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  Program Coordinator:
  Dr. Enrique E. Figueroa, Director, Roberto Hernández Center and Assistant to the Provost for Latino Affairs,
  Bolton Hall 183, 414-229-6156,
  The Latino Studies Certificate Program is designed for students who have an interest in Latino Studies, regardless of major or college
  affiliation. It utilizes an interdisciplinary approach to examining the experiences, cultures, and social conditions of Latinos in the United
  The program is open to any University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee undergraduate who has completed at least 45 credits and to those who
  previously received a bachelor’s degree from UWM or any other accredited college or university. Students currently involved in baccalaureate
  studies who successfully complete the requirements of the certificate program are awarded the certificate at the time of graduation. Students
  who already possess the bachelor’s degree receive the certificate upon completion of the program requirements.
  Students who are enrolled in the program must complete 21 credits in approved Latino Studies courses with a minimum grade point of 2.5.
  Of the 21 credits needed for the certificate, 6 credits must in the social sciences, 6 credits must be in humanities, and 3 credits must be taken
  from the School of Education. At least 12 credits for the certificate must be completed at UWM. For additional program information, contact
  the coordinator.

  Required Courses (15 Cr):                                                                English 279: Introduction to U.S. Latino/a Literature: (Subtitle), 3
                                                                                           cr. U. Latino/a American literature with a focus on region, genre, theme, or
 Latino 101: Introduction to Latino Studies, 3 cr. U. Analysis of the                     period. Retakable w/chg in topic to a 9 cr max. Prereq: grade of C or better
   historical and structural forces which have shaped the experience of Latinos            in English 102(P) or score at level 4 on EPT.
   in the U. S., including the relationship between Latinos and social                     English 523: Studies in U.S. Latino/a Literature: (Subtitle) 3 cr. U.
   institutions. Prereq: none.                                                             Critical study of themes, figures, aspects, trends, etc. in U.S. Latino/a
  Hist 267: The History of Latinos in the United States, 3 cr. U.                          literature. Retakable w/ chg in topic to 9 cr max. Prereq: jr st; satisfaction
  Introduction to the history and culture of Latinos in the United States from             of GER English Composition competency req.
  the colonial period to the present with emphasis on the Mexican American,                Ethnic 250: Selected Topics in Ethnic Studies: “Women as Migrants
  Puerto Rican, and Cuban experiences. Prereq: none.                                       and Workers” (Subtitle), 3 cr. U. A cross-cultural comparison of
  Sociol 323: Perspectives on Latino Communities, 3 cr. U. Sociological                    immigrant women workers in the U.S., with a focus on immigration patterns
  analysis of the experiences of Latinos. Examination of immigration and                   from Mexico and Central America as will as from Asia and Eastern Europe.
  mode of incorporation from theoretical perspectives. Emphasis on                         Prereq: none.
  Chicanos, Cubans, and Puerto Ricans. Prereq: jr st & any Sociol 100-level                Latino 199: Independent Study, 1-3 cr. U. Lower-division independent
  course or cons instr.                                                                    study under supervision of faculty or academic staff member. For further
  One of the following three courses:                                                      information, consult program coord. Retakable w/chg in topic to 6 cr max.
                                                                                           Prereq: 2.50 gpa; writ cons instr, prog coord, & assoc dean for SAS.
  Ed Pol 212: Educational Issues in Spanish-Speaking Communities,
  3 cr. U. This course presents an overview of the educational issues in the               Latino 699: Advanced Independent Study, 1-3 cr. U. Advance level
  Spanish-speaking communities in the U. S. and how these issues affect the                independent work under supervision of a Latino Studies faculty or academic
  total society. Prereq: none.                                                             staff member. Retakable w/chg in topic to 9 cr max. Prereq: 2.50 gpa; writ
  Ed Pol 460: The Chicano Experience, 3 cr. U. This course surveys                         cons instr, prog coord, & assoc dean for SAS.
  important issues shaping the Chicano experience in U.S. society by focusing              Sociol 193: Freshman Seminar: Latinos and the City, 3 cr. U. Aims to
  on immigration, the barrio, repatriation, zoot suit, Chicano-police riots, etc.          achieve an understanding of the process and experiences currently facing
  Prereq: none                                                                             the Latino population in the U.S. in order to become familiar with a number
  Ed Pol 560: Education and Hispanics, 3 c. U/G. Examination of the                        of sociological concepts and ideas useful in understanding the history and
  educational experiences of Hispanics in schools in the U.S. Prereq: jr st.               status of Latinos in American Society. Special attention will be given to the
                                                                                           three largest Latino subgroups: Puerto Ricans, Chicanos (Mexican-
  One of the following two courses. Only one of these courses may count                    Americans), and Cubans. Prereq: none.
  toward the certificate:
                                                                                           Sociol 423: Immigration and Incorporation: “Latinos in the
  Spanish 371: Introduction to Latino Literature: In English, 3 cr. U.
                                                                                           Midwest” (Subtitle), 3 cr. U/G. Institutional, geo-political, demographic,
  Introduction to the development of literature by Chicanos, Nuyoricans, and
                                                                                           comparative, and network theoretical perspectives on Latino migration to
  other Hispanics since the late fifties and its historical, social, and political
                                                                                           and incorporation into the Midwest U.S. Prereq: jr st; 3 cr in Sociol at 200
  background. Prereq: jr st or writ cons dept.
                                                                                           level or above.
  English 374: Survey of U.S. Latino/a Literature, 3 cr. U. A general,
  representative study of U.S. Latino/a literature. Prereq: jr st; Satisfaction of         Spanish 319: Advanced Speaking and Listening for Heritage
  GER English Composition competency req.                                                  Speakers, 3 cr. U. Development of full proficiency in reading, writing, and
                                                                                           speaking skills in Spanish for students with native/near-native command of
 Latino Studies 101 is also listed in the Cultures and Communities Certificate Program.   these skills. Open only to heritage Spanish speakers. Others with near-
                                                                                           native proficiency admitted at instr discretion. Generates L&S credits for
  Elective Courses (6 Cr):                                                                 demonstrated equivalent preparation (14 retro credits). Prereq: C- or better
                                                                                           in Spanish 204(P), or score level 5 on Spanish placement test, or cons instr.
  Ed Pol 212: Educational Issues in Spanish-Speaking Communities,
  3 cr. U. (if not selected above)                                                         Spanish 373: Topics in Latino Literature in English: (Subtitle), 3 cr.
                                                                                           U. Some of the experiences of U.S. Hispanics as reflected in literature, film,
  Ed Pol 460: The Chicano Experience, 3 cr. U. (if not selected above)                     and other cultural manifestations. Retakable w/chg in topic to 6 cr max.
  Ed Pol 560: Education and Hispanics, 3cr. U/G. (if not selected above)                   Prereq: jr st or writ cons dept.

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