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									5,500 Quilt Block Designs review

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                    Product Description-5,500 Quilt Block Designs
 A must-have for every quilter: the ultimate pattern resource, with an astounding 5,500 blocksWith 5,500 blocks to copy, adapt,
 and combine in countless ways, no quilter will ever have to run out of patterns anymore. Some designs are classics and taken
   from museum collections, handed from friend to friend, or kept in a family for many years. Each pattern is drawn on a grid
showing the number of squares to the block which makes it easy to mix-and-match, because they all draft to the same size. The
  dazzling choices include a Premium Star, Double Pyramid, Strips and Squares, Farmer's Puzzle, Sunburst, Beggar's Blocks,
 and countless more. They're arranged by type--including 4-, 5-, and 9-patch patterns; circles and curves; octagons; diamonds;
and 8-point stars--and all indexed alphabetically by name. There's even information on each block's source. As a special bonus
    Maggie Malone has included a section of Alphabet Patch Patterns to use for personalizing every block. No quilter can do
                                                         without this book.

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Customer Reviews:
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Limited Usefulness, May 13, 2004 By Rebecca Haden (Fayetteville, AR)
  This review is from: 5,500 Quilt Block Designs (Hardcover) The first thing that troubled me about this book was the fact that
the block designs are all shown only as single blocks. There is no indication of how the blocks look when put together into a
quilt. Unless you have much more skill at visualization than I do, you will have to draw out multiples of the blocks in order to see
the patterns that will appear when the blocks are set together for a quilt. Still, with such an enormous number of block designs, it
might have been difficult to fit in this additional information.The big problem is the oft-repeated claim that the "patterns are easily
drafted..." Well, no they aren't. The designs do not even necessarily show the edges of the patches that need to be cut -- for
example, Odd Fellow's Cross is shown with patches normally pieced from three triangles displayed as though they were a single
odd-shaped patch. This is true of many blocks, where there is no indication of seams. There is no hint that some parts of the

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lots of block patterns, July 28, 2004 By Karen J "karenj1995" (Colorado, United States)
This review is from: 5,500 Quilt Block Designs (Hardcover) I purchased this book because I am making a queen-size sampler
quilt for my mom and wanted to find block patterns that would pay homage to the many wonderful aspects of her personality
and life - and in three different sizes! This book has given me many ideas and options.The book has a small preface, and a
great index, but otherwise is all blocks! It is broken up by unit format (four-patch, nine-patch, picture blocks, etc.) It is a terrific
service that Ms. Malone has done by gathering all these patterns into one place.Unfortunately, there are a number of things that
could have made this book fantastic that were overlooked. First, besides the format (there are over 1100 nine-patch blocks),
there is no apparent order to the blocks. They could have been organized alphabetically, by complexity, number of pieces,
similiar blocks together... Also, there are many blocks that are repeated, (some with the same name!) but just in different colors.
Example, pg...

24 of 25 people found the following review helpful

Bumper book of patchwork blocks!, August 25, 2005 By Gillian Buchanan "Classical Music Editor at B... (London, UK)
This review is from: 5,500 Quilt Block Designs (Hardcover) This hardbacked volume contains a huge collection of patchwork
blocks each of which is carefully drawn and appropriately coloured on the computer. The author's source and a pattern name is
given in each case and the blocks are sorted into the usual patchwork categories of four patch, nine patch etc.There is a very
wide range of different styles and the blocks are fully indexed at the back of the book.This book is absolutely superb and once it
is in your collection you will probably not need any other collection of patchwork block drawings.Beginners will need another
book to complement this one because no actual finished quilt patterns are provided nor are there any instructions on how to
make a quilt; Lynne Edwards's "Sampler Quilt" series would be an excellent partner as her books cover many different

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