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Sandel Ch4 by 89hk19S


									                        Justice: What’s the Right Thing to Do? By Michael J. Sandel
                                         Chapter 4-Reading Guide

Sandel shapes his discussion of free market by comparing and contrasting the libertarian and utilitarian
perspectives. To further explore these views, he uses the topics of fighting wars and bearing children to
help his readers think through what is just and what is unjust. He explores the difference between
freedom and coercion, closing this chapter with two thought-provoking questions: “How free are the
choices we make in the free market? And are there certain virtues and higher goods that markets do not
honor and money cannot buy?” (102).

Assignment: Use the following guide as you read pages.

Using the context of the reading and , define the following words.

        Morality (p.75)

        Conscription (p.76)

        Commutation (p.76)

        Allocating (p.81)

        Alleviate (p.84)

        Edifying (p.85)

        Mercenaries (p.88)

Answer the following questions in complete sentences.

        What are the two objections Sandel presents for the argument on recruiting soldiers for war? (p.

        What is the first objection to the market rationale for a volunteer army concerned with? (p.83)

        What are the two objections to surrogate contracts? (p.95-98)

Expand Your Thinking:

        What is the difference between joining a military force by conscription and by volunteering?

        Should unborn children be considered a “higher good”?

Related Readings:

        Charts: Army Recruitment Statistics in FY 2012
        Video: Shadow Armies (Modern Day Contractors)

        Glanz, James. “Contractors Outnumber U.S. Troops in Afghanistan.” New York Times.
        September1, 2009.

        Video: Rent-a-womb: Outsourcing Pregnancy

        Dolnick, Sam. World Outsources Pregnancies to India. USA Today, Dec. 31, 2007.

In Class Discussion:

        Question-“Is military service (and perhaps national service generally) a civic obligation that all
        citizens have a duty to perform, or is it a hard and risky job like others (coal mining, for example,
        or commercial fishing) that is properly governed by the labor market? What obligations do
        citizens of a democratic society owe to one another, and how do such obligations arise?” (90).

        “Pregnancy for Pay” (pp. 91-95)
        “Outsourcing Pregnancy” (pp.99-101)

Informal Journal Writing:

        Take a stand on one of the following topics and explain why you believe the way you do:

                All citizens in the United States have the responsibility to serve their country for at least
                four years. (Do you agree or disagree? Why?)

                How can the value of an unborn fetus been determined, and how does value play into
                the concept of surrogacy?

        This journal entry needs to be 300-350 words in length, and you need to use 2 brief quotes from
        any source we have used so far this semester as you develop the support for this entry. Make
        sure you cite your sources correctly using the following MLA guide:

Quote of the Week:

        “Price is what you pay, value is what you get.” –Warren Buffett

                        (Created by Laura S. Young, NOVA Faculty. 2012)

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