Class Expectations by E9h3GK


									                                       Class Expectations
                                           Mr. Hanis

You are expected to be in class each day prepared to work. Being prepared includes bringing
your book, daily journal, paper, and writing utensil with you to class. Part of your grade will be
determined by following those guidelines. While in class you are to remain in your assigned seat
at all times unless permission is granted for necessary movement. Specific classroom rules are
as follows:

1.   Stay in your assigned seat at all times.
2.   Raise your hand and wait to be recognized before asking or answering a question
3.   All back packs, purses and bags of any kind under the table.
4.   NO writing on tables.
5.   NO throwing paper at the garbage can or sinks.
6.   NO using the faucets and sinks.
7.   NO card playing.

Classroom Behavior – In class behavior needs to be respectful towards each other and towards
the teacher. Use of inappropriate or offensive language, inappropriate discussions, interruption of
the teacher and class discussions, and loud talk will not be tolerated. The following progressive
discipline will be followed:

 1. First offense – detention – phone call home
 2. Second offense – Administrative meeting

Electronics and Hats – District and Building guidelines will be strictly enforced. If I see it I
take it. It can be picked up through the main office following building guidelines.

Attendance and Make Up - Mount Tahoma High School attendance procedures will be
followed strictly.

1. All work assigned during a student's unexcused absence cannot be made up.

2. Upon returning from an excused absence a student will have three days to turn in the make-
   up work. Remember it is your responsibility to find out what you missed, after school, the
   day you return from your absence. Special long term illness cases will be handled on an
   individual basis.

3. To make up work for missed daily discussions you will type a one page essay based on the
   topic of that day. Each day missed will require a one page essay.

Grading Procedures - The use of a point system has been most beneficial for grading purposes.
Your grades will be calculated under the Tacoma School District guidelines. Partially completed
assignments will receive partial credit. The same policy applies for participation points if you are
more than 10 minutes late and it is unexcused you will lose all participation points for that day.
Daily Journal and Class Notes – Each day you enter class you will have a “Do Now” written
on the board. Copy the “Do Now” onto a sheet of paper. You must answer or write the
information requested, neatly, in paragraph form during the first 5-10 minutes of class. For this
class a paragraph must be a minimum of 4 complete sentences. We will discuss the “Do Now”
and then begin with the topic of the day for which you will need to take notes.

Your grade will be divided into the following areas:

1. Participation - Our daily work includes discussions about various political and world events.
   Missing a class impacts your participation points. For each day you are in class, prepared to
   worked, you will receive five participation points. This grade will be 20% of your entire
   quarter and semester grade.

2. Homework - Your homework will be 20% of your overall grade.

 3. Assessments - 30% will be determined by assessment scores which includes, a CBA.
4. Daily Journal – this includes your “Do Nows” and Class notes, 20%.

5. Current Events Journal – 10%

Cheating – If you are found cheating on a paper, assignment, and test/quiz you will receive 0
points for that paper, assignment, and test/quiz. You will also receive 1 Tuesday School.

Late Work –Late work will be accepted for 1 week only after the assigned date at 50% of the
original assignment value. After 1 week from the assigned date no late work will be accepted.

Neatness – All assignments, reports, and projects must be completed and neatly written. Sloppy,
messy, torn, and crumpled papers will be returned with no grade and you will have one day to
redo the assignment.

Tardies - You will be marked tardy if you are not sitting in your assigned seat at the beginning
of class. When the bell rings the door is locked and you must have a note or detention slip to
enter the class.

Computer Usage – In order to use the computers in the class you must have 100% of all your
assignments, tests, journals, etc. turned in, otherwise no usage unless working on an in class
project. Daily assignments do not count as in class projects.

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