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management and economics course eng by 89hk19S


									       Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development
       Agricultural Extension Service
       Fruit Division and Economics Department


You are invited to a management and economics course for
    that will be held at the Ministry of Agriculture – Beit Dagan, from
                              October 25, 2011

Location and times of the course
The course will be held at the Ministry of Agriculture, Beit Dagan,
the conference hall in the management building, and will consist of
6 weekly meetings on Tuesdays, on the dates: October 25, 2011,
November 1, 2011, November 8, 2011, November 15, 2011,
November 22, 2011, November 29, 2011; study hours: 8:30 a.m. –
4:00 p.m.

The study topics
 Capital calculations                    Trends in agriculture in Israel
 Calculation and pricing                  and in the world
 Analysis of production                  Basic concepts in
  expenses                                 management
 Check of economic viability             Management in a changing
  and viability of replanting              world
 Analysis of production                  Time management
  expenses                                Tools for strategic planning
 Allocation of resources and             Negotiating
  margin calculation                      Product branding and quality
                                          Reading of financial
A detailed syllabus of the course will be handed out to participants on
the first day
The course price
The price of the course is NIS 900 per participant, including light
refreshments, lunch, lecturers’ fees and written professional material, which
will be distributed during the lectures.
At least 25 participants must enroll for the course to be opened.

Manner of registration
Fill in the attachment below and send it to the address stated therein.
The participation fees must be paid in one of the following ways:
1. Bank transfer to the account of the Ministry of Culture at the postal bank:
     account 66111.
     Please indicate in the deposit slip the name of the course, full name and
     mobile phone number.
2. By credit card via the payment call center: 03-9485330 (Yossi).
3. By credit card via the government payment website (Shaham):
4. Sending a cash check to the address indicated in the attachment.
For 14 days from the start of the course, a cancellation fee of 30% of
the cost will be charged;
From the day of starting the course onward, the cancellation fee
charged will be 100%.
                  For inquiries and further information:
     Professional coordinator: Bracha Gal, mobile phone: 050-6241624
       Organizational coordinator: Michal Avraham, tel.: 03-9485311
----------------------------------- ‫--------------------------------------ספח הרשמה‬
                                                       ‫לכבוד: שה"מ, המחלקה לכספים‬
                                                        05805 ‫ת"ד 28, בית-דגן‬
               ."‫ברצוני להירשם לקורס "ניהול וכלכלה במטעים‬
                              :)‫את התשלום בסך 990 ש"ח ביצעתי באופן הבא (הקף‬
                       .11666 ‫העברה בנקאית לחשבון משרד החקלאות בבנק הדואר: חשבון‬    .1
                                .50-0320005 :‫באמצעות כרטיס אשראי דרך מוקד תשלומים‬   .2
        :‫בכרטיס אשראי באמצעות אתר שה"מ באינטרנט‬    .3
                                          .‫משלוח המחאה במזומן לכתובת המצוינת בספח‬   .4
  _______________________ :‫שם: ___________________________ פקס‬
  ___________________ :‫טלפון: __________________________ טלפון נייד‬
  _________________ :‫כתובת: ______________________ דואר אלקטרוני‬
                        .‫אני מאשר/ת שקראתי את התנאים שלעיל ומסכים/ה להם‬
  ___________________________ _________:‫תאריך:______________ חתימה‬

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