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									         Faculty of Science
Asia-Pacific International University
Five-Year Strategic Plan (2010-2014)

           September 2010

                                   Faculty of Science

Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Part 1.   Strategic Plan of Asia-Pacific International University 2010 – 2014      3

          1.1   Historical Background                                              3
          1.2   AIU Philosophy                                                     3
          1.3   University Logo                                                    3
          1.4   AIU Commitment                                                     3
          1.5   AIU Vision                                                         3
          1.6   AIU Mission                                                        4
          1.7   AIU Strategic Goal                                                 4

Part 2.   Five-Year Strategic Plan of the Faculty of Science                       5

          2.1   Historical background of the Faculty of Science                    5
          2.2   Vision of the Faculty of Science                                   5
          2.3   Mission of the Faculty of Science                                  5
          2.4   SWOT                                                               6
          2.5   Strategic Goals and Objectives                                     7
          2.6 Strategy Map                                                         9

Part 3.   Strategic Goals, Ojectives, Strategic Action Initiatives, Indicators,    10
          Projects and Activities
          3.1 Strategic Goal 1                                                     10
          3.2 Strategic Goal 2                                                     11
          3.3 Strategic Goal 3                                                     13
          3.4 Strategic Goal 4                                                     14
          3.5 Strategic Goal 5                                                     15

                            Strategic Plan (2010-2014)                      2
                                   Faculty of Science

Part 1.    Strategic Plan of Asia-Pacific International University
2010 – 2014

1.1    Historical Background

The University is an educational institution which started in 1947 with the School of
Nursing at Mission Hospital in Bangkok. On March 22, 1986, the School of Nursing
offered a Bachelor’s degree and received permission from the Ministry of University
Affairs to operate as Mission College. At that time there was only one faculty – the
Faculty of Nursing.

Mission College received permission to operate the campus in Muak Lek, Saraburi, in
1997, and since 1999 the institution has operated international programs. On June
30, 2009, the Minister of Education signed documents permitting the change of
status and name of the institution to Asia-Pacific International University.

1.2    AIU Philosophy

The educational philosophy of Asia-Pacific International University it to embrace
harmonious, holistic development in all the dimensions of life. Virtue must precede
learning, so that knowledge, skills, and technology will be wisely, conscientiously, and
responsibly used in the service of society.

1.3    University Logo

1.4    AIU Commitment

                 Nurturing virtue, wisdom, and holistic development

1.5    AIU Vision

Asia-Pacific International University intends to be a leading, international academic
community dedicated to learning, teaching, and research that affirms human
potential, cultivates moral sensitivity, and nurtures character development. Students
are prepared for lives of joyful and selfless service to others and equipped with
essential knowledge, skills, and an attitude of hopeful optimism.

                            Strategic Plan (2010-2014)                                3
                                   Faculty of Science

1.6    AIU Mission

1. To provide a holistic education           emphasizing religious values, academic
   excellence, and an informed appreciation of culture, art, and the natural world
2. To produce graduates with virtuous characters and high moral standards, along
   with sound wisdom and practical skills
3. To serve as a training ground that produces leaders for communities and churches
   throughout the region and around the world
4. To employ an administrative system that meets international quality standards
   and is noted for its effectiveness and efficiency
5. To be active in research in each academic faculty with findings published in
   national and international media
6. To be engaged in academic service and other humanitarian programs designed to
   serve local, regional, and international needs

1.7    AIU Strategic Goal

The strategic plan for Asia-Pacific International University for the period 2010 to
2014 inclusive is presented under five Strategic Goal headings as follows:

1. Learning and Teaching - Enrich the experiences of the students
2. Broaden the academic services and portfolio of activities and increase student
3. Expand the academic services available to the academic and general community
4. Preserve and highlight the cultures of the region
5. Increase the research commitment of the faculty
6. Broaden the financial base of the institution

                            Strategic Plan (2010-2014)                                4
                                      Faculty of Science

Part 2.         Five-Year Strategic Plan of the Faculty of Science

2.1      Historical background of the Faculty of Science

         The Faculty of Science is located on the main Muak Lek campus. It began
         operating in 1999 with two international science programs; Bachelor of
         Science in Biology and Bachelor of Science in Mathematics. Unfortunately in
         2003 due to insufficient student enrolment the Bachelor of Science in
         Mathematics stopped operating. However, the Biology program continued its
         operation up to present day. In 2003 Faculty of Science received its first
         accreditation and continued the Biology program.

         The first curriculum revision of Bachelor of Science in Biology was done in
         2007 and the program received approval on August 11, 2007. The new
         program was called Bachelor of Science, Major in Biology instead of Bachelor
         of Science in Biology and soon after in August 2008 the new curriculum was
         offered to students. The second revision of the curriculum was done in 2010
         which was approved by the University Council on 25th of February 2010 and it
         was approved by Commission on Higher Education (CHE) on 4th of June
         2010. The new curriculum is designed in such a way that it gives students
         broader opportunities and provides them with more flexibility in their studies.
         Bachelor of Science in Bioscience, as it is called after the revision, offers three
         emphases. Biology, Environmental Science and Health Science.

         One of the main objectives of the Faculty of Science at Asia-pacific
         International University is to offer an enriching program to both Thai and
         International students and help them to gain the knowledge and skills they
         need before entering the workforce.

2.2      Vision of the Faculty of Science

         To be a centre for excellence in science education through teaching, research,
         diversity and service.

2.3      Mission of the Faculty of Science

      1. Teaching: to promote high quality teaching and learning through well planned
         curricular and extracurricular activities.
      2. Research: to facilitate and highlight faculty and student research.
      3. Art and Culture: to consciously promote cultural diversity among students,
         staff and the community.
      4. Service: to provide opportunities for our students and staff to be engaged in
         meaningful community service.

                               Strategic Plan (2010-2014)                                 5
                                        Faculty of Science

2.4         SWOT

            The strategic SWOT of the Faculty of Science defines the strengths,
            weaknesses, opportunities and threats that have the strongest impact and
            implications for the future direction of the faculty in the five years. This will
            define the arena to compete and the competence and strategic capabilities
            that the Faculty of Science needs to achieve a competitive advantage in an era
            of high competition.


1.    Accredited by (AAA) Adventist Accrediting Association
2.    Qualified diverse international faculty and studnets
3.    Excellent Student –Faculty ratio
4.    High research output
5.    Very good class and laboratory facilities

      1. Low student numbers
      2. Limited number of programs
      3. Insufficient equipments and models


       1.    Greater interests in English based education in the Asia-pacific region
       2.    Renewed emphasis in Science and Technology in the region
       3.    Overall preception of the value of higher education
       4.    Value-based education in a country setting


      1.    Political uncertainity
      2. Continued low enrolment
      3.    Insufficient funds

2.5 Strategic Goals and Objectives

                                 Strategic Plan (2010-2014)                                6
                                  Faculty of Science

Strategic Goal 1:
To prepare ethical and moral Science graduates

Strategic Objective 1.1:    Graduates equiped with ethical values

Strategic Objective 1.2:    Teaching and learning are standardize and accepted
                            nationally and internationally

Strategic Objective 1.3:    Qualified and conscienscious lecturers

Strategic Objective 1.4:    Sufficient funding to support teaching & leanrning activities

Strategic Goal 2:

To development and conduct quality research

Strategic Objective 2.1:    Research outputs are accepted nationally and internationally

Strategic Objective 2.2:    Research outputs are used in impacting positively the local,
                            national, and international community

Strategic Objective 2.3:    Efficient system and mechanism to support research activity

Strategic Objective 2.4:    Provide venues for developing the skills of potential of

Strategic Objective 2.5:    Attempt to provide time and funds for reseach

Strategic Goal 3:

To increase student enrollment in the Faculty of Science

Strategic Objective 3.1:    Increase the diversity of programs offered

Strategic Objective 3.2:    Practice of good governance

Strategic Objective 3.3:    Organise yearly events for high schools to promote science

Strategic Objective 3.4:    Friendly and caring learning environment

Strategic Objective 3.5:    Efficient database system

Strategic Objective 3.6:    The development of a learning organization

Strategic Objective 3.7:    Participate in recruiting trips to high schools

Strategic Goal 4:

To Provide appropriate academic service to community

Strategic Objective 4.1:    Providing services needed by the community

Strategic Objective 4.2:    To enlarge academic servicesbased on needs

Strategic Objective 4.3:    Adequate academic service fund

                           Strategic Plan (2010-2014)                                       7
                                  Faculty of Science

Strategic Goal 5:

To Enhance and promote arts and culture

Strategic Objective 5.1:    To put in place an efficient system in arts and culture

Strategic Objective 5.2:    Allocation of sufficient funds for art & culture preservation

                           Strategic Plan (2010-2014)                                       8
2.6         Strategy Map

            The Faculty of Science at Asia-Pacific International offers programs in Biology, Health Science and Environmental Sciences. Our programs are designed to

            promote high quality teaching and learning through well planned curricular and extracurricular activies. We also take every opportunity to facilitate and
            highlight faculty and student research. We conscientiously promote cultural diversity among students, staff and the community and we also provide
            opportunities for our students and staff to be engaged in meaningful community service.

                 Prepare qualified and           Develop and conduct              Increase student             Provide appropriate           Enhance and
                    ethical science                                                numbers in the              academic services to        promote arts and

                                                   quality research
                      graduates                                                        faculty                       society                   culture

                                             SO 2.1 Research outputs are

                 SO 1.1 Graduates            accepted nationally and
                 equipped with ethical       internationally                                                   SO 4.1 To provide
                 values                      SO 2.2 Research outputs are                                       services to the
                                             used in impacting positively                                      community based
                                             the local, national and                                           on needs
                                             international community        SO 3.1 Increase the diversity of
                                                                            programs offered
                                                                            SO 3.2 Practice of good

                 SO 1.2 Teaching and                                                                                                     SO 5.1 Efficient

                 learning are                                               SO 3.3 Organize yearly events                                system in preserving
                 standardized and                                           for high schools to promote                                  arts and culture
                 accepted nationally         SO 2.3Efficient system         science
                 and internationally         and mechanism to support       SO 3.4 Friendly and caring
                                             research activities            learning environment

                 SO 1.3 Qualified and                                       SO 3.5 Efficient database          SO 4.2 To enlarge
                 conscientious               SO 2.4 Provide venues          system                             academic services
                 lecturers                   for developing the skills      SO 3.6 The development of a        based on needs
                                             of potential researchers       learning organization

                                                                                                               SO 4.3 To obtain       SO 5.2 Sufficient funds for

                 SO 1.4 Sufficient                                                                             adequate community     art and culture preservation
                 funding to support          SO 2.5 Attempt to              SO 3.7 Participate in joint        service fund           activities
                 teaching and learning       provide time and funds         recruiting trips to high
                 activities                  for research                   schools

Part 3.        Strategic Goals, Objectives, Strategic Action Initiatives, Indicators, Projects and Activities

3.1    Strategic Goal 1:        To Prepare qualified and ethical science graduates

  Strategic Objective           Strategic Action                     Indictor               Target     Person           Project/Activity
                                    Initiative                                                       Responsible
SO 1.1                     1.   To emphasize in the       1. Conscious inclusion of          80%        Dean       1.   Syllabus preparation
Graduates equiped with          curricular activities a      value based examples in %                             2.   Orientation
ethical values                  value-based education        of classes                                            3.   Science Meetings
                           2.   To incorporate values     2. Incorporate ethical values      70%        Dean       4.   Laboratory Sessions
                                in the extra-curricular      in% of extra-curricular                               5.   Weekend activates
                                activities                   activities                                            6.   Science camps
                           3.   To provide and            3. Reviewing and updating if      yearly      Dean       7.   Science Field Trips
                                promote a balanced           necessary the curriculum                              8.   Criterion used for awards
                                upto date curriculum         on a yearly basis                                          etc
                           4.   Provide counseling on     4. Percentage of students                                9.   Graduate response
                                job opportunities,           employed or in graduate        100%        Dean
                                graduate studies and         schools
                                professional schools
SO 1.2                     5.   Comply with               5.   Follow the % of guidelines   100%     Chair of QA   10. Review national
Teaching and learning           stardards prescribed           provided by QA                        committee         standards
are standardized and            by QA office                                                                       11. Review and update with
accepted nationally and                                                                                                other international
internationally                                                                                                        standards
SO 1.3                     6. Seminars on Effective       6. Suggest and Plan with           N/A        Dean       12. Faculty of Science
Qualified and                 teaching                        VPAA                                                     Meetings and Colloquium
consciencious lecturers    7. Support Professional        7. Invite 2 experts per year        10        Dean       13. Seminars
                              Growth of Faculty               in the discipline to give                            14. Colloquium
                           8. Attendance at Faculty           talks                                                15. Conferences
                              colloquim                   8. Encourage all faculty to        N/A        Dean       16. Correspondence with
                           9. Recruit qualified               attend colloquium                                        potential faculty members
                              faculty when need           9. Encourage faculty to
                              arises                          attend conferences at         yearly      Dean
                                                              faculty meetings
                                                          10. Have a pool of interests

                                                          Faculty of Science

                                                     and keep in touch with
SO 1.4                  10. Plan this into the   11. Faculty development and    70%   Assoc. Dean   17. Budget preparation
Sufficient funding to       budget every year        other advancement and
support teaching and                                 research funds
learning activities

                                                   Strategic Plan (2010-2014)                                                11
                                                                     Faculty of Science

3.2     Strategic Goal 2:      To develop and conduct quality research

  Strategic Objective            Strategic Action                     Indictor               Target        Person           Project/Activity
                                    Initiative                                                           Responsible
SO 2.1                       11. Encourage faculty to     1. Reminder given                  periodic     Assoc. Dean   1. General Faculty meeting
Research outputs are             work on research            periodically at faculty                                    2. Individual Meetings with
accepted nationally and          projects                    meetings to promote                                           Faculty
internationally                                              research                                                   3. Faculty assessment time
                                                          2. Space & Time allocation           50 %          Dean       4. Semester schedules
                                                             for research                                               5. Sabbatical
                                                          3. Sabbatical for all full time       All          Dean       6. Faculty research lab
                                                             Lecturers by policy             Lecturers                     provided
                                                                                                                        7. Dr. Chew’s sabbatical
                                                                                                                           second semester 2010
SO 2.2                       12. Engage in community      4. Where applicable % of             50%        Assoc. Dean   8. Water quality test
Research outputs are             service projects using      research findings to be                                    9. Organic garden
used in impacting                results of research         used to benefit
positively the local,            activities                  community
national and international
SO 2.3                       13. Provide time and         5. Funds are provided                              Dean       10. Budget in professional
Efficient system and             funds for research          through professional               All                         development
mechanism to support                                         development committee           Lecturers                  11. Dr. Kamolnan
research activities                                       6. External Funding                            Assoc. Dean
SO 2.4                       14. International            7. International Conference                        Dean       12. Aligarh University,
Provide venues for               Conference                  (Oct. 2010) in emerging            1                           October 28-31, 2010
developing the skills of         collaborations              Technologies , Aligarh
potential researchers                                        University
SO 2.5                       15. Scheduling               8. To make provision in the       4 per year       Dean       13. Semester schedule
Attempt to provide time                                      schedule for 2 Faculty
and funds for research                                       members per year to have
                                                             research emphasis

                                                               Strategic Plan (2010-2014)                                                            12
                                                                      Faculty of Science

3.3     Strategic Goal 3:      To increase student enrollment in the Faculty of Science

  Strategic Objective            Strategic Action                      Indictor                Target        Person            Project/Activity
                                     Initiative                                                            Responsible
SO 3.1                       16. To increase the           1. A Plan developped to              90%           Dean        1. Objectives
Increase the science             number of programs           increase exposure                                           2. Strategies
programs that a re offered       offered by the science    2. Plan is put to practise by        90%            Dean       3. Mission
to give students greater         faculty                      making regular contacts                                     4. Survey of Graduates
options                                                       with high schools                                           5. Evaluations of students
                                                                                                                          6. Faculty and Staff
SO 3.2                       17. To develop and            3. Policies are developed             80%           Dean       7. Policy development
Practice of good                 implement clear           4. Organizational chart              100%         Exc. Com     8. Development of
governance                       policies for good            prepared and make sure                                         organizational chart
                                 governance & PDCA            everyone understands
                                 (Plan, do, check and         their role
SO 3.3                       18. To organize yearly        5. Annual Science                  2 events        Comm        9. Science competition
Organize yearly events for       events for high schools      competition                     per year                    10. University Experience
high schools to promote          to promote science        6. University Experience
science                                                       Day
SO 3.4                       19. To develop a student      7. Organize 2 camps a year        2 per year     HR comm       11. Implementation of
Friendly and caring              retention program for        for students and lecturers                                      policies
learning environment             the sciences              8. Have a monthly Science           20 high     Club sponsor   12. Make it available online
                             20. To plan recruiting           club meeting                   schools per                  13. Safety procedures are
                                 trips to high schools     9. Visit high schools for            year           Dean           visible
SO 3.5                       21. To make available         14. Effective use of NoStress                     Adm. Sec     14. Online database setup
Efficient database system        information on                & Module                         N/A                           and maintained
                                 student records are       15. Place academic policies                                    15. Policies placed on web
                                 updated and readily           on the Science webpage                      Mr. Walemba
SO 3.6                       22. To have an effective      16. Develop a plan to share       1 per year        Dean       16. Discuss at Faculty
Development of a good            knowledge                     resources and get                                              meeting and share with
learning environment             management system             qualified AVS (Adventist                                       everyone involved

                                                                Strategic Plan (2010-2014)                                                             13
                                                                  Faculty of Science

                                                             Volunteers)                                 17. Recruit volunteers
SO 3.7                      23. To put in place a        13. Proper Budgeting          Budget     Dean   18. Annual departmental
Participate in recruiting       system that monitors         procedures                                      Budget
trips and activities with       faculty recruitment      14. Joint recruitment with                      19. Determined at Science
marketing dept to defer         expenses                     marketing & LSU (La          US      Dean       faculty meeting
costs                       24. To have a system in          Sierra university)        3,000.00
                                place that determines
                                shared dispensation of

                                                          Strategic Plan (2010-2014)                                                 14
                                                                     Faculty of Science

3.4     Strategic Goal 4:      To provide appropriate academic service to community

  Strategic Objective            Strategic Action                     Indictor               Target         Person          Project/Activity
                                     Initiative                                                           Responsible
SO 4.1                       25. To put in place a plan   1. Evaluate needs by                100%          Dr. Chew    1. Phone calls, Dialogues and
Provide services needed          to provide services to      enquiry/communication                                         surveys
by the community                 the community            2. Organise 4 community           20 projects    Dr. Chew     2. W.A. Shipton Lecture
                                                             projects per year                                          3. Science competition
                                                                                                                        4. Community cleanup
                                                                                                                        5. Mission Trips
SO 4.2                       26. To implement the         3. Understand the PDCA               80%         Dr. Chew     N/A
To provide services to the       PDCA process in             process
community based on               academic services
SO 4.3                       27. To ensure that funds     4. Include item in the              100%         Dr. Chew     6. Annual budget
To obtain adequate               are set aside for           budget                                                     7. Science competition
community service fund           academic service         5. Obtain donations for             100%         Dr. Chew        donors
                                                             certain projects

                                                               Strategic Plan (2010-2014)                                                          15
                                                                    Faculty of Science

3.5     Strategic Goal 5:     To enhance and promote arts and culture

  Strategic Objective          Strategic Action                      Indictor              Target        Person             Project/Activity
                                   Initiative                                                          Responsible
SO 5.1                      28. To have in place a       1. Plans made by A & C              100%       Dr. Kurian   1.   University Cultural Day
Efficient system in             plan for the                committee                                                2.   Chinese New Year
preserving arts and             preservation of arts     2. Incorporate cultural           4 events     Dr. Kurian   3.   Vietnamese New Year
culture                         and culture                 relevance in activities        per year                  4.   Cultural Day program
                            29. To implement the
                                PDCA process in
                                academic service
SO 5.2                      30. To ensure that funds     3. Include item in the            As needed    Dr. Kurian   5. Malaysia Day
Sufficient funds for art        are available for the       budget                                                   6. Thai Cultural events
and culture preservation        perservation of arts &
activities                      culturural activities

                                                              Strategic Plan (2010-2014)                                                            16

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