The Scarlet Letter Extra Credit Project by alTzPI


									                   The Scarlet Letter Extra Credit Project

If you would like to do an extra credit project for The Scarlet Letter, choose one of
the following options and turn it in to me by January 14.

1. Produce a quality film version of The Scarlet Letter. Include at least three
significant scenes. Between all of the scenes, Hester, Arthur, Chillingworth, and
Pearl must have at least one significant opportunity to act. You can adapt
Hawthorne’s language (shorten some lines, etc), but overall, the lines must retain
the style of the novel. Extra points for costumes and props.

2. Create a eulogy for Arthur Dimmesdale in the style of the language of The
Scarlet Letter. Provide information about his early life, and reflect upon his
influence upon Boston during his lifetime, and address what the anticipated
influence will be after his death. Make up incidents and include details (such as
the individual members of the church you will mention) that are in line with
Hawthorne’s presentation of his character, but imagined by you. Also , refer to
scenes where he appears in the book to gather your prewriting ideas. Imagine
you could interview his surviving acquaintances from the novel; what would
they tell you about him? Decide on a tone (mood) and make sure you don’t
merely list facts. Break up your serious information with some light-hearted
thoughts. Use precise language, sensory details, action verbs, active voice. 500
word minimum.

3. Write four poems of at least 20 lines/poem. In one poem, select a theme from
the novel and personify it in the poem (showing me you understand the meaning
of the theme). The other three poems should be bio poems (one poem for each
three main characters), serious poems which will reflect your understanding of
the depth of each character. See me for a more detailed handout.

4. Based on Hawthorne’s vivid descriptions, paint or draw a detailed series of
scenes from The Scarlet Letter. At least one scene must be integral to the primary

5. Plot map—Create a complete, thoroughly detailed, and illustrated
chronological timeline/map of the plot from The Scarlet Letter on posters or
PowerPoint. Include at least 15 important points from the novel.

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