Ministerial Charter Letter � Ros Bates - The Queensland Cabinet by jwYdo9ua


									16 April 2012

The Honourable Ros Bates MP
Minister for Science, Information Technology, Innovation and the Arts
Level 5, Executive Building
100 George Street

Dear Minister

                                  Ministerial Deliverables

Further to my letter of 10 April 2012, I write to clarify certain issues regarding your role and
responsibilities as a Minister in my LNP Government.

As you are aware, the dissolution of the former Department of Environment and Resource
Management (DERM) in particular, and MoG changes in other Departments have presented
some issues regarding the placement and role of government scientific officers.

It is my intention that scientists from DERM and certain other Departments, and their
functions, should be transferred to your Department of Science, Information Technology,
Innovation and the Arts, and that the expertise and services of these scientists should be made
available to other Ministers and Departments to perform specific research, projects and tasks.

Therefore, I am tasking you with establishing and maintaining a new system to provide other
Ministers and Departments with appropriate access via your Department to scientific
assistance to meet their various requirements.

It is my further intention that you take over responsibility for the management and
administration of CorpTech, Queensland Shared Services (QSS), and Smart Services
Queensland (SSQ) from the Department of Housing and Public Works as part of your
Department and portfolio responsibilities.

Yours sincerely


cc: Hon Andrew Powell MP, Hon Andrew Cripps MP, Hon Bruce Flegg MP

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