Anatomy Field Trip by k55qTC


									                              Anatomy Field Trip
Anatomy class has the wonderful opportunity to join Random Lake High School
Anatomy students in a field trip to Marquette University. On this field trip, you will be
able to observe and experience hands-on working with cadavers. This trip is not
mandatory (no grade is assigned), but I highly recommend all anatomy students attend.
We will take a bus to Random Lake then head to Marquette University. In addition, we
will have the amazing privilege to tour the Milwaukee Public Museum’s Body World
exhibit and the IMAX on the human body.

I plan on leaving the school by 7:15am on Monday, April 28th. We plan to be back at
CHS before 3:25pm. You will miss the entire day of classes.

Due to the time crunch of the agenda, you must bring a bag lunch that day. We do not
have time to purchase any food items. Lunch will be eaten at the Museum between 11
and 11:30 am. Admission to the museum and IMAX is being paid for by the school.

        Arrive in the commons at 7:10 am for attendance
                Leave Campbellsport at 7:15 am
                Pickup in Random Lake 7:45am
                 Arrive in Milwaukee at 8:55am
                        9am door time RL
                        9:15 door time CH
                           Lunch 11am
                     IMAX 11:30-12:10 pm
                   Load bus for UW-Marquette
               Gross Anatomy Lab 12:30-1:30pm
                          Load bus 1:35
                   Back at Random Lake 2:45
                   Back at Campbellsport 3:15

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