betty crocker's best christmas cookbook review

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					Betty Crocker's Best Christmas Cookbook review

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   Product Description-Betty Crocker's Best Christmas Cookbook
From decking your halls to sitting down to dinner -- Betty Crocker has never done Christmas better! Here's a priceless collection
 of holiday recipes, both familiar and new, including appetizers, main dishes, sides, salads, breads, cookies, candies, desserts,
      kids favorites, and holiday gifts. It's full of fresh and inspiring ideas for easy, yet impressive, holiday entertaining.Every
 Christmas topic is covered: from party appetizers, drinks and merry main dishes to a cascade of cookie recipes and edible and
    non-edible food gifts to make any holiday sparkle. Plus, every recipe in the book is photographed to help you recreate the
  results in your own home.We've included a wonderful blend of treasured traditional recipes and updated classics, so you can
keep up with family tradition, plus create some new ones of your own. You'll also find creative new serving and decorating ideas
for a memorable holiday season. Every chapter has a Most Requested Recipes for all your favorites, so you are always sure to
     find just what you are looking for to make the holiday unforgettable. Furthermore, you'll find a host of tips and photos for
at-a-glance ideas that will help make all your festivities shine.So, if you are looking for easy, creative ideas for the holidays, look
                           no further. You'll find just what you want in Betty Crocker's Best of Christmas.

   Betty Crocker's New Christmas Cookbook is a colorful and creative read. At this hectic time of year, cooks can feel safe and
   secure in the capable hands of Ms. Crocker. Every imaginable Christmas dish is here--cakes, candies, breads, meats, and,
thankfully, lots of vegetarian dishes (a group somewhat ignored in many holiday cookbooks). There are also innovative ideas for
  gift foods and wrapping. Whatever you're aiming for--a huge family feast or a quiet dinner for two--this Christmas book comes
                                              highly recommended. --Naomi Gesinger

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Customer Reviews:
31 of 31 people found the following review helpful Perfect for Christmas and all year around, October 31, 2000 By Stephanie
Manley (Houston, TX)
      This review is from: Betty Crocker's Best Christmas Cookbook (Hardcover) Everyone knows Betty Crocker has been up to
cooking great things in the kitchen for years. This book lives up to their standards. The book is laid out well, and has pictures
with most recipes. The book gives you great ideas into turning standard things into special Holiday treats. So many of the ideas
are so versitile you can use them all year around. The book has several sections with party foods, main dishes, side dishes,
baked good, and a great section full of Children's recipes that you are bound to enjoy.

37 of 39 people found the following review helpful Fabulous!, December 8, 2000 By A Customer
This review is from: Betty Crocker's Best Christmas Cookbook (Hardcover) I needed another book to reach $100 for
free shipping and I like to cook and bake...but I didn't want a cookbook. Honest! But I figured this would be good and I could use
it for a present. Turns out it's a present for me! The recipes look great. The pictures make your mouth water. And, if you need to
make appetizers and want something different the Cream Cheese Penguins are absolutely irresistable; they're also fast & easy
to make and delicious. From holiday drinks to appetizers to vegetables to entrees to desserts, the book is a gem! You'll get
seriously hungry looking through it. Worse, if you're not in the mood to cook, you'll find yourself eager to get into the kitchen and
get to work. For yourself or as a gift to a friend who likes to cook, you won't be disappointed with Betty Crocker's Best Christmas
18 of 18 people found the following review helpful

Excellent for easy holiday recipes in minutes., July 30, 1998 By A Customer
This review is from: Betty Crocker's New Christmas Cookbook (Hardcover) I would be lost come holiday time if I didn't have this
cookbook. The recipes are easy to follow and simple. I use it for the year-end holidays. It has great gift ideas that I have used
many times. Not only are the recipes easy, but everyone who has tried any of the recipes loves them. This book is a must for
the holidays.

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