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Home Inventory Checklist Texas Department of Insurance


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									Maintaining an inventory of the items in your
                                                           ITEM                PURCHASE DATE   PRICE   ITEM                  PURCHASE DATE     PRICE
house can be helpful if you ever have an insur-
ance claim. Preparing a list before something              LIVING ROOM                                 KITCHEN/LAUNDRY ROOM
happens is easier than trying to write a list from         Sofa/couch                                  Table
memory later. A detailed inventory can also                Loveseat                                    Chairs
speed up the claims process and help prove tax-            Chairs                                      Stove
deductible, uninsured losses.                              Coffee table
                                                           End tables
Tips for making your home inventory:                       Lamps                                       Washer
    Make your inventory as complete and detailed as 

    possible. Your insurance company will require a 

                                                           Area rugs                                   Dryer                                                Home
                                                           Curtains/drapes                             Microwave
    detailed list of your personal property before pay-
                                                           Decorative items                            Toaster
    ing your claim. Update your inventory regularly to

    add new items.

    List purchase dates, values, serial numbers, and 

                                                                                                       Can opener
                                                                                                       Blender                                              Checklist
    brand names for items when possible. Keep re-
    ceipts for expensive items.
                           FAMILY ROOM/DEN/OFFICE                      Coffee maker
                                                           Sofa/couch                                  Plates/dishes
    Keep a detailed inventory of your clothing and 

                                                           Loveseat                                    Pots/pans
    accessories, including shoes and jewelry. Attach 

    extra sheets to your inventory to include longer 

                                                           Chairs                                      Cutlery
    lists for these and other items.
                      Coffee table                                Utensils
                                                           End tables                                  Glassware
    Photograph or videotape each room in your 

    home, including inside closets, storage buildings, 

                                                           Entertainment center                        Area rugs
    the attic, and the garage. Open drawers and pho-       Bookcases                                   Decorative items
    tograph the contents. Label the photographs or 
    videotape with the date they were taken.
    Keep your inventory, photographs and video-            Computer chair
    tapes, a copy of your insurance policy, and any 
      Lamps                                       OTHER
    appraisal reports in a secure spot. Consider 
         Area rugs                                   Fireplace fixtures
    keeping a copy in a secure place away from your 
      Curtains/drapes                             Books
    home, such as in a safe deposit box, at work, or 
     Decorative items                            CDs
    at the house of a friend or relative. 
    Save your photographs, videotapes, and any 
    documents on a computer. Consider keeping the 
    items in your e-mail archives so you can access 
      DINING ROOM                                 Coin collection
    them wherever you can log onto a computer.
            Dining table                                Stamp collection
Review your policy’s personal property cover-              Chairs                                      Memorabilia
age limit annually, and be sure the limits are high        China cabinet                               Piano
enough to cover the items on your home inven-              Buffet                                      Musical instruments
tory. Personal property coverage pays if the items         China/tableware                             Sewing machine
in your house (such as furniture, clothing, and ap-        Crystal/glassware                           Luggage                                            Published by the
pliances) are damaged, destroyed, or stolen.               Silverware                                  Holiday decorations                                Texas Department of Insurance
                                                           Area rugs                                   Toys                                               April 2012
Homeowners policies usually offer limited cov-
                                                           Decorative items                            Games
erage on certain personal property, such as jew-                                                                                                          1-800-252-2439
elry and furs. You may be able to buy more cov-                                                                                                           www.tdi.texas.gov
erage for an extra premium. Tell your agent or
company about any special items you have that
you’d like to insure.
ITEM               PURCHASE DATE   PRICE   ITEM                  PURCHASE DATE   PRICE   ITEM                      PURCHASE DATE   PRICE   ITEM             PURCHASE DATE   PRICE
BEDROOM 1                                  BATHROOM 1                                    ELECTRONICS                                       SPORTS EQUIPMENT
Bed frame                                  Mirror                                        Televisions                                       Golf clubs
Mattress                                   Electric toothbrush                           VCRs                                              Golf bag
Nightstands                                Hair dryer                                    DVD players                                       Skis
Dresser                                    Electric razor                                Digital video recorders                           Ski equipment
Bureau/chest                               Scale                                         Stereos                                           Bicycles
Bookcase                                   Curlers                                       Speakers                                          Fishing equipment
Desk                                       Towels                                        Computers                                         Bowling balls
Mirror                                     Area rugs                                     Laptops                                           Tennis equipment
Bed linens                                 Decorative items                              Printers                                          Exercise equipment
Area rugs                                                                                Scanners                                          Sportswear/shoes
Curtains/drapes                                                                          Computer peripherals
Decorative items                                                                         Software
                                           BATHROOM 2                                    Mp3 players
BEDROOM 2                                  Mirror                                        Digital cameras                                   OTHER ITEMS
Bed frame                                  Electric toothbrush                           Video cameras
Mattress                                   Hair dryer                                    Video game systems
Nightstands                                Electric razor                                Video games
Dresser                                    Scale                                         Telephones
Bureau/chest                               Curlers                                       Cell phones
Bookcase                                   Towels                                        Radios
Desk                                       Area rugs                                     Clocks
Lamps                                      Decorative items
Bed linens                                                                               ARTWORK
Area rugs                                                                                Paintings
Curtains/drapes                            GARAGE/STORAGE UNIT/ATTIC                     Sculptures
Decorative items                           Freezer                                       Mirrors
                                           Lawn mower                                    Wall hangings
BEDROOM 3                                  Edger                                         Pottery
Bed frame                                  Hoses/sprinklers                              Art & craft supplies
Mattress                                   Garden tools
Nightstands                                Power tools
Dresser                                    Table saw                                     JEWELRY
Bureau/chest                               Tools                                         Wedding rings
Bookcase                                   Tool chest                                    Engagement ring
Desk                                       Auto equipment                                Rings
Lamps                                      Workbench                                     Bracelets
Mirror                                     Ladder                                        Earrings
Bed linens                                 Patio furniture                               Necklaces
Area rugs                                  BBQ grill                                     Pins/brooches
Curtains/drapes                                                                          Watches
Decorative items

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