following review helpful

A Wonderful Story, April 12, 2006 By furkidz (Iowa USA)
This review is from: Chelsea: The Story of a Signal Dog (Hardcover) This is a warm, wonderful story about a very special dog
and the family who owns her. It depicts the temperament of a well-bred Belgian Sheepdog completely; Chelsea's devotion to her
family and her job is 100%. A great read for dog lovers and those seeking a better understanding of the deaf community. As a
bonus, the ending is a happy one!

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