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					                    Cooperative Development Foundation
          Terms and Conditions for Organizational and Individual Grants

The following terms and conditions apply to all grants disbursed by the Cooperative
Development Foundation on behalf of itself or its Funds:

   1. Under the applicable laws of the United States, all grant funds must be expended
      for charitable, scientific, literary or educational purposes. Grant funds may not be
      used for any of the following purposes:
          a) to attempt to influence legislation or the outcome of any specific public
          b) to carry on, directly or indirectly, any voter registration drive;
          c) to make grants to individuals or to other organizations which do not
              comply with the requirements of §4945(d)(3) or (4) of the Internal
              Revenue Code;
          d) or to undertake any activities for a non-charitable purpose.

       This grant is made only for the purposes outlined in the grant application and
       proposal narrative submitted to and approved by the Board of Trustees. It is
       understood that grant funds awarded will be used substantially in accordance with
       the approved budget, and that any changes to an approved budget that exceed
       20% of any line item must be approved in advance by the Foundation.

   2. Grantees will provide narrative and financial progress reports on the use of grant
      funds, on the due dates specified in the Grantee’s Letter of Agreement. Absent an
      extension agreement, if any report is not received in a timely manner, within 60
      days of the date on which it is due, the Foundation reserves the right to request all
      grant funds be refunded to the Foundation within ten (10) days of such request
      delivered by certified mail to the grantee.

   3. Records of receipts and expenditures under this grant should be kept for at least
      four (4) years following completion of the project or activities funded by this
      grant. The grantee’s books and records shall be made available with reasonable
      notice for the Foundation’s inspection at reasonable times for the purpose of
      making financial audits, verifications or program evaluations.

   4. Organizational grantees are required to immediately notify the Foundation of any
      changes in tax exempt status as soon as it occurs. All grantees are required to
      submit to the Foundation any changes in operating name or location within ten
      (10) business days following such change.

   5. Grantee acknowledges that the Foundation has not earmarked any of these grant
      funds for any organization or individual other than the grantee designated in the
      Funding Application and/or Proposal Narrative. Grantee agrees that it is solely
   responsible for the selection of any other organization to receive a portion of this
   grant. The Foundation will list only the grantee’s name in its records.

6. (Organizational Grantees) If the grantee makes sub-grants to 501(c)(3)
   organizations, the grantee must (a) inform the Foundation of the identities of these
   sub-grant recipients as soon as they have been selected; (b) obtain accounting
   from each sub-grant recipient for their funds awarded, and forward that
   accounting directly to the Foundation as part of interim and final progress reports;
   and (c) require that all sub-grant recipients agree and adhere to the same Terms
   and Conditions imposed on the grantee by the Foundation.

7. If the grantee makes payments to individuals or non-501(c)(3) organizations, the
   grantee may enter into direct contracts with them so long as the good and services
   contracted for advance the purpose or implement the activities of the grant
   awarded by the Foundation. When such sub-contractor agreements are made, the
   grantee agrees to (a) incorporate the subcontractor’s accounting or expenditure
   reports into the grantee’s accounting and financial reports; and (b) require that no
   part of the Foundation grant funds disbursed to these individuals or organizations
   be used to carry on propaganda or otherwise influence legislation, or the outcome
   of any specific public election (as outlined in paragraph 1 of these Terms and

8. The foregoing conditions comply with our obligation under United States law to
   make reasonable efforts to establish adequate procedures to see that grant funds
   are spent solely for the purposes for which they were granted, and to obtain full
   and complete reports on how grant funds have been expended. Changes in United
   States laws or in regulations interpreting them, may require us to ask that more
   detailed reports be submitted or that other steps be taken to verify grant results
   and expenditures. The Foundation agrees to provide grantees with reasonable
   notification of changes to be made in reporting or verification requirements.

9. Any violation of any of the terms or conditions outlined here or in the grantee’s
   Letter of Agreement will result in an immediate request by the Foundation for
   refunding of any grant amount subject to the violation. In addition, the Foundation
   may discontinue, modify or withhold any payments due under the grant award, or
   require a refund of any unexpended grant monies if, in its sole judgment, such
   action is necessary to comply with any law or regulation affecting its
   responsibilities under these terms.

10. In addition to the above Terms and Conditions, grantees agree: (a) that the
    Cooperative Development Foundation and its Funds may publicize this grant in
    any CDF or Fund publication; and (b) to acknowledge Foundation funding before
    the beneficiaries of this grant, or in news releases or other promotional materials
    developed for activities supported by the grant from the Foundation. In regards to
    (b) above, grantees agree to inscribe any publication, news release or promotional
    material resulting from grant support with the following credit: “This project was
made possible with funding from the MSC Fund of the Cooperative Development
Foundation.” In instances where grantees receive funding from multiple grantors
requiring acknowledgement, the following credit should be used: “This project
was made possible in part with funding from the MSC Fund of the Cooperative
Development Foundation.”

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