Subject: FW: CRTI call for proposals by alTzPI


									Subject: FW: CRTI call for proposals
Date: Wed, 20 Aug 2008 10:21:58 -0400
From: "Sinclair, Laurel" <>
To: <>
Cc: "John F. Martin" <>,
           "David Hanna" <>,

Hi William,

I'm writing to you as IPP director. I'm not sure how well informed the
HEP community is of a funding opportunity which may be of interest to
them. The Chemical, Biological, Radiological-Nuclear, and Explosives
(CBRNE) Research and Technology Initiative (CRTI) funds R&D projects
which fill identified gaps in preparedness and response to CBRNE
threats. The Research and Technology Development category of projects
are typically carried out with the involvement of university researchers
and are three to five years in length with total resources over the
course of the project of three to five-million dollars.

This year, an identified high priority investment area for CRTI is in
Detection and Identification. That is, stand off detection, fixed or
mobile monitoring, detector technology improvement and identification
methodologies. They are particularly emphasizing detection of Special
Nuclear Materials.

The training and experience of particle physicists is exactly applicable
to that priority area. In fact, Pat Saull (NRC), David Hanna (McGill)
and I were recently successful in obtaining funding for a multi-million
dollar project to develop and build a prototype gamma imager. John
Martin (Toronto) will also be involved in an advisory capacity.

If someone from the HEP community has an idea for a novel detector for
which they would like to seek funding from CRTI, they need to get a
two-page synopsis of the project in to CRTI by September 12th, 2008.
Although the research can be concentrated at their university, they will
need two federal government departments to partner with them. I would
be happy to help with putting people in touch with suitable partners.

Could you please circulate this information to relevant parties?

Here is the link to the CRTI Call for Proposals and other information:

Best Regards

Laurel Sinclair

Dr. Laurel E. Sinclair
Research Scientist, Radiation Physics
Geological Survey of Canada
Natural Resources Canada
601 Booth St. rm. 580
Ottawa, ON, K1A 0E8, Canada

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