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									                                                         September / October 2012

 INSIDE                    Page                         “Big Band Night!”
                                                        Featuring “The Big Band Sound of Deerfield!”
 Fall Special Events……………..1
 Educational Programs …………2-4                           The Patty Turner Center is delighted to
 Cultural Programs………………5-6                             announce its “Big Band Night” featuring the Big
 Wellness…………………………7-9                                  Band Sound of Deerfield! This evening concert
 Card & Table Games…………..10                             will be presented on Wednesday, September
 Social Services………………….11-12                           19th at 6:30 p.m. Members and guests will
 New Members & Donations……13                            enjoy an evening of Big Band music featuring
 September Calendar……………14                              the legendary sounds of Count Basie, Tommy
 October Calendar……………….15                              Dorsey, Glen Miller and many more!
 “Big Band Night!”………………..16
                                                        Date: Wed. September 19th
                                                        Time: 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm
                                                        Cost: $5M/$10NM
     INFORMATION OR TO                                  Register by: 9/14
     MEMBERSHIP FORMS,                                  A Grand Oktoberfest Celebration!
                                                        Featuring Chicagoland’s “Johnny Wagner Trio!”
                                                        Sponsored by Whitehall
        THIS BULLETIN                                   The Patty Turner Center is thrilled to announce
                                                        this year’s grand Oktoberfest Celebration
                                                        featuring a delicious buffet of authentic
                                                        Bavarian fare as prepared by Chef Jennifer                          Noone and the authentic Oktoberfest sounds of
                                                        Chicagoland’s very own “Johnny Wagner Trio!”
                                                        All are invited! All are welcome! “Prost!”
                                                        Date: Wednesday, October 17th
                                                        Time: 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm
                                                        Cost: $18M/$25NM
                                                        Register by: 10/12

                                                        The Patty Turner Center is delighted to
                                                 1      announce a new series of horticulture
                                                        workshops exclusively partnered with the
                                                        Chicago Botanic Garden! On Wednesday,
                                                        March 21st, join Chicago Botanic Garden
                                                    Tuesday Men’s Club
Programs                                            Each week, up to 100 members of the PTC
Educational                                         come to hear a variety of provocative
The Patty Turner Center is delighted to             authorities who present challenging
announce its fall preview of classes and            programs on religion, art, music, politics,
workshops especially for you!                       technology and world and natural history.
                                                    Please join us and please invite a friend!

NEW Current Events Roundtable!                      September
with Don Levinthal                                  September 4th - “Life on the Navajo”
                                                    Speaker: Irwin Jarett
Join your host Don Levinthal as he
moderates an open-discussion current                September 11th - “Echoes of Earth”
                                                    Speaker: Sue Baugh
events group at the Patty Turner Center!            September 18th- “The Great Betty Grable”
This new program will be offered twice a            Speaker: Susan Benjamin
month on Wednesday afternoons. Each                 September 25th - “The CNW Railroad”
session will cover several subjects and begin       Speaker: Joe Pierson
with Mr. Levinthal providing a short synopsis
of each news topic being covered.                   October
                                                    October 2nd - “Chicago, Chicago!”
Dates: Wednesdays: Sept. 5th - Oct.17th             Speaker: WTTW Channel 11’s Geoffrey Baer
Location: PTC                                       October 9th – “Today’s Current Events”
Times: 1:30 pm – 3:00 pm                            Speaker: Lynne Samuels
Cost: $5M / $8NM per session                        October 16th – “About the Middle East”
                                                    Speaker: Don Jaffe
                                                    October 23rd - “Men’s Breakfast” at
Register by: 9/4
                                                    Whitehall of Deerfield
                                                    October 30th – “Presidential Politics”
Great Decisions                                     Speaker: Art Cyr
with Marvin Ehlers
This is the name of a briefing book and a           AAUW Presentations at PTC
Foreign Policy Association program which            All members and guests are welcome to
engages adults in learning about our world.         attend the upcoming fall series of AAUW
These engaging classes are very popular             presentations at the PTC. Offered FREE,
with PTC members and will be offered on             reservations must be made in advance.
Thursdays at 2:00 p.m. FREE!                        Please call: (847) 940-4010.

Upcoming meeting dates include:                     Date: Tuesday, September 11th at 7:00 pm
Thursday, September 20th                            Program: “Mollie’s War”
Thursday, October 18th                              Speaker: Author Cyndee Schaffer

                                                    Date: Tuesday, October 9th at 7:00 pm
                                                    Program: “The Election and the Media”
                                                    Speaker: WTTW-TV Channel 11’s Chicago
                                                    Tonight Commentator, Joel Weisman

                                                   Topic: “Women of the White House”
Programs                                           Date: Monday, October 29th
                                                   Time: 12:30 pm
“60 Minutes” with Barry Bradford                   Cost: $5M / $8NM
Please join us as Mr. Barry Bradford returns       #113125-05
to the PTC in September and October to             Register by: 10/26
present his very popular “60 Minutes”
programs. These presentations are held on          November: “The Election Preview”
Mondays at 12:30 p.m. Advanced                     Topic: “Election Preview”
registration is recommended.                       Date: Monday, November 5th
                                                   Time: 12:30 pm
September: “Real to Reel”                          Cost: $5M / $8NM
Topic: “The Life & Death of Princess Diana”        #113125-06
Date: Monday, September 10th                       Register by: 11/2
Time: 12:30 pm
Cost: $5M/$8NM
#113125-01                                         CLC DISCOVERY
Register by: 9/7                                   Lectures with Barry Bradford
Topic: Julia Child: “Chef and Spy”                 Join Barry Bradford, award-winning
Date: Monday, September 24th                       storyteller, historian, public speaker, and
Time: 12:30 pm                                     National Teacher of the Year as he uses his
Cost: $5M /$8NM                                    style to share history as entertainment. This
#113125-02                                         series will explore the stories behind some of
Register by: 9/21                                  the most well-known and least understood
                                                   events in American history!
October: “The Presidential Campaign”
Topic: “Mitt Romney”                               Dates: Monday Evenings
Date: Monday, October 1st                          September 10th - December 10th
Time: 12:30 pm                                     Location: PTC
Cost: $5M / $8NM                                   Time: 7:00 – 8:30 pm
#113125-03                                         Cost: $12/class
Register by: 9/28                                  Registration: Through CLC Discovery
                                                   Please call: 847-543-6507
Topic: “Presidential Debates”
Date: Monday, October 15th
Time: 12:30 pm
                                                   PTC Book Discussion Group
Cost: $5M / $8NM                                   The PTC Book Group meets every Friday
#113125-04                                         morning at 10:30 a.m. at the PTC in the
Register by: 10/12                                 Conference Room. Come and discuss a
                                                   monthly novel with other fellow readers.
                                                   New members are welcome!

                                                    Windows 7/File Management
Programs                                            #113210-01:10/2-10/9 (2T) $50pp 7-9 pm.
Computer Training                                    In this class you will learn to navigate the
                                                    Windows 7 environment to create folders,
Instructors & Registration
                                                    “search” interface, and copy/move or delete
The teachers for all classes are provided by
                                                    folders. Also learn how to “burn” CDs.
Computer Training & Support Services.
Advanced registration is required.
                                                    Intro to eMail
Intro to Windows 7                                  #113112-02:10/3-10/17(3W) $75pp 10-12pm
#113115-01: 9/4 - 9/18 (3T) $75pp 7-9 pm            Learn the fundamentals of eMail and how to
Have you recently purchased or received a           compose, send and reply messages as well
new computer? This class will introduce you         as managing your address book.
to the new functions of Windows 7
                                                    Intro to Microsoft Excel 2010
Introduction to the iPad                            #113113-01 10/4-10/18 (3Tr) $75pp 7-9pm
#113111-01: 9/5 - 9/12 (2W) $30pp 10-12pm           This course will provide a comprehensive
This hands-on class will cover: backing up          overview of Microsoft Excel 2010. Learn how
your iPad to your computer, sending and             to create and maintain spreadsheets – a tool
receiving eMail, copying & pasting, and how         for storing and manipulating numbers!
to use the App Store to download apps.
                                                    Intro to the iPhone
Introduction to Microsoft Word                      #113111-02:10/5-10/12(2F) $30pp 10-12 pm
#113113-01: 9/6 - 9/27 (4TH) $100pp 7-9pm           This class will teach you the fundamentals of
This course provides a comprehensive                your iPhone: backing up your iPhone to your
overview of Microsoft Word. Students will           computer, texting, voice dictation,
become familiarized with basic features.            copying/pasting and using the App Store to
                                                    download free applications.
Introduction to the Computer
#113114-01:9/7- 9/28(4F) $100pp 10-12pm             Intro to Quicken 2012
This course is designed to help NOVICES             #113123-01:10/16-10/30(3T) $75pp 7-9 pm
learn computer terms and basic skills.              The most popular home financing program
                                                    available! Become familiar with setting up
                                                    accounts, completing transactions and
Intermediate iPad
                                                    generating reports.
#113115-02:9/19- 9/26(2W) $30pp 10-12pm
This hands-on class challenges you with the
use of cut, copy and paste functions, editing       Intermediate iPhone
text, and organization of icons.                    #113111-04:10/19-10/26(2F)$30pp10-12 pm
                                                    Enjoy learning more about applications and
                                                    functionality regarding your iPhone.

                                                    Conversational Spanish
Programs                                            with Ana Maria Trbojevich
Cultural & Creative                                 Explore the areas of vocabulary and
                                                    storytelling as you develop fluency. Learn
Please join us for these new fall classes!
                                                    Spanish the natural way through listening
For details, please call: (847) 940-4010
                                                    and engaging conversation.
NEW   Opera in Pop Culture!                         Dates: Fridays: Sept.7th – Oct. 26th (8F)
                                                    Times: 9:30-11:00 am
with Opera Enthusiast Bob Levi
                                                    Cost: $75M / $90NM
Please join us as Opera Enthusiast Bob Levi
presents his unique lecture series, “Opera in
                                                    Register by: 9/4
Pop Culture” at the PTC beginning this
month. These new programs will be offered
on three Tuesday afternoons at 1:00 pm.             The Chicago Botanic Garden
                                                    “Gardening For Life Enrichment”
Date: Tuesday, September 11th                       Sponsored by Whitehall
Topic: “Opera in Pop Culture”
                                                    Join Chicago Botanic Garden Horticulture
Cost: $5M / $8NM
                                                    Therapist, Clare Johnson, for a special fall
                                                    workshop entitled, Fall Harvest Wreaths. All
Register by: 9/7
                                                    participants will create and take home a
Date: Tuesday, October 9th                          decorative and seasonal arrangement.
Topic: “Movie Stars singing Opera”                  Date: Wednesday, September 19th
Cost: $5M / $8NM                                    Time: 2-3:00 pm
#113128-02                                          Cost: $8M / $12NM
Register by: 10/5                                   #113226-02
Date: Tuesday, October 30th                         Register by: 9/14
Topic: “Operas of Rossini and Donizetti”
Cost: $5M / $8NM                                    The Legendary Judy Garland
#113128-03                                          “The Comeback Years: 1951-1962”
Register by: 10/26
                                                    with Vocal Historian Jack Diamond
                                                    Sponsored by Whitehall
Art Studio                                          The PTC is delighted to welcome the return
with Elaine Silberman                               of Jack Diamond and his part-two music
After a long summer, the PTC is delighted to        biography on the legendary Judy Garland!
welcome back Elaine Silberman and her               Date: Saturday, September 29th
weekly Monday afternoon art classes!                Times: 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Dates: Mondays: Sept.10th – Nov. 26th               Cost: $5M /$10NM
Times: 12:30-2:30 pm / Cost: $127 pp                #113235-01
#113233-01                                          Register by: 9/24
 Register by: 9/5

                                                    Surrealism in the Movies”
Programs                                            with Reid Schultz
Cultural & Creative                                 This course will explore the legacy of
                                                    Surrealism by showing films and clips from
NEW   “Culinaria, Germania!”                        some of the greatest representations of the
The Delicious Dish on German Food                   movement and analyzing the ways
Join German Historian Anette Isaacs as she          Surrealism is conceived by the creator and
takes you on a fascinating, fun and delicious       intended for the audience. Join writer,
journey through the culinary wonders of her         filmmaker, and academic Reid Schultz as we
native country, highlighted by an authentic         analyze some of the most stylized, influential
Kaffeeklatsch with typical German desserts.         and shocking films of the past century. This
Date: Friday, October 5th                           6-week class will screen 6 masterpieces that
Time: 12:30 pm – 2:30 pm                            take a look at Surrealism’s glorious past and
Cost: $8M / $12NM                                   present during the 20th century. Each class
#113127-01                                          will contain a lecture and then a viewing of a
Register by: 10/1                                   full-length film, along with screening film
                                                    clips. Afterwards, join Reid as he leads a
Everyday Gourmet                                    discussion on the films for further analysis
Cooking Classes with Jennifer Noone                 and explanation.
Come and join us for these popular cooking
                                                    The 6 feature films to be screened are:
classes with Chef Jennifer Noone!
Dates: Monday Evenings (3M)
                                                    Belle de Jour (Directed by Luis Bunuel,
Time: 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
                                                    France, 1967)
Cost: $35 per class
#113230                                             Eraserhead (Directed by David Lynch, 1977)

Monday, September 10th                              3 Women (Directed by Robert Altman, 1977)
01: “2 Chickens - 3 Meals!”                         The Cook the Thief His Wife & Her Lover
Monday, September 24th                              (Directed by Peter Greenaway, UK, 1989)
02: “French Connection”
                                                    Santa Sangre (Directed by Alejandro
Monday, October 22nd                                Jodorowsky, Mexico, 1989)
03: “Demystifying the Art of Dough”
                                                    Antichrist (Directed by Lars von Trier,
                                                    Denmark, 2009)
NEW The Master Impressionists!
with Art Educator Ms. Debra Levie
                                                    Dates: Tuesdays: Oct.2nd – Nov. 6th (6T)
Explore the world of the impressionist
                                                    Time: 6:00 pm - 9:30 pm
painters with art educator Debra Levie.
                                                    Cost: $215.00 pp
Dates: Fridays: Oct.12th – Nov.16th
Time: 10:30 am – 12:00 pm
                                                    Register by: 9/28
Cost: $5M / $8NM per class
 #113127-01 ~ Register by: 10/5

                                                         50+ Fitness Workout
Wellness                                                 Participate at your own fitness level in our
Hatha Yoga                                               most popular, non-impact aerobic workout.
Learn to relax and release tensions from                 Full range of motion exercises help to control
your body and mind through the practice of               weight, tone, muscles, and flexibility.
classical hatha yoga.                                    #113201: Mondays and Thursdays
Instructors: Joy and Jai Luster                          Instructor: Janice Hoffman
                                                         01: 9/10-10/29 (8M)    @ 9-10am $72M/$87NM
#132801: Mondays and Wednesdays
                                                         02: 9/6-10/25 (8Th)    @ 9-10am $72M/$87NM
01: 9/10-12/17 (15M) 7-8:15pm $170M/$242NM
                                                         03: 11/5-12/10 (6M)    @ 9-10am $54M/$69NM
02: 9/5-12/19 (16W) 7-8:30pm $181M/$253NM
                                                         04: 11/8-12/20 (6Th)   @ 9-10am $54M/$69NM
                                                         No Class on 11/22
Tai Chi
This ancient Chinese exercise program is                 Feldenkrais®
designed to help reduce stress, improve                  Learn the gentle Feldenkrais® Method that
mental concentration, flexibility, balance, and          focuses on gentle movement. Improve
coordination. Focused breathing techniques               energy, reduce stress, breathe more easily,
are utilized. Tai Chi provides training in               and move with more pleasure and ease.
proper body mechanics, natural alignment,                #113234: Mondays
relaxed body and a peaceful state of mind.               Instructor: Joyce Ann
#113217: Tuesdays and Thursdays                          01: 9/10-10/1 (4M) @ 9-10am $60M/75NM
Instructor: Nancy Tobias                                 02: 10/15-11/5 (4M) @ 9-10am $60M/75NM
01: 9/4-10/23 (8T)     10:45-11:45am $68M/$83NM          03: 11/19-12/13 (5M) @ 9-10am $80M/$95NM
02: 9/6-10/25 (8Th)    10:45-11:45am $68M/$83NM
03: 9/4-10/25 (16T/Th) 10:45-11:45am $130M/$145NM
04: 10/30-12/4 (6T)    10:45 – 11:45 am $51M/$66NM       Zumba Gold
05: 11/1-12/6 (6Th)     10:45-11:45 am $51M/$66NM        Hypnotic Latin dance rhythms and easy-to-
06: 10/30-12/6 (12T/Th) 10:45-11:45am $98M/$113NM
No Class on 11/22
                                                         follow moves are fused in this workout!
                                                         #113240: Wednesdays
                                                         Instructor: Anne Richards
Pilates                                                  01: 9/5-10/24 (8W) 11-12 pm $68M/$83NM
Tone and body as you build strength and                  02: 10/31-12/5 (6W) 11-12 pm $51M/$66NM
increase flexibility. This mat class conditions
your body and reduces stress while helping
                                                         Tone & Firm
to improve your posture and balance.
                                                         Improve your muscle tone and gain added
#132805: Tuesdays and Thursdays
                                                         strength and flexibility. Emphasis will be on
Instructor: Julie Cheifetz
                                                         the arms, hips, stomach and legs.
01:9/4-11/27 (13T) 8:45-9:45 $148M/$220NM
02:9/6-11/29 (13Th) 9:00-10:00 $148M/$220NM              #132804: Tuesdays and Thursdays
No Class on 11/22                                        Instructor: Body Power
                                                         01:9/4-12/18(16T) 6:45-7:45pm $182M/$273NM
                                                         02:9/4-12/20(30T/R)6:45-745pm $336M/$504NM
                                                         No Class on 11/22

                                                      NEW Dominick’s Pharmacy
Wellness                                              “Be-Well” Lecture Series
Podiatry Appointments                                 The Patty Turner Center is delighted to
Dr. Ivancevic provides on-site podiatry               present a new, monthly lecture health series
services one Monday per month between the             with the pharmacy staff of Dominick’s. This
hours of 9:00 am and noon. Dr. Kirchens               month, join licensed pharmacist Jucimara
provides these same services two Tuesdays             Markoff as she discusses the topic of
per month between the hours of 8:30 am and            “Shingles: Signs, Symptoms and Protection”
12:30 pm. Please call: (847) 940-4010                 on Monday, September 10th at 10:30 a.m. In
                                                      October, look for a special presentation on
Blood Pressure Testing                                the topic of Osteoporosis! These FREE
Free blood pressure and blood sugar testing           programs are open to all and will be hosted
is available the first Tuesday of each month          at the PTC.
at 9:30 a.m. Cholesterol testing will be
offered by appointment only on Tuesday,               FREE   “Stepping into Health!”
September 4th and Tuesday, October 2nd.               Sponsored by Whitehall
Tests are $25.00 per person.                          On Monday, September 10th, look forward to
Please call: (847) 940-4010                           the start of the PTC’s new wellness contest,
                                                      Stepping into Health.” Using pedometers
Massage Therapy                                       walk your way to a healthier you as you log
                                                      hours. Special prizes will be awarded to one
Many physicians now recommend Massage
                                                      male and one female based on miles walked.
Therapy for treating lower back, arthritis pain
                                                      Information about this contest and
and to boost the Immune System. Feel
                                                      pedometers will be available at the front desk
results immediately and enjoy the benefits
                                                      beginning Friday, August 24th. “Let’s go!”
for months! Register now for a private
session with trained, experienced and
licensed massage therapist, Linda Walker.             AARP's Fall Driver Safety
Please call: (847) 940-4010                           The Patty Turner Center will be presenting
Wednesdays from 10 am – 4 pm                          its Fall AARP Driving Course Workshop
Fees: Per 1/2 hour: $35M–$40NM                        Thursday and Friday, September 6th and
       Per 1 hour: $60M–$70NM                         7th. Learn defensive driving techniques, new
                                                      traffic laws, rules of the road, and more in
                                                      this 8-hour course. Classes will be held both
Lending Closet                                        days between the hours of 9:00 am and 1:00
The PTC offers durable medical equipment              pm. Pre-Registration is required.
on a short-term basis to area residents and
members who reside in Deerfield,                      Dates: September 6th and 7th
Bannockburn, Riverwoods and Lincolnshire.             Time: 9:00 am – 10:00 am
All equipment must be checked in and out.             FEE: $12/AARP member / $14/nonmember
Closet hours are 9-3:30 pm Monday- Friday.            A check to AARP is your course reservation.

                                                     llinois Secretary of State
Wellness                                             “Super Seniors!”
Community Services Day                               Included in this statewide program is Rules
The Park District, Village, Police and Fire          of the Road – the review course. It includes a
Departments invite you to our spectacular            review of safe driving techniques, Illinois
and FREE annual entertainment, information           driving laws, and a practice written exam.
and educational event featuring a DJ,                Following this course, participants can take
balloon twisters, tents with games and give-         the vision screening test required to obtain or
aways, including ice cream for the first 500         renew their license. The vision test is valid
attendees. Helicopter landing and take-off,          for up to 90 days for license renewals. A
“Touch a Truck”, inflatable rides and craft          Secretary of State Mobile Driver Services
tent for children. In addition, food and             Unit will be on-site so that participants may
beverages will be available for sale.                renew their driver’s license / ID cards.
                                                     Date: Thursday, October 25th
Date: Saturday, September 22nd                       Time: 9:30 am – 1:00 pm
Time: Begins at 12:00 pm                             Location: PTC
Location: Brickyards Park / PTC

ANNOUNCING…         9th Annual                       Excursions
Healthy Life Style Expo!                             Please join us for these scheduled trips with
A Partnership of the DBR Chamber of Commerce         our friends from Highland Park. For details
and the Deerfield Park District’s Patty Turner       on these and our extended trips with
Center and Sachs Recreation Center                   American Classic Tours, please call (847)
Please join us on Saturday, October 13th             940-4010. Tickets are limited!
as the Sachs Recreation center hosts this
year’s 9th Annual Healthy Life Style Expo.           Thursday, October 4th
In addition to FREE health screenings,               Casino Trip at Potawatami in Milwaukee
fitness, cooking demonstrations, meet and            9:00 am Departure / Cost: $25M / $35 NM
greet well-over 40 different vendors from            Wednesday, October 31st
area agencies and businessess.                       Bank of America “Kinky Boots”
FREE flu shots and Pneumonia vaccine will            12:30 pm Departure / Cost: $120M / $130 NM
be available with your Medicare Part B card.
                                                     Wednesday, December 5th
Date: Saturday, October 13th                         Northlight Theater presents “The Odd
Time: 10:00 am – 1:00 pm                             Couple” & Lunch at Jameson’s Steak House
Location Sachs Receration center                     11:00 am Departure / Cost: $90M / $100NM
Cost: FREE                                           Wednesday, January 30th
                                                     Broadway in Chicago “Book of Mormons”
                                                     11:45 am Departure / Cost: $120M / $130 NM

                                                            Open Bridge is played the fourth Tuesday of
Card Play                                                   the month from September through May,
                                                            with the exception of December. Every lady
Duplicate Bridge                                            who comes is able to play. If you are
These games are held at the PTC and are                     interested in join us, please contact Maxine
for the serious player. They are sanctioned                 Zelski at: (847) 945-4931
by the ACBL (American Contract Bridge
League) and are supervised by Elaine
Morrison. Games are held weekly.                            Canasta for Members
Wednesdays @ 10:30 am                                       Canasta for Members is held at the PTC on
Thursdays @ 7:00 pm                                         Wednesday afternoons at 12:30 pm.
Fees: $9.00 per session for PTC Members
$10.00 per session for Non-Members
                                                            Mah Jongg
Fall Bridge Classes                                         This ancient Chinese game is a fast-paced,
                                                            entertaining game similar to a card game,
Club & Supervised Play                                      but using colorful tiles held in racks. You’ll
Our supervised play classes help to develop                 enjoy the clicking and scrambling of the tiles
confidence in your acquired skills as you play              as you master the various strategies of this
bridge under the guidance of our “Answer                    fascinating game. If you have a Mah Jongg
Man” Al Glick in a supervised play                          set, please bring it with you. You will need a
environment.                                                2012 Mah Jongg card to play.
#113213: Thursday Mornings @ PTC                            #113106: Mondays @ PTC
Dates: September 9th – December 6th                         Instructor: Dale Solow
01: (Club Series) 9/6-10/25 (8TH) 9-11:00 $72M/$87NM
02: (Supervised) 11/1-12/6 (5TH) 9-11:00 $45M/$60NM         01: (am-Beg.): 9/10-10/1 @ 9:30-12 $65M/80NM
                                                            02: (pm-Beg.): 9/10-10/1 @ 7-9:30 $65M/80NM
                                                            03: (am-Sup.):10/15-11/15@9:30-12 $65M/80NM
Social Bridge for Members                                   04: (pm-Sup.) 10/15-11/15 @ 7-9:30 $65M/80NM
Social Bridge for Members is held at the PTC
on Mondays between 12:30 p.m. and 3:30
                                                            Mah Jongg for Members
p.m. For information call: (847) 940-4010.
                                                            Mah Jongg for Members is held at the PTC
                                                            on Monday and Friday afternoons between
Women’s Club Bridge                                         12:00 pm and 4:00 pm. “Come join us!”
Women’s Club has two bridge groups
Round Robin is the third Monday of the
                                                            Open Poker for Members
month from September through May, with
                                                            Poker for Members is held at the PTC on
the exception of December. We play the
                                                            Tuesday afternoons at 12:00 pm.
same partner the whole year. If you are
interested in joining us or would like to be a
substitute contact Rita Kirby at: (847) 849-                Ping Pong
7175 or                               Ping Pong for Members is held at the PTC
                                                            on Tuesday and Friday afternoons at noon.

                                                       ACES Adult Caregiver Education & Support
Social Services                                        Join our wonderful group of family
Patty Turner Center staff member Margie                caregivers! Studies show that caregivers
Fischer, M.A., offers members of our                   reduce their stress, enjoy improved health,
community a variety of helpful services for            and provide better care when receiving
older adults and their families. Call or visit         support. ACES is a group of spouses and
her in the Social Service Resource Center.             adult children of older adults who gather for
Service is free and confidential. Margie is            valuable information on relevant topic, leads
generally in the office on Tuesdays and                on resources, and to share concerns and tips
Wednesdays. Please call: (847) 940-4010                with other caregivers. Facilitated by
                                                       professionals, whether you’re seeking
Caruso Grand Friends Fund                              information on available resources and
There is a fund available to assist lower              services, are feeling stress or sadness from
income older adults pay a portion of their             caring for a loved one, or juggling many
membership/program registration fees at the            obligations… ACES can help. The group
Patty Turner Center. Participation in this             meets from 1:00 pm - 2:15 pm on the second
program is strictly confidential. We thank the         and fourth Wednesdays of the month in the
students at Caruso Junior High, who raised             PTC library.
money to support this scholarship fund as
their way to give back to the community!               “Do your care obligations prevent you
                                                       from attending our caregiver support
                                                       group? Here’s a solution…”
Medicare Part D Open
                                                       Through our treasured partnership with Faith
Enrollment is Almost Here!                             In Action we offer two care options! Onsite
Be a smart consumer: Re-evaluate your                  supervision is available at the Patty Turner
Medicare Drug Plan each year. October 15               Center. While you attend our ACES
through December 7 is when all Medicare                meeting, your loved one attends “The Club”,
Part D plans can be re-evaluated and                   our respite group. It’s a great afternoon
changed. The new plan becomes effective                outing for the two of you!
on January 1. Make sure the meds you                   Care recipients must have behavior
need remain on the formulary and that you              appropriate for a small group and be able to
are in the plan that is the best value for you.        use the restroom unassisted. Pre-screening
You can do this on your own by using The               is required. Also, if your loved one is unable
Medicare Plan Finder on the               to participate in the “The Club”,
website. Gather the list of your medications           arrangements can be made for a trained
and dosages, follow the prompts—and the                volunteer to come to your home while you
Plan Finder does all the work. If you need             attend the meeting. This is based on
assistance, our SHIP volunteers can help.              availability and pre-screening is required.
By appointment only. Call 847-940-4010.

                                                    The Blue Bag is kept in or on your fridge
Social Services                                     where medical personnel know to look for it.
                                                    The info will be sent with you to the hospital
Life After Loss Grief Support                       via the ambulance staff. This is an optional
The quality and quantity of support you             program, and you may elect to complete all
receive after the death of a loved one has a        the forms or only the ones you feel
major influence on your capacity to heal.           necessary. A collaborative effort between
Grief is hard work! You cannot—nor should           the Deerfield-Bannockburn Fire Department
you try—to do this alone. Drawing from the          and PTC, the program’s goal is to ensure
experiences and encouragement of fellow             your wishes can be honored and necessary
grievers is not a weakness; it is a smart           information is available at the time of an
decision. The group meets at PTC on the             emergency. Blue Bags are available free of
second and fourth Wednesday of the month            charge from the PTC. Contact Margie
from 2:30 pm - 3:30 pm and is led by Julie          Fischer at PTC for more information.
Learner, LCSW of Family Service. FREE.
                                                    Community Support Grants
SHIP                                                West Deerfield Township has limited grants
“Medicare Questions or Confusion?” “Ask             of up to $1000 per household per year that
SHIP!” Did you know that the PTC is a SHIP          may be awarded to residents to improve
site? SHIP (Senior Health Insurance                 accessibility at home and in the community.
Program) is a free counseling service               Expenses which may qualify for this program
provided by the Illinois Department of              include home remodeling/adaptation,
Insurance. Free expert knowledge is                 mobility equipment, communication devices,
provided by trained volunteers on topics            etc. Older adults with special needs are
related to Medicare, like selecting a               encouraged to apply. The program is
supplement policy, sorting out claims,              intended to assist West Deerfield Township
learning what’s now covered by preventive           residents with the greatest financial need,
services, or choosing the best Part D plan.         but there is no stated income limit.
Service is available by appointment on the          Applications are available at the Township
second and fourth Tuesday afternoons of             office, the Patty Turner Center or online at
each month and, the first Monday of the   
month from 10 a.m.–Noon. FREE.

Blue Bag Program
What’s that? The Blue Bag is just that—a
blue bag! It’s what is in the Blue Bag that
makes it special. The bag contains copies of
a list of your current medications, advanced
directives, Do-Not-Resuscitate forms,
emergency contact info, and more.

New Members                                         “Did you know?”
The Patty Turner Center wishes to warmly            Do you know that the HUMMERS and
welcome the following new members!                  STRUMMERS are a fun-loving group of
                                                    Patty Turner members who sing and play
Fred Bernheim                                       ukuleles? Come join us at the center on
Lois Cohen                                          Thursday afternoons at 12:45 pm! Ukuleles,
Ludmilla Coven                                      music instruction and fun all provided free!
Patricia Dworsky
Sheryl Fischer                                      Scheduled Rehearsal Dates:
Philip Klein                                        October 4th, 11th, 18th & 25th
Joan Krimstein                                      November 1st, 8th & 15th
Janet Lickerman
Barbara Mack
Wendy Rhodes
                                                    NEW     Paddle Tennis!
Barbara Robbin                                      The Deerfield Park District is teaming up with
Rebecca Rogers                                      Tennaqua Swim and Racquet Club in
Ilene Shapiro                                       Lincolnshire to offer paddle tennis. Lessons
Beverly Spiro                                       are held on Tennaqua’s outdoor paddle
                                                    courts but registration is through the
                                                    Deerfield Park District. Enjoy this great
Donations                                           outdoor fall/winter sport no matter what your
The Patty Turner Center wishes to                   skill level. Classes will focus on basic paddle
acknowledge the following donors.                   skills, hand eye coordination, sportsmanship
                                                    and eventual match play for older groups.
In Appreciation of Whitehall of Deerfield           Please call (847) 945-0650 for information
Barry & Lorraine Clark                              and registration. Fun! Fun! Fun!

In Memory of Marilyn Fincutter
Drew Wax                                            Rentals for Adults
                                                    The PTC offers rental packages for adult
In Support of PTC Programs                          groups! For information, please contact
Denis and Barbara Rogers                            Beckie Korzyniewski at: (847) 572-2658

Art Wall                                            Annual Member Fees
                                                    $30.00 – Deerfield Park District Residents
The PTC is currently looking for member
                                                    $45.00 – Non-Resident
artists to display their artwork. Interested
parties are to contact Beckie Korzyniewski
or David Shamrock. This month, the PTC              Volunteers
welcomes The Rogers Family. In October,             Please contact Beckie Korzyniewski for
enjoy the photography of Candy Glicker!             information on volunteer opportunities!

September 2012
     Monday                  Tuesday              Wednesday                Thursday                 Friday                Saturday            Sunday
                                                                                                                     1                   2
                                                                                                                                         9 PTC Rental

3                     4                      5                        6                        7                     8                   9
                      8:45 Men’s Club        9 ESL Book Club          9 AARP Driver’s Course   9 AARP Driver’s                           9 PTC Rental
                      8:45 Pilates           10 Intro to iPad         9 ESL                    Course
                      9:30 BP Testing        10:30 Chicago White      9 Bridge: Club Series    9:30 Conversational
                      9 ESL                  Sox at the Cell          9 50+Fitness             Spanish
                      10:45 Tai Chi          10:30 Dup Bridge         9 Pilates                10 Intro to
                      12 Open Poker          11 Zumba                 10:30 LB Discussion      Computers
                      1:30 Ping Pong         12:30 Canasta            10:45 Tai Chi            10:30 Book Club
                      6:30 Library Poets     1:30 Current Events      1 Movies / Members       12 Mah Jongg
                      7 Intro to Windows     Roundtable               1 Knitting Group         12 Ping-Pong
  LABOR DAY                                  7 Hatha Yoga             5 Rogers Art Opening
                                                                      7 Duplicate Bridge
                                                                      7 Intro to Word

10                    11                     12                       13                       14                    15                  16
9 Feldenkrais         8:45 Men’s Club        9 ESL Book Club          9 Members Council        9:30 Conversational                       9 PTC Rental
9 50+Fitness          8:45 Pilates           10 Intro to iPad         9 ESL                    Spanish
9:30 Mah Jongg        9 ESL                  10:30 Duplicate Bridge   9 Bridge: Club Series    10 Intro to
10 SHIP               10:45 Tai Chi          11 Zumba                 9 50+Fitness             Computers
10:30 Dominick’s      12 SHIP / Open Poker   12:30 Canasta            9 Pilates                10:30 Book Club
12 Open Mah Jongg     1 Opera in Culture     1 ACES                   10:45 Tai Chi            12 Mah Jongg
12:30 “60 Minutes”    1:30 Ping Pong         2:30 Life After Loss     1 Movies / Members       1 Pauper Poker
12:30 Art Studio      6:30 Library Poets     7 Mystery Book Club      1 Knitting Group         12 Ping-Pong
12:30 Social Bridge   6:45 Tone & Firm       7 Hatha Yoga             6:45 Tone & Firm
7 CLC Discovery       7 Intro to Windows                              7 Duplicate Bridge                                                 6: 30 PTC Rental
7 Cooking Class       7 AAUW Program                                  7 Intro to Word
7 Mah Jongg           “Mollie’s War”
7 Hatha Yoga
17                    18                     19                       20                       21                    22                  23
7 CLC Discovery       8:45 Men’s Club        9 ESL Book Club          9 Bridge: Club Series    9:30 Conversational                       9 PTC Rental
7 Mah Jongg           8:45 Pilates           10 Intermediate iPad     9 ESL                    Spanish
7 Hatha Yoga          9 ESL                  10:30 Dup.Bridge         9 50+Fitness             10 Intro to
                      10:45 Tai Chi          11 Zumba                 9 Pilates                Computers
                      12 Open Poker          12:30 Canasta            10:45 Tai Chi            10:30 Book Club       12 Community
                      1:30 Ping Pong         1:30 Current Events      1 Movies / Members       12 Mah Jongg          Services Day
                      6:30 Library Poets     2 CBG Horticulture       1 Knitting Group         12 Ping Pong
                      6:45 Tone & Firm       6:30 “Big Band Night”    2 Great Decisions
                      7 Intro to Windows     with the Big Band        6:45 Tone & Firm
                                             Sound of Deerfield       7 Duplicate Bridge
                                             7 Hatha Yoga             7 Intro to Word
24                    25                     26                       27                       28                    29                  30
9 Feldenkrais / 50+   8:45 Men’s Club        9 ESL Book Club          9 Bridge: Club Series    9:30 Conversational                       9 PTC Rental
9:30 Mah Jongg        8:45 Pilates           10 Intermediate iPad     9 ESL                    Spanish
11:30 PTC Bridge      9 ESL                  10 Townley Board         9 50+Fitness             10 Intro to
12 Open Mah Jongg     10:45 Tai Chi          Meeting                  9 Pilates                Computers             2 Vocal Historian
12:30 “60 Minutes”    11:30 PTC Bridge       10:30 Duplicate Bridge   10:45 Tai Chi            10:30 Book Club       Jack Diamond
12:30 Art Studio      12 SHIP                11 Zumba                 1 Movies / Members       12 Mah Jongg          presents “Judy
12:30 Social Bridge   2 Open Poker           12:30 Canasta            1 Knitting Group         12 Ping-Pong          Garland: The MGM
7 CLC Discovery       1:30 Ping Pong         1 ACES                   6:45 Tone & Firm                               Comeback Years”
7 Cooking Class       6:30 Library Poets     2:30 Life After Loss     7 Duplicate Bridge
7 Mah Jongg / Yoga    6:45 Tone & Firm       7 Hatha Yoga             7 Intro to Word

October 2012
      Monday               Tuesday                  Wednesday               Thursday                  Friday              Saturday            Sunday
1                     2                         3                      4                       5                     6                   7
9 Feldenkrais         8:45 Men’s Club           9 ESL Book Club        9 Casino Trip           9:30 Conversational                       9 PTC Rental
9 50+Fitness          8:45 Pilates              10 Intro to eMail      9 Bridge: Club Series   Spanish
10 SHIP               9 ESL                     10:30 Duplicate        9 ESL                   10 Intro to iPhone
12 Open Mah Jongg     9:30 BP& S Testing        Bridge                 9 Pilates               10:30 Book Club
12:30 Art Studio      10:45 Tai Chi             11 Zumba               9 50+Fitness            12 Mah Jongg
12:30 “60 Minutes”    11:30 Townley Bridge      12:30 Canasta          10:45 Tai Chi           12:30 “ Culinaria,
12:30 Library Men     12 Open Poker             1:30 Current Events    12:45 Hummers           Germania!”
12:30 Social Bridge   1:30 Ping Pong            Roundtable             1 Movies / Members      12 Ping Pong
12:30 Member Bridge   6 New Wave Cinema         7 Hatha Yoga           1 Knitting Group
7 CLC Discovery       6:30 Library Poets        7 Country Dance        7 Duplicate Bridge
7 Mah Jongg           6:45 Tone & Firm                                 7 Intro to Excel
7 Hatha Yoga          7 Windows 7
8                     9                         10                     11                      12                    13                  14
9 Feldenkrais         8:45 Men’s Club           9 ESL Book Club        9 Member’s Council      9:30 Conversational                       9 PTC Rental
9 50+Fitness          8:45 Pilates              10 Intro to eMail      9 Bridge: Club Series   Spanish
9:30 Mah Jongg        9 ESL                     10:30 Duplicate        9 ESL                   10 Intro to iPhone
                                                                                                                     10 Community
11:30 PTC Bridge      9:30 BP& S Testing        Bridge                 9 Pilates               10:30 The Master
                                                                                                                     Lifestyle Expo at
12 Open Mah Jongg     10:45 Tai Chi             11 Zumba               9 50+Fitness            Impressionists
                                                                                                                     Sachs Recreation
12:30 Art Studio      12 SHIP / Open Poker      12:30 Canasta          10:30 Library           10:30 Book Club
12:30 Social Bridge   1 Opera in Culture        1 ACES                 Discussion Group        12 Mah Jongg
7 CLC Discovery       1:30 Ping Pong            2:30 Life After Loss   10:45 Tai Chi           12 Ping Pong
7 Mah Jongg           6 New Wave Cinema         7 Hatha Yoga           12:45 Hummers           1 Pauper Poker
7 Hatha Yoga          6:30 Library Poets        7 Mystery Book Club    1 Movies / Members
                      6:45 Tone & Firm          7 Country Dance        1 Knitting Group
                      7 Windows 7                                      7 Duplicate Bridge
                      7 AAUW “Election                                 7 Intro to Excel
    COLUMBUS DAY      Media”

15                    16                        17                     18                      19                    20                  21
9 Feldenkrais         8:45 Men’s Club           9 ESL Book Club        9 Bridge: Club Series   9:30 Spanish Class                        9 PTC Rental
9 50+Fitness          8:45 Pilates              10 Intro to eMail      9 ESL / Pilates         10 Intermediate
9:30 Mah Jongg        9 ESL                     10:30 Dup.Bridge       9 50+Fitness            iPhone
11:30 PTC Women’s     10:45 Tai Chi             11 Zumba               10:30 Book Disc.        10:30 The Master
Bridge                12 Open Poker             12:30 Canasta          10:45 Tai Chi           Impressionists
12 Open Mah Jongg     1:30 Ping Pong            1:30 Current Events    12:45 Hummers           10:30 Book Club
12:30 “60 Minutes”    6 New Wave Cinema         Roundtable             1 Movies / Members      12 Mah Jongg                              1 Wedding Dance
12:30 Art Studio      6:30 Library Poets        5:30 “Oktoberfest”     1 Knitting Group        12 Ping Pong
12:30 Social Bridge   6:45 Tone & Firm          with the Johnny        2 Great Decisions
7 CLC Discovery       7 Intro to Quicken        Wagner trio            6:45 Tone & Firm
7 Mah Jongg                                     7 Mystery Book Club    7 Duplicate Bridge
7 Hatha Yoga                                    7 Hatha Yoga           7 Intro to Excel
22                    23                        24                     25                      26                    27                  28
9 Feldenkrais         8:45 Men’s Club           9 ESL Book Club        9:30 “Super Seniors”    9:30 Conversational                       9 PTC Rental
9 50+Fitness          Breakfast at Whitehall    10 Townley Mtg.        12:45 Hummers           Spanish
9:30 Mah Jongg        8:45 Pilates              10:30 Duplicate        1 Knitting Group        10 Intermediate
10:30 Dominick’s      9 ESL                     Bridge                 6:45 Tone & Firm        iPhone
12 Open Mah Jongg     10:45 Tai Chi             11 Zumba               7 Duplicate Bridge      10:30 The Master
12:30 Art Studio      11:30 PTC Bridge          12:30 Canasta                                  Impressionists
12:30 Social Bridge   12 SHIP / Open Poker      1 ACES                                         10:30 Book Club
7 CLC Discovery       1:30 Ping Pong            2:30 Life After Loss                           12 Mah Jongg
7 Mah Jongg           6 New Wave Cinema         7 Country Dance                                12 Ping Pong
7 Hatha Yoga          6:30 Library Poets        7 Hatha Yoga
7 Cooking Class       6:45 Tone & Firm
                      7 Intro to Quicken
29                    30                        31
9 Feldenkrais / 50+   8:45 Men’s Club /Pilat.   9 ESL Book Club
9:30 Mah Jongg        10:45 Tai Chi             10:30 Duplicate
12 Open Mah Jongg     12 SHIP / Open Poker      Bridge
12:30 Art Studio      1 Opera in Culture        11 Zumba
12:30 “60 Minutes”    1:30 Ping Pong            11:30 “Kinky Boots”
12:30 Social Bridge   6 New Wave Cinema         at Broadway of
7 CLC Discovery       6:30 Library Poets        Chicago
7 Mah Jongg           6:45 Tone & Firm          12:30 Canasta
7 Hatha Yoga          7 Intro to Quicken        7 Hatha Yoga


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