Orinda Union School District
                                                  Board of Trustees Regular Meeting
                                                    District Office Conference Room
                                                  8 Altarinda Road, Orinda, CA 94563
                                                              January 12, 2009
                               3:00 p.m.—Public Session (for purposes of opening meeting only)
                               3:02 p.m.—Closed Session to discuss closed session items listed below
                               4:00 p.m.—Reconvene in Public Session
In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, for those requiring special assistance to access the Board meeting room, to access written
documents being discussed at the Board meeting, or to otherwise participate at Board meetings, please contact the Superintendent’s Office at
(925) 254-4901, x6201 for assistance. Notification at least 48 hours before the meeting will enable the District to make reasonable arrangements to
ensure accessibility to the Board meeting and to provide any required accommodations, auxiliary aids or services.
Any writings or documents that are public records and are provided to a majority of the governing board regarding an open session item on this
agenda will be made available for public inspection in the District Office located at 8 Altarinda Road, Orinda, CA during normal business hours.

I.     Opening Business
       A. Call Public Session to Order
       B. Adopt Agenda (If Governing Board determines it wishes to add items to the agenda, this would be appropriate time.)
       C. Identify Closed Session Topics of Discussion
       D. Allow for Public Comment on Closed Session Topics
       E. Immediately Adjourn to Closed Session
II.    Public Comment Period re Closed Session Items
       General public comment on any closed session item that will be heard.
       The Board may limit comments to no more than 3 minutes pursuant to Board Policy.
III.   Closed Session (one item)
       Conference with Real Property Negotiators pursuant to Government Code Section 54956.8.
       Property: Pine Grove Site, 8 and 12 Altarinda Road (APN 260-191-007 and 260-191-008)
       Agency Negotiators: Dr. Jaconette and Mr. Bucci (District staff), and Harold Freiman of Lozano Smith (legal counsel), and
       Glenn Isaacson of Conversion Management Associates.
       Negotiating Parties: The District and Pulte Home Corporation
       The Board will discuss the price, terms of purchase, and related issues in closed session.
IV.    Reconvene in Open Session—4:00 pm.
       A. Adjourn Closed Session and Reconvene Open Session
       B. Pledge of Allegiance
       C. Report Action Taken in Closed Session
V.     Recognitions
       Employees of the Month for December
       The Board will recognize Cheryl Collins of the certificated staff and Kathy Williams of the classified staff.
VI.    Public Comment Period
       Persons may speak on any item that is not listed on the agenda.
       Speakers are requested to state their names and addresses before addressing the Board.
       Public Comment—Individual speakers are asked to limit their comments for any item to not more than 3 minutes in order to
       allow everyone who wishes to speak the opportunity to do so. Groups are asked to limit comments to a total of 10 minutes.
VII.   Consent Calendar
       Items listed under the Consent Calendar are considered to be routine and are acted on by the Board of Trustees in one motion. There is
       no discussion of these items before the Board vote unless a member of the Board, staff, or public requests specific items be discussed
       and/or removed from the Consent Calendar. It is understood that the Administration recommends approval on all Consent Items. Each
       item on the Consent Calendar approved by the Board of Trustees shall be deemed to have been considered in full and adopted as
       A. Minutes of the December 8, 2008 regular meeting of the Board of Trustees
       B. Personnel Action Report
       C. Quarterly Report on Williams Uniform Complaints—October 31, 2008
       D. Contract between Headlands Institute & Sleepy Hollow School for Overnight Fieldtrips
       E. Contract between OUSD and Behavior Intervention Association for Special Education Services
       F. Contract between OUSD and Stephen Roatch Accountancy Corp. for Auditing Services
       G. Contract between OUSD and School Services of California for Fiscal Budget Services
       H. Warrant numbers 815218-815251, 816036-816072, 817082-817147 and 818179-818240 inclusive,
          excluding voids
      I. Donation of 20 licenses of Office Groove LicSA Pack OLP and 50 licenses of Office Comm Svr Std
          CAL Lic/SA Pack OLP from Jeanette and John Broad
      J. Donation of 50 licenses of Office Comm server standard CAL lib/SA Pack OLP NL from Jonathan
VIII. Action Items
      A. Temporary Administrative Office Agreement                                                                             Dr. Jaconette
Regular Meeting Board of Trustees                                                                              Page 2 of 2
January 12, 2009

        The Temporary Administrative Office Agreement with Pulte requires Pulte, at Pulte’s cost, to provide        (5 min.)
        the District with a temporary administrative office while Pulte is constructing the District’s new
        administrative office pursuant to the Pine Grove site purchase and sale agreement. It is
        recommended that the Board approve the Temporary Administrative Office Agreement.
    B. Administrative Office Construction Agreements                                                           Dr. Jaconette
        The Administrative Office Construction Agreements with Pulte consist of a “tenant improvement”            (5 min.)
        agreement, a “lease” agreement, and a “pre-construction” agreement. Pulte is required to construct a
        new administrative office for the District under these agreements. It is recommended that the Board
        approve these agreements.
    C. 2009-2010 Orinda Union School District Calendar                                                          Ms. Bissell
        The 2009-2010 Orinda Union School District Calendar is presented for Board approval.                     (5 min.)
    D. Board Policy/Administrative Regulation 5141.23—Asthma Management, 2 reading                              Ms. Reves
        It is recommended that the Board approve BP/AR 5141.23—Asthma Management.                                (5 min.)
    E. Board Policy/Administrative Regulation 6163.2—Animals at School, 2 reading                               Ms. Bissell
        It is recommended that the Board approve BP/AR 6163.2—Animals at School and begin                        (5 min.)
        implementation for the 2009-2010 school year.
    F. 2007-2008 Annual Audit Report                                                                            Mr. Bucci
        The 2007-2008 Annual Audit Report is presented for Board approval.                                      (5 min.)
    G. Resolution #09-09—State Teachers’ Retirement System Resolution                                           Mr. Bucci
        Resolution #09-10—Public Employees Retirement System Resolution                                         (5 min.)
        It is recommended that the Board approve the resolutions authorizing employer “pick up” of
        retirement contributions.
IX. Discussion Items
    A. Budget Update                                                                                            Mr. Bucci
        The Director of Business Services will provide the latest information on the Governor’s Budget          (10 min.)
        proposal and discuss budget priorities for 2009-2010.
    B. Stakeholder Input on Possible Budget Reductions                                                         Ms. Sorenson
        The Board will discuss the process to include parent clubs, EFO, and other district groups in            (5 min.)
        determining budget reductions.
    C. Curriculum Steering Committee Update                                                                     Ms. Bissell
        The Director of Curriculum & Instruction will present an update on the activities of the Curriculum      (10 min.)
        Steering Committee.
    D. Board Policy/Administrative Regulation 6162.51—Standardized Testing and Reporting Program                Ms. Bissell
        The Board will conduct a first reading.                                                                   (5 min.)
    E. Board Policy 6164.4—Identification and Evaluation for Special Education                                  Ms. Reves
        The Board will conduct a first reading.                                                                   (5 min.)
    F. Board Bylaw 9012—Board Member Electronic Communications                                                 Dr. Jaconette
        The Board will conduct a first reading.                                                                   (5 min.)
    G. Board Bylaw 9223—Filling Vacancies                                                                      Dr. Jaconette
        The Board will conduct a first reading.                                                                   (5 min.)
    H. Board Bylaw 9320—Meetings and Notices                                                                   Dr. Jaconette
        The Board will conduct a first reading.                                                                   (5 min.)
X. Information Items
XI. Communications
      A. Board Reports—Board members will briefly report on their activities from the prior weeks.
      B. Superintendent Report—Dr. Jaconette will give an update on items of interest to the Board and community.
XII. Future Agenda Items
XIII. Adjournment
Next regular meeting of the Board of Trustees:
Monday, February 9, 2009, 4:00 p.m., OUSD Conference Room

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