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					Arranging Flowers (Best of Martha Stewart Living
                Series) review

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  Product Description-Arranging Flowers (Best of Martha Stewart
                          Living Series)
    Fresh blossoms can add beauty to any room in any season. Display them at their natural best by learning Martha's basic
 principles and favorite techniques. Gorgeous color photographs and detailed instructions will teach you how to use floral tools
 and supplies, choose classic vases as well as unusual containers, condition flowers so they last as long as possible, plan and
   harvest a cutting garden, and design both the simplest and most dramatic arrangements for spring, summer, autumn, and

A beautiful floral arrangement can add the perfect touch of beauty and elegance to your home, and who would know this better
 than our favorite doyenne of the dainty, Martha Stewart. In Arranging Flowers, Martha shares basic principles and techniques
  for creating lovely bouquets for any occasion or season. "Flowers," Martha declares, "belong everywhere, in every nook and
    cranny of the house." Assuming no special knowledge or skill from the reader, Martha takes you step by step through the
    process of finding the perfect vase for your arrangement, conditioning cut flowers for maximum beauty and lifespan, and
 creating a sturdy foundation for your creation. The second half of this book is an exposition on seasonal arrangements, along
    with specific tips on growing, buying, and caring for individual types of flowers. One of the great charms of this book is the
 trademark lavish photos that are in all Martha Stewart books. Nearly every page of Arranging Flowers features beautiful, vivid
  photos of flower bouquets of all types, from humble Sweet Peas to the glorious Double-Headed Peony. With Martha as your
         guide, even the most ham-fisted palooka will be inspired to create dazzling works of floral art. --Perry Atterberry

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Customer Reviews:
57 of 59 people found the following review helpful

BEAUTIFUL AND PRACTICAL!, January 21, 2000 By A Customer
This review is from: Arranging Flowers (Best of Martha Stewart Living Series) (Paperback) This is an extremely beautiful book
with plenty of gorgeous photos of terrific flower arrangements. But a lot of books fit that description. What sets this one head
and shoulders above the rest is the practical, well-written and easy-to-follow text. Martha has divided the book into four sections,
following the four seasons--and she gives us gorgeous arrangements for each. Besides telling us HOW to arrange the flowers,
Martha also gives us tips on what flowers mix well with what and how to care for them. For example, I never knew that daffodils
are best used alone since they give off a substance that is toxic to other flowers. As a woman, as a homemaker and as a
gardener, I just loved this book. It's written so we can actually use it, rather than just being one of those glossy books done by
interior decorators that you look at once, sigh over then close. This practical and beautiful book is gorgeously photographed and
written in Martha's lovely, intimate style. The...

45 of 47 people found the following review helpful Beautiful, inspirational, and Do-able!, November 20, 1999 By S. Roberts
(Atlanta, GA)
   This review is from: Arranging Flowers (Best of Martha Stewart Living Series) (Paperback) I was amazed at the creativity of
the arrangements! I've been doing this for a while, and it still astounded me. There are great combinations of flowers, as well as
florist techniques that aren't difficult at all. Elegant and classy.

31 of 34 people found the following review helpful

Excellent resource, June 15, 1999 By A Customer
This review is from: Arranging Flowers (Best of Martha Stewart Living Series) (Paperback) I just finished a professional floral
design course - much of what I learned in school I reviewed upon reading Martha's book. I could have saved a lot of money by
just reading this book! Some information conflicted with what I had learned but all in all this is a great reference for anyone who
loves flowers and arranging them. Lots of basic information everyone should know.

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