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                             Course Syllabus
                                Fall 2008

Instructor:                Minerva Duke
Office:                    PE # 203 C
Phone:                     274-7900 ext6663
Instructor Website:
Class Schedule:            M/W9:20–10:30AM & T/TH 12:20 – 1:30PM
Office Hours:              MW: 10:45 AM – 12:10 PM & 2:40 – 3:20 PM
                           Thurs 6:00 – 6:30 PM

        No textbook is required for this class.

Materials: No Street clothes, low pants showing underwear, tank tops,
short T-shirts, sports-bra w/o shirt, or mini-shorts will be allowed.
If appropriate clothing is not worn, the student will be asked to
leave and will not receive participation points.

Course Description: This is an activity class for the student who has
basic individual basketball skills. Emphasis is on learning team
organization, team skills, and team drills.

Class Procedures:

  1. Students may not register for any course taken twice within the
     same semester. Students are responsible for dropping duplicate
     courses for which they enroll. However, students may take the
     same physical education class for four consecutive semesters.

  2. Students wanting to add my course; need to have a current
     enrollment application on file. Students whose add forms are
     returned for various reasons are responsible to resolve those
     issues within the first two weeks of class in order to be
     formally enrolled.

  3. Lockers are available for student use. Students need to provide
     their own lock. Do not leave your lock on a long locker

  4. Class will start on time with warm-up type exercises; proceed to
     the main exercise drill plan for the day, and finish class with
     tournament play.

  5. If you are absent, it is your responsibility to obtain the
     information covered in class from another classmate.

  6. Do not bring backpacks, purse, or books to class due to limited
     space, and lack of security.

  7. Children, spouses, or friends are not allowed to attend class.
     This is a district policy.

    8. No gum, food, or drinks are allowed in the gym area. Keep all
       bottled water in the tiled area. Write your name on the bottle.
       Any bottles not put in the trash bins after class will directly
       correlate to the number of laps run the following class session.
       (i.e. 2 bottles: 2 laps)

    9. If you stop attending class, it is your responsibility to
       withdraw from the class at Admissions & Records; otherwise, you
       will receive an “F” for the class.

    10. Any student with a learning or physical need that will require
    special accommodations in this class must inform the instructor
    during the 1st week of the semester.

    11. Immediately report the occurrence of any accidents or injuries
    to the instructor.

Learning Outcomes: At the end of the course, the student will be able

    1. Demonstrate how to play team defense, and team offense.
    2. Describe the advantages of using different zone defenses.
    3. Create routines for warming up before the game.
    4. Demonstrate the correct techniques used for playing zone defense,
       and person-to-person defense.
    5. Apply court management strategies for more effective play.
    6. Practice basketballs techniques to improve basketball skills such
       as shooting, pivoting, passing, rebounding, and dribbling.
    7. Understand each players responsibility and what “team unity”

Requirements of the class:

    1. Read your handouts.
    2. Classroom Participation

   If you miss class, you miss participation points. Medical
    emergencies will be reviewed with proper documentation. If an
    injury prevents you from participating in the class activity, it is
    your responsibility to meet with the instructor to be assigned an
    alternative, appropriate activity. Failure to do so will result in
    loss of participation points. Thus, an injury is not an acceptable
    excuse for missing class.

   Any student who misses four or more classes can legally be dropped
    from the class. Coming to class late or leaving 3 times will result
    in one absence.

1. One test.

2. Skilled/Game Improvement.


    Class Participation & Game        5 points X 31 days = 155 points
             One test                            25 points
Final Day Tournament- Extra Credit               10 points

Grading Scale:
162 to 180 points = A
144 to 161 points = B
126 to 143 points = C
108 to 125 points = D
107 or less points = F

Classroom Courtesy: Students who do not respect the rights of others
to state their questions and participate in discussions will be
removed from the class and disciplinary actions will be taken as
stated in the student handbook. Students who treat other students or
the instructor with disrespect will be dealt in the same fashion.
Academic policies on Student Disciplinary Procedures and
Complaint/Grievance Policy are found in the EVC Catalog pages 163-166.

Turn your pagers or phones off BEFORE you come to class! If a
pager or phone rings during class that student may be asked to
leave the class immediately, and may lose their participation
for that day.

Exception to the rules: Please read all the rules and regulations
carefully. No exceptions will be made. If you have questions during
the semester as to a rule, I will refer you to the syllabus. Keep in
mind; I cannot make an exception for YOU that I do not make for all
the students in my stated rules and regulations.
Any student who cheats on any exam will fail the test. If the student
cheats again, they will fail the course.

Game Rules:

You are a student in my class. You will not criticize the ability or
technique of other students in the game “constructively” or otherwise.
The other person may not find value in your criticism, and you may be
incorrect. If you notice something that you think might help another
student, tell me, and I will decide how to progress.

Class rules will be implemented so teams will learn to pass the ball
more and will prevent a player to be a “one person show”. Remember,
there is no “I” in the word “Team”.

Rule # 1 – The ball has to be passed to three players before the shot
can be taken. Only exception of the ball is stolen.

Rule # 2 – On a fast break – if a team player is ahead of you, you
will pass the ball.

Rule # 3 – The player who has the ball is the person who calls the

Rule # 4 – The teams that are not playing have the responsibility to
score the games in progress and report the scores to Ms. Duke.

Rule # 5 – No cursing is accepted in class. Your team will lose two
points and player will run a lap, leaving his team short of players
until the lap is completed.

Rule # 6 – When teacher blows the whistle, it means: STOP, LOOK &
LISTEN. Students who dribble, shoot, or talk after I blow the whistle
will run a lap. For a second violation, the lap will be done outside!

Rule # 7 – Students will not cut the corners when they are running a
lap. An extra lap will be added.

Rule # 8 – In the game, when the five members of the team score a
basket, the will be rewarded by adding 5 points to their total score.

Rule # 9 – Two rounds of Round Robin will be played. Afterwards, the
play-offs will be played in a single elimination format. The two
winning teams will play for the Championship. New teams will be
formed in the following class. All games will be 10 minutes long, and
four teams will be playing at one time.

Rule # 10 – After warm-up drills are concluded, students will have 30
seconds to put the balls in the basket. Passing the balls overhead is
forbidden. Students will roll the balls to other classmates to put
them in the basket. If the task is not accomplished, the class will
run one lap.    When tournament play starts, all balls are inside the
basket, except the two game balls.

Rule # 11 – No gum, food, or drinks are allowed in the gym area. Keep
all bottled water in the tiled area. Write your name on the bottle.
Any bottles not put in the trash bins after class will directly
correlate to the number of laps run the following class session.
(i.e. 2 bottles: 2 laps)

Rule #12- Basketball is a contact sport! Tempers can flare up. Take a
break – leave the gym for 10 minutes and cool down. If you throw a
punch to another player, you will be automatically kicked-out from the
class for two days, and you will have to make an appointment with the
Vice-president of student affairs before you are re-admitted to class.

Rule # 13 No “Cherry Picking” will be allowed, all players will played
offense & defense.

Rule # 14- Ms. Duke will have the right to add or change any rule (s)
during the semester class.

     Admissions and Records Dates of Importance:
           This class may be taken for the Credit/No-Credit option. You must sign
            up for this option at the start of this course. The completed Optional
            Credit/No-Credit forms are available at the Office of Admissions and
            Records. You have until Friday, Sept. 12 to submit it.
           September 26 (Friday): Last day to drop class without a W on your record
           November 21 (Friday): Last day to drop a class with a W on your record
           January 12, (Monday): Grades available by calling STAR at 408- 223-0300


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