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					Aquarium Fish Breeding review

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                     Product Description-Aquarium Fish Breeding
 Aquarium hobbyists who are interested in breeding fishes and invertebrates will find a bonanza of information in this profusely
    illustrated book. Explained here is the biology of fish breeding, with focus on taxonomy, population management, genetics,
   inbreeding versus selective breeding, culling, reproductive strategies, and larval and juvenile development. The author also
  provides extensive information on aquarium requirements, breeding triggers, and fish nutrition. Prospective fish breeders will
value the author’s detailed instructions for building a fish room, with attention to its location, structure, plumbing, life support, and
safety issues. He devotes individual chapters to livebearers, egg layers, cichlids, marine fish, and invertebrates. This very useful
                        book is enhanced with more than 85 color photos plus anatomically accurate line art.

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Customer Reviews:
6 of 6 people found the following review helpful OUTSTANDING, March 18, 2008 By Brian Fargher (South Africa)
  This review is from: Aquarium Fish Breeding (Paperback) I have purchased several other books on general fish breeding over
the years and then a professional breeder recommended this book. Well I must say that it is the most comprehensive general
book of its kind - full of delightful illustrations and lots of technical detail. The author clearly "knows his stuff" - from actual
breeding, to building fishrooms to producing live foods.I recommend this book wholeheartedly.

5 of 5 people found the following review helpful A must-read for aspiring breeders, March 4, 2007 By Conch1
This review is from: Aquarium Fish Breeding (Paperback) I bought this book shortly after reading Mr. Hemdal's Advanced
Marine Aquarium Techniques (a book that I've found to be very useful and informative). I am very pleased with his Aquarium
Fish Breeding, as well. Whatever your skill level or motivation for breeding, you'll find invaluable insights in this comprehensive
resource. A great choice for freshwater and marine breeders alike.

7 of 9 people found the following review helpful

Most comprehensive book on this subject, April 2, 2006 By Fish Guy
This review is from: Aquarium Fish Breeding (Paperback) As the author of this book, I'm obviously a bit biased, but this book is
the only one on the market that fully covers all aspects of fish breeding. Marine fish, freshwater fish, invertebrates and plants are
all covered in detail. I wrote this with intermediate aquarists in mind, so both beginners and experts may also find some
"cross-over" in the material.If you want to propagate home aquarium fish, invertebrates and plants, this book is a must-have!

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