Questions for a Search Committee by HuJEMt


									                            Questions for a Search Committee

¤ If you were forced to describe Lifespring, as it is today, in a single word, what word would you use?
¤ As you dream about the future, what do you think is the greatest opportunity ahead?      What do you
  think will be the greatest obstacle in getting there?

¤ If money were no object, what would be the one thing you would want to do this next year?
¤ How is LifeSpring currently involved in both local and foreign missions?
¤ How are the finances of Lifespring doing?
¤ Could I get a copy of Lifesping’s by-laws, constitution and other church documents?
¤ What ministry opportunities does Lifespring have for my family to get plugged in?

¤ What would you say the expectations of staff, both spoken and unspoken, are?
¤ What are the expected ministry hours and office hours per week? How would the church feel about
  me visiting schools at lunch or being with students at other times and not being in the office?

¤ What events or meetings would I be required to attend?
¤ What expectations do you have for the pastor’s wife and family?

¤ What is Lifespring’s philosophy of youth ministry?
¤ Does the youth ministry have any long term plan, vision, or mission statement?
¤ What is the leadership structure of the church? How are decisions made at Lifespring? (ministry teams,
  committees, elders, staff led, etc.)

¤ How would you define success in ministry?
¤ What are the biggest needs of the students at Lifespring and in the Bellevue area?
¤ What growth opportunities, both personal and professional, are provided or available for staff?
¤ What are some church and youth group annual traditions or events?
¤ Describe the evaluation process for staff members.
¤ Tell me of a ministry decision where there was sharp disagreement and how that was worked out.
¤ Describe the work environment in the office.
¤ What does the package offer? (Salary range, benefits, vacation, etc.)

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