RAVENSHEAD PARISH COUNCIL

Minutes of a meeting of the above mentioned Parish Council held in the Council Office,
Ravenshead Leisure Centre, Longdale Lane, Ravenshead on Monday 15th February 2010
commencing at 7.30pm.

Present       Councillors Lonergan (Chairman), Evans, Wright, Dunn, B Andrews, P
              Andrews, Powell, Barnfather, Bell, Crowe and Croome.

   89.    Apologies – All Councillors were present.

   90.    Declaration of Interest – Councillor Barnfather declared an interest in the
          following – Agenda Item 98 - Correspondence item d & e.

   91.    Minutes of the Council of the 18th January 2010.

          The following amendments were made to the minutes of the 18th January 2010
          – page 8 agenda item 84 vii) line three should read ‘ eighteen years’.

          Resolved That after this amendment the minutes of the 18th January 2010 be
                   accepted as a true record and signed by Councillor Lonergan.

   92.    Minutes of the Planning Committee of the 1st February 2010.

          Resolved The minutes of the Planning Committee of the 1st February 2010
                   were accepted as a true record and signed by Councillor P

          PC Matt Wardle and PCSO Darren Scatherd met with RPC prior to the
          meeting to update Councillors on Policing in the village.

   93.    Matters Arising.

          a) Parish Paths.

          Correspondence received from Duncan Lovatt – P3 Scheme Update.
          Councillor Crowe confirmed that P3 had requested any maintenance
          requirements of the Parish footpaths for the forthcoming year.

          Resolved Councillor Crowe to carry out the work required for P3 and report
                   progress at the March Council meeting.

b) Environmental Issues.

Flooding – Milton Drive

NCC has now confirmed they will investigate this problem and take
appropriate action.

Resolved To note information.

Traffic Problems

Councillor Barnfather has forwarded correspondence received regarding
traffic problems in the area. The Clerk forwarded a copy of this
correspondence to Mrs Mathews who had raised concerns about the Forest
Lane junction.

Resolved To note information.

Gritting of Roads

A resident has complained that there is no grit bin at the Denbury
Road/Swinton Rise crossroads, although it is a busy junction, however there is
one on Bourne Drive. Location of grit bins to be investigated.

Resolved To await list of grit bin locations from NCC.

c) Police Matters.

A letter thanking Inspector Crouch for attending the January meeting has been
forwarded, Inspector Crouch also updated the Clerk on the outcome of the
three break-ins at RLC.

Councillor Dunn confirmed that there had been an increase in break-ins in the

Resolved To note information.

d)Correspondence received from GBC re Leisure Centre Strategy (2010 –
2015) – Councillor Lonergan has drafted a response.(Distributed to all
Councillors prior to the meeting).

Resolved To forward the response to GBC.

      e)Response to NCC Budget Proposals 2010/2011

      Councillor Lonergan has written to NCC regarding this issue. Councillor
      Lonergan also confirmed that he had also written to NCC about the bus pass
      and the reduction in the funding for gritting road.

         Resolved        To note information.

      f) Information for Ravenshead Newsletter.

         To be sent to all Councillors prior to the meeting.

         Resolved        To forward to Ravenshead Newsletter after the suggested

      g) GBC – Health Survey for the over 60’s.

         Information sent to Councillors prior to the meeting.

         Resolved        To await Survey questionnaires and make available at RLC
                         for Parishioners.

94.   Ravenshead Leisure Centre.

      The Clerk reported the following:-

      D Handford has now repaired four lights in the large sport hall and refitted
      two light protection cages and repaired cable casing near the clock.

      Zurich has now forwarded payment from the 21/22 October break-in claim.
      Total received - £1402.50.

      P Ashby has still not paid an outstanding debt for an outside court - £14.40.

      Connault Compliance Gas Services has now carried out investigation work for
      the problems with the hot water supply and has forwarded their list of
      improvements and costs to rectify the problem - £1166 + vat.

      There were a number of holes in the driveway and John Cooke has now

      Some of the user groups are low on numbers and asked if this could be
      mentioned in the RPC News update.

      Correspondence received from Greengauge confirming maintenance offered
      for Bowls rink.

      A letter has been sent to a user, who was rude to a member of the Booking

      Geoff Lines from Zurich Municipal visited RLC to inspect the large sports
      hall floor, after the claim from a User. Further information about the fans has
      been received. A further letter has been sent to Zurich confirming a customer
      did cancel because of the floor.

      No cleaning has yet been arranged for the Tennis courts.

      Ravenshead Tennis Club has written to update RPC on developments.
      (Distributed to all Councillors prior to the meeting).

      A number of the fire extinguishers required servicing and Fire Control UK
      carried out this work on the 11 February.

      Resolved i) To contact D Handford for example of new light for the large
               sports hall.

                 ii)To note that P Ashby now has a replacement invoice and will
                 forward payment shortly.

                 iii)To obtain costings to replace the two gas boilers.

                 iv)To include a mention of the badminton and table tennis groups
                 requiring new members in the Ravenshead Newsletter.

                 v)To remind B Needham to clean the tennis court with the new

                 vi)To thank Ravenshead Tennis Club for updating RPC on
                 developments and confirm that there is no objections to the
                 increase in use of the courts.

                 vii)To ask D Handford to disconnect the on/off switch for the fans
                 in the LSH.

95.   Play Areas.

      Councillors Croome reported that some over hanging hedging and a holly tree
      could cause problems at Haddon Road Play area.

      Councillor Wright confirmed that RLC Play equipment was in good order.

      The Annual Inspection of the Play equipment was carried out on the 21st
      January – Councillor P Andrews and the Clerk attended. Report distributed to
      all Councillors prior to the meeting.

      Further quotations have been received for the cutting back of the conifer

      Resolved i) To carry out all work as required from the Play ground

                 ii)To accept Shaun Joyce Fencing Services quotation of £550
                 (Recreational Expenditure) for work to hedging at Haddon Road,
                 and ask that the damaged conifer and holly bush is removed.

                 iii)To thank Councillor P Andrews for attending the Playground

96.   Ground Maintenance.

      Ravenshead Reds has asked if they could play after the end of April deadline,
      on the weekend of the 1st and 2nd May.

      Les Smith from Larch Farm has confirmed that smaller containers can be
      obtained from the internet – 2ft x 4ft x 2ft deep at a cost of £200 - £300 each +
      cost of concrete base and cost of fitting.

      Kev Pinner, Ravenshead Reds has forwarded information on the Person
      wishing to site a vending van at RLC during football matches.

      George Eley, Mole Control, has been told his services are no longer required.
      A new person is required.

      The Ground Maintenance contract is due for renewal on the 1st May 2010.

      Resolved i) To confirm with Ravenshead Reds that the Football Season can
               be extended to the 2nd May.

                 ii)To confirm with Les Smith that RPC has decided not to go ahead
                 with fitting containers on the football fields.

                 iii)To confirm with Mandy Oliver/Claire Windsor that RPC has no
                 objections to a trial run of the Vending van subject to :-

                 a) An upto date Hygiene Certificate being obtained.

                 b) A copy of their insurance.
                 c) The Trial to be run until the 6th May 2010.
                 d) A Licence will be issued at a cost of £10.
                 e) The position of the van will be decided by RPC.
                 f) The times will be limited to 9.30am to 2.30pm Saturday &
                 g) The vender is responsible for all litter.
                 h) RPC to obtain permission first from GBC.
                 i) RPC to reconsider after Trial period.

                 iii)To obtain costs for a new tender for the Ground Maintenance.

                 iv)To obtain services of a new mole controller.

97.   Development Plans.

      A letter has now been sent to Newman Redfern Partnership confirming how
      RPC wish to proceed.

      Mr Newman raised some issues regarding the Developments.

      Mr Newman has informed GBC of the CCTV development.

      Bryan & Armstrong has forwarded their invoice.

      Correspondence received from Mr Bryan Ashton, Regina Crescent
      congratulating the Council on the new developments.

      (All correspondence to the above distributed prior to the meeting).

      Councillor Lonergan confirmed that GBC was not happy with fence on the
      border of Pitch 4 and the fencing surround of the MUGA and 5/5 side football
      pitch and preferred the cheaper fencing.

      The CCTV work had commenced on the 15th February.

      Councillor Lonergan suggested that because of the large saving from the use
      of the cheaper fencing, there would be funding available to replace the gas

      The contractors had now forwarded a Programme of Works – read out during
      the meeting.

      Mr Newman has confirmed that lights are still required for the back of the
      building. A decision is required on the placing of the CCTV monitor and
      whether the old camera and monitor require removal. CCTV signs are also

      Resolved i) Not to go ahead with border fence at a saving of approx. £6000.

                 ii)To contact Mr Tatham to discuss improvement of present
                 fencing which could include a stile.

                 iii)To use the GBC preferred cheaper fencing for the MUGA &
                 5/5side Football pitch.

                 iv)To ask P Newman to confirm savings when renegotiating

                 v)To ask D Handford for a quotation to fit PIR lighting to the rear
                 of the Leisure Centre.

                 vi)To confirm that the new monitor will be positioned in the foyer
                 area and the old camera and monitor removed.

                 vii)To ask Mr Newman if the CCTV Company can supply signs.

98.   Correspondence.

      a. Rural Community Action Notts Newsletter.

      b. East Midlands Fire & Rescue.

      c. GBC – events – 2010.

      Resolved To note receipt.

      d. GBC - Consultation on Gedling Housing Strategy 2010 – 2014.

      Resolved Councillor Lonergan to study.

      e. GBC – Core Strategy Consultation Meeting – 18th March 2010.

      Resolved Councillor P Andrews to represent RPC at this meeting.

      f. Ravenshead Community Transport – Application for grant-aid.

      Resolved To grant Ravenshead Community Transport £1000 Grant-aid
               (S137) subject to grant being paid at same time as last year.

      g. Ravenshead Neighbourhood Watch – Invitation to Councillor Lonergan to
         AGM – Wednesday 31st March 2010.

         Resolved       To confirm with Neighbourhood Watch that Councillor
                        Lonergan will attend the AGM.

      h. Rural Community Action Notts – update on developments.

         Resolved       To note receipt.

      i. CPRE – Renewal of Annual Membership - £29.00

         Resolved       To forward £29.00 to CPRE for Annual Membership
                        (Recreational Expenditure).

      j. East Midlands Fire & Rescue Control Centre – Update on developments
         plus Newsletter.

         Resolved       To note receipt.

99.   Accounts.

      The January Accounts including Income Summary, and Comparative
      Summary were distributed during the meeting.

      Resolved To approve expenditure for December of £9261.26.

      Items raised from the F & GP Meeting.

      1)The Standing Orders & Financial Regulations have now been updated.
      2)The Risk Analysis & Assessment & Action Plan have been updated.

      GBC Form A – this has now been returned to GBC with RPC expected
      Precept Requirements. Form C is required by the 3rd March confirming the
      Precept of £74541.00

      The Capital Aid of £11884 has still to be claimed.

      Resolved i)Councillors Lonergan, Barnfather and Evans to sign Form C
               confirming the Precept of £74541.00.

                 ii)To forward Form C to GBC a.s.a.p.

                 iii)To claim the Capital aid from GBC a.s.a.p.

       Nat West Bank

       Mark Himsworth the Business Manager at Nat. West has discussed their free
       banking facility for RPC.

       Resolved To hold £30,000 in the current Bank account to comply with Nat
                West Bank Regulations.

100.   Closure – the meeting closed at 10pm.


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