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					Best Hikes With Dogs in Western Washington: Western
                 Washington review

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            Product Description-Best Hikes With Dogs in Western
                     Washington: Western Washington
   Now hikers can find the best dog-friendly hiking trails in western Washington. Author Dan Nelson provides information about
 leash laws, hiking methods most suitable for different-sized dogs, and how to choose routes where your dog will be least likely
  to disturb other hikers. Fun factor included, of course! These hikes are as varied as the hikers and their dogs. You'll find hikes
from easy three-mile trips, such as Twin Falls, to a nine-mile hike on Blankenship Meadows Ramble. Discover Poodle Dog Pass
 and Dog Lake, too! Dramatic landscapes with awe-inspiring peaks, alpine meadows, wilderness lakes, and tumbling creeks are
                                                            sure to please.

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Customer Reviews:
6 of 7 people found the following review helpful

An excellent resource, though not comprehensive., May 29, 2007 By J. Branson (Seahurst, WA United States)
  This review is from: Best Hikes With Dogs in Western Washington: Western Washington (Paperback) I agree with both the
two positive reviews and (somewhat) the one negative review prior to mine. It is an excellent, inspiring book full of good
information. It does not--and I don't see how it possibly could--give you essential up-to-date information on these trails. Dan
Nelson even acknowledges as much on page 48: "No guidebook can provide all the details of a trail, nor stay current with
constantly changing conditions of trails, stream crossings, access roads, and administrative rules." He goes on to list sources of
current information. For that, one useful resource is the web site of the Washington Trails Association, . They
have trip reports that give you details such as where trees have blown down, which roads are washed out, and where trail crews
have recently made improvements. The book's lack of up-to-the-minute information is a legitimate point to raise, but not a
reason for a negative review.Besides the information on specific trails,...

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Put Paw to Trail and Get Going!, February 23, 2004 By A Customer
This review is from: Best Hikes With Dogs in Western Washington: Western Washington (Paperback) Dogs belong with us on
the trails. I gnash my teeth every time I think that they are prohibited from so many National Park Trails! After all what does
more damage, our heavy lug sole boots or their soft, quiet paws? As a woman hiking, I feel so much more comfortable with my
friendly canine companion There is something special about being in the wilderness with another species, almost like having a
translator along, Dan cathes this feeling. He gives excellent advice on excellent hikes. The directions are clear, the hikes well
described and well chosen. I have used and enjoyed the book. For all of you contemplating a hike with your furry friend, plseas
keep the canine on a leash, pleas pick up any dog droppings, please do not let your animal frighten people or other wildlife. I
want to keep hiking with my dog! No one wants to step in dog droppings, no one wants to be lunged at or barked at, no one
wants to see a dog chasing wildlife. So please be an exemplary dog companion...

3 of 4 people found the following review helpful

DO NOT rely on the trailhead directions, July 15, 2009 By S in Idaho
This review is from: Best Hikes With Dogs in Western Washington: Western Washington (Paperback) I purchased this book a
few days ago and have already done two hikes in the Olympics. While the trail descriptions themselves are generally okay
(mileage markers are suspect) and it provides area and trail starting points for a Washington newbee like me, the directions to
the trail head for both hikes was completely wrong. If you purchase this book, buy a forest map as well, or stop at a ranger
station for correct directions to the trail head. Wrong turn directions (right instead of left - that sent me 40 minutes out of the way)
and, road name errors. I ran into someone on the trail who had the book who said the same thing happened to them.

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