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									Extra Credit and other Opportunities in Mr. Domes Classes:

   1. Extra Credit is available up to 10% of the grade. This allows you to raise you
      grade one letter grade if you do all the extra credit. A one letter grade
      improvement via extra credit will take you about 50 hours of time. In a trimester
      that is about 4.5 hours per week. You need to document all the extra credit you
      do and turn it in. Almost anything related to the class that is beyond the assigned
      work can count. This can include research, projects, job shadows, etc. The extra
      credit activities need to relate to the class content. The extra credit must be earned
      as the course develops. Up to 5 hours of extra credit can be earned each week and
      must be submitted by the first school day of the next week. You cannot wait to
      the end of a course and think you are going to save a grade with extra credit.

   2. Tests, Handouts, Worksheets, Website Worksheets, etc. - I have an open
      invitation to students to write any of these documents for extra credit. I reserve
      the right to edit or modify the document. If you write a test you may get to take
      the test with my modifications. The types of modifications I make are accuracy
      and fairness types of corrections. You cannot make a test that everyone else will
      flunk. Why would I allow students to create teaching materials? Because
      learning is a process and any involvement in the process will help the learning
      progress. The highest retention in learning is when you teach something.
      Students are welcome to become involved in the teaching process.

   3. Classroom Atmosphere – We are a team of learners in this environment. The
      workplace is looking for Team Players. I am looking for Team Players who can
      enhance the development of opportunities in my classroom. We want you to
      excel, we also want the team to excel.

   4. Volunteers – Historically I have had many volunteers in my classroom. Some
      come a few times a year, some are one time guest speakers, some come every
      week!! Our volunteers are our guests. I expect full respect for our volunteers.
      They are here to help you. They want to talk with you. Please get to know them.

   5. Classroom Equipment – Our classroom is equipped with a large quantity of
      equipment! Much of the equipment/computers/printers/furniture have been
      donated or obtained by grants! Many items have been donated and then repaired
      for our use by students. Students and volunteers maintain much of the equipment.
      Students conduct a fundraiser every year to purchase and repair equipment and/or
      supplies for our classroom. Students feel a lot of ownership in the equipment in
      TE 2. It is very important that each of us respect the donors, patrons, students,
      volunteers and staff that have invested so much in providing this equipment for
      our learning activities. If anything appears to be broken or tampered with it is
      important that you report it to your instructor as soon as possible.

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   6. Video Surveillance – TE 2 and the adjoining labs are all under video surveillance.
      Students installed the first video system in 1980! The cameras and recording
      devices are there for your safety. If anyone is bothering you the camera will pick
      it up. You should inform the teacher if you have any concerns about the
      classroom or the students in the classroom.

   7. Bathroom Pass – We have a 20-20 rule. Please wait until 20 minutes after class
      has started and also avoid the last 20 minutes of class. To leave the classroom
      you must get permission from the teacher and then sign out when you take the
      bathroom pass. When you return you must sign back in. Only one person can be
      out of class at a time. Other classmates can become very upset if you take too
      much time. A general guideline is one to two minutes due to our close location to
      the bathrooms. Do not loiter in the Commons. Misuse of the bathroom pass will
      cause you to loose the privilege of being able to use it. You should not need to
      use it every day. The bathroom pass is for those high need situations where you
      cannot wait for a passing period.

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